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PreMatch: The ultimate solution to the 7+H schedule at Andover High School. From holidays to daily blocks, PreMatch has it covered.
PreMatch: The ultimate solution to the 7+H schedule at Andover High School. From holidays to daily blocks, PreMatch has it covered.
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PreMatch for iOS




We have created an app called PreMatch that gives you fast, easy access to your schedule for the 7+H school day at any time. To release it on the App Store, we need to raise $99 per year to pay for Apple's Developer Program. If we don't earn this money, we will be forced to put a price tag on the app.

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Over 600 of you may remember using a website called PreMatch in August, where you could enter your schedule and see who was going to be in your classes. We later introduced a Discord bot that knew the entire 7+H schedule. We connected this bot to PreMatch and introduced personalization. Instead of simply telling you what blocks you had tomorrow, the bot could also tell you which teachers you had on the next day. All you had to do to set this up was to click a link. 

A typical conversation with the PreMatch Bot
A typical conversation with the PreMatch Bot
Personalized information from the PreMatch Bot
Personalized information from the PreMatch Bot

Having successfully expressed the 7+H schedule in a computer algorithm, we decided to move into an ambitious new area - the mobile development field. Having noticed that many students use a screenshot of their schedule as their phone's lock screen background, we decided that there had to be a better way to check your schedule in a flash.  

We were looking to expand to iOS devices when we found an idea for a PreMatch native app and a corresponding widget. These would accomplish similar functions compared to the Discord bot, except that they are more accessible and independent of our database (for offline viewing). By the start of October, a comprehensive mock had been designed for the widget:

An early rendition of the widget
An early rendition of the widget

The App

We set our sight on one goal - to make an app that any student could quickly and easily download, for free, that would come bundled with an iOS widget that would enable easy schedule access. With this widget, you do not even have to unlock your phone to check your schedule! Just swipe to the right on your lock screen, and your schedule is waiting for you! This app functions similarly to the Discord bot. All you need to do is download it, sign in with your school email (if you already have an account on, and your schedule is downloaded with your widget personalized! Since your data is downloaded to your device, you can access your schedule from anywhere, with or without an Internet connection! If you don't want to sign in with Google or don't want to create an account, that's fine. The app and widget will still show the schedule, but will only display blocks, not teachers.

The most important feature about the widget is its ability to keep track of time. Depending on when you view the widget, it can tell you what block you're currently in (or supposed to be in), or the schedule for the next school day (if viewed after school hours or on a day with no school). This feature makes sure that the widget always displays the information you need the most at any given time.

The Funding

In order to put this app on the App Store, we need money. Frankly speaking, PreMatch is a non-profit app. We pay plenty of our own money to keep the site and the Discord bot running 24/7, keep our database online and secure, and keep our domain.

To put a product on the App Store, we need to enroll in the Apple Developer Program, which costs $99 per year. We do everything we can to keep PreMatch free and easily accessible for everyone, but if we have to spend an additional $99 a year, we will be forced to put a price tag on the app, or, even worse, give it to the school district, which would mean that we would have no control over the future of the project we worked so hard on.

100% of the money we receive from this fundraiser will be put into PreMatch. This money will be used to keep PreMatch alive and bring brand new features and tools, such as custom notifications and an Android app.  If you contribute $3 or more to make PreMatch for iOS a reality, you will gain access to the app and the widget before anyone else.

If you are interested in the PreMatch app, please help us deliver our hard work to you. Thank you for your support.

Made with ♥ by Michael Peng and Daniel Ivanovich

Risks and challenges

Development of the Android app and advanced app capabilities may take some time. Furthermore, the overall volume of tech support is limited; it is challenging to maintain close communication with up to 1800 users, but we will do our best to gain user feedback.

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