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Your Friends Close / a video game dramedy's video poster

A group of video game designers shatter each other's lives when a party devolves into a dangerous competition for personal glory. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on July 6, 2011.

A group of video game designers shatter each other's lives when a party devolves into a dangerous competition for personal glory.

About this project


We just hit our initial target, and thank you so much for helping us get there! Which means we can afford to feed our cast on set. Now, every dollar you put towards the project help us make it better. Once we hit $10k we can get a better camera, $12k we can get sound equipment that will be sure to capture everything in the midst of the cacophony of awesomeness we'll be making.... at $14k we can hire the sort of crew that we need to make sure the actors aren't also having to set lights and move equipment between shots...  At $15k we can actually afford to re-imburse cast members for gas, which would be (speaking as a cast member) just fantastic, because Silver Lake ain't as close as it should be.

THANK YOU ALL!!! And let's keep this going!!!


And your enemies closer.  Not that we’re saying you’re our enemies...but we’d love to get super-close to you right now.  And by close, we mean indebted and grateful after you share your wealth with us and help us make our exciting micro-budget feature.

What is it about?

“Your Friends Close” takes us into the evening of a going away party for a husband and wife team of video game designers who have created a groundbreaking new MMO game that questions our relationship to reality, personality, and how well we can truly know one another. (For those of you who are proud nerds: it’s based on the Turing test.)  The game requires such huge resources, the couple is leaving California to develop it at a company in Paris. When it turns out one of them may not be going, the party devolves into a game for the newly vacant “throne.” What happens to what we call friendship? 

The film explores what lengths we are willing to go to in order to win....and what we lose in the process.

Whose day will I be making if I donate?

We've gathered a fantastic group of talented people to make this film! The team: 

Directed by: Jocelyn Kelvin

Written by: Brock Wilbur

Cinematography by: Dave Lassiter

Editing by: Brian Wessel

CGI by: Nathan Matsuda

Colorist: Tyler Roth

Original Score: Brock Wilbur & Keith Harrison

Cast includes: Lisa Foiles, Yahtzee Croshaw, Ricky House, Matt Fink, Cory Gluck, Laura Harrison, Jocelyn Kelvin, Ramsey Robinson, Blake Silver, Jane McGonigal, Tim Aslin, Heather Wood, and Brock Wilbur.

Produced by: ….YOU!

Where will my money go?

We’re lucky to live in a time when films can be made for an extremely small budget, but even with our generous team giving their time and talent for free there are a number of costs that still need to be covered.  Your donation might go towards equipment, location costs, production design, music, or even food.  Yes, food.  To sustain us on long shoot days, and make the whole thing possible.

How does Kickstarter work, again?

Kickstarter is the largest fundraising platform in the world for creative projects.  The way it goes is:  we get to set a goal and a deadline, and you get to donate any amount you choose!  However, if we don’t make the goal by the final date---we get absolutely nothing.  And you don’t get to enjoy any of the awesome rewards you expected!  That is as sad as it sounds.  Don't let it happen!  Even the smallest donation makes a huge difference.

Okay.  I’m in.  I want one of those crazy rewards. Go make your movie.

THANK YOU. So much. We quite literally could not do this without you.  Really.  Just: Thank you.



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    THE NOOB PACKAGE: Every little bit helps, and we appreciate you chipping in just as much as every other contributor. Except for those giving to the God Package. They really bested you. PERKS: A personal thank you on the film's website. And our love! But not the same kind of love we're giving to the God Package people. You really gotta pay extra for that...

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    Pledge $30 or more

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    THE SUPPORT PACKAGE: You've really supported the troops on this one. This'll go to feeding one of our actors in the trenches for a whole week! (Note to Cast: That depends on the cost of lighting...). PERKS: A downloadable copy of the film for your enjoyment.

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    THE WARRIOR PACKAGE: Leading us into battle, against the financial forces of production... and.. these metaphors are already losing steam. On to the awesome prizes! PERKS: All previous perks, plus you'll receive a downloadable copy of the film's complete soundtrack upon release, featuring many of our friends and some of our enemies. Look out Reznor, "Social Network" has nothing on this.

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    Pledge $75 or more

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    THE MINI-BOSS PACKAGE: Nice choice, killer. PERKS: Every perk from previous levels, plus be listed under Special Thanks in the film, a downloadable copy of the film's script, and free pre-release copies of forthcoming musical EP's by Plot Moat, Brock Wilbur, and Keith Harrison. Also, unlimited hugs. (Lots of footnotes on that one.)

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    Pledge $100 or more

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    THE IMPRESSIVE PACKAGE: See what we did there? That's the kind of clever you're enabling. Be proud! PERKS: Every perk from previous levels, plus a physical DVD copy of the film, and personalized video thank yous from on-set. Maybe some Skype/Facetime time. If you want that. If not, we'll leave you alone.

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    Pledge $200 or more

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    THE HIGH SCORE PACKAGE: You're going above and beyond. Input your initials here. On the high score list (credits). PERKS: Every perk from previous levels, plus, a credit on the film (and on IMDB), a physical copy of the shooting script signed by every member of the cast, a free ticket to the premiere of the film in the city closest to you (LA and NYC now, more to follow), and a name drop in a song that thanks all of our mid-level contributors.

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    THE 1337 PACKAGE: For the true gamer elite. PERKS: Every perk from previous levels plus an invitation to the cast and crew only wrap party in Los Angeles (must provide your own transportation), a YFC t-shirt, and an online playdate with the movie's leads in the game of your choice on PS3, 360, iPhone, iPad, or PC. (Please don't make us join WoW or Farmville, but it is your right...) More than willing to help you grind out some achievements.

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    Pledge $1,000 or more

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    THE PRODUCER PACKAGE: Damn. That's awesome. PERKS: Every perk from previous levels, plus credit on the film as an associate producer, and we will combine the talents of all the musically inclined members of the cast and crew to write a personalized THANK YOU song, all about you and what an awesome human being you are (even if you aren't one!).

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    Pledge $2,500 or more

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    THE MOLYNEUX PACKAGE: You are an archangel from above, gracing us with your genius. You're also allowed to talk to us in a British accent whenever you want, no questions asked. PERKS: All perks from previous levels, plus a professionally printed full size movie poster, signed by the entire cast, several songs on the soundtrack named after you, a CO-PRODUCER credit, a Your Friends Close t-shirt customized with your name and title on the back, and you'll be referenced by name in the film. That's right. Name drop. Boom.

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    THE BENEFACTOR PACKAGE: Hey, big spender. You've just made a friend for life. Also, a savvy investment in a VERY sexy film. PERKS: Every perk from previous levels, plus credit as EXECUTIVE PRODUCER credit on the film, daily phone call updates from members of the cast throughout production, a physical copy of the third draft of the film signed by every actor in attendance the night of the first read-through, and either a role in the film (if in the LA area) or a character named after you. We'll also send you a copy of the script one week before shooting begins, and if you have notes, ideas, or changes... you get a voice in this movie. That personalized THANK YOU song we mentioned earlier? Yeah. It gets a music video with it. A song and music video just about you. And you can come be on set as much as you'd like. And you never have to pay for a ticket to see this movie in screenings and festivals. Neither do two of your friends. We'll cover all of those costs, including the cost of FLYING YOU TO LA for our premiere (that's just you, no friends, USA only) and make sure to point you out at every opportunity. People will know exactly how vital you were. We'll probably take a lot of pictures together and tag them on Facebook. You know, FAME.

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    THE CLIFFY B PACKAGE: Yup. You're the coolest person in the room. PERKS: Every perk from previous levels including flying a friend out to the premiere with you (USA only), not only a song written about how great you are, but also a song written about anyone you'd like us to cover. Girlfriend? Husband? Child? Ex-girlfriend? Music video for both? Check. Also a carry over credit to our next film, where you'll be given credit and shown similar treatment, including getting to read scripts or even having a part written just for you. Ya wanna make it in Hollywood, kid? Well, get ready for your close-up!

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    THE BLOOD PACKAGE: I'll give you my blood. PERKS: No other perks. Just my blood. Mailed to you. Perfect for many household/occult uses. Also, the cast of the film will sign a full sized movie poster for you, using my blood as ink. Pretty sure it'll come in a very nice frame. I'm... kinda serious about getting this movie made. Your move.

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    THE GOD PACKAGE: You are a God amongst mortals. PERKS: I don't see any way around this. Brock Wilbur and Jocelyn Kelvin are at your disposal for a day. I'm not saying we'll be your "slaves" cause that's not appropriate, but I am saying... this is kind of an anything goes scenario. We will travel to you wherever you live (in the U.S.) and... I mean, your call. Breakfast in bed? Clean your house? Mow your lawn? Film your wedding/family get-together/sports event and edit it into a film? Copy down a Bible by hand? Just take you out and get super hammered? It's your day. Or maybe you'd rather we invested those resources into producing a short film based on a script or idea of yours? Or a clever music video for your band? Make an ad for your company? Or help you finally finish that novel or children's book you always wanted to make? We're here to make dreams come true. Email us a question if you've got an idea and you're wondering if it'll work. Otherwise... Yeah. You're our hero. Name your price.

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