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Help us turn the short film, "Reveille" into a children's book called, "Capture the Flag". Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 3, 2012.

Help us turn the short film, "Reveille" into a children's book called, "Capture the Flag".

About this project

What are you backing?

You are helping us to produce a beautiful full-color hardback children's book called "Capture the Flag" that is based on an Emmy-Award winning short film called, "Reveille" written, produced and directed by twin brothers Adam and Donovan Montierth.

The book is a reproduction of stills from the short film done in the style of watercolor paintings and written by the twin brothers as a tribute to the men and women who have served in the US Armed Forces, past and present.

It's about an Army Veteran and a Navy Veteran who engage in a game of one-upmanship over a flagpole in a retirement community and it teaches children about respect for the flag, each other and that patriotism and love for one's country is embedded in the diversity of the people that serve within it.

What is this short film, "Reveille" I keep hearing about?

You can view the 10 minute short film in it's entirety here:

What's the history on all of this?

In the Summer of 2003, we shot the short film, Reveille,  as a tribute to our Grandfather who had died the year before. We soon realized that this little film we were making was striking a chord with our actors and our crew and decided to add their Veteran's names in the tribute and to dedicate the entire film to all the men and women who have ever served.

Over the next few years, we released the film to audiences in film festivals, on TV and on the Internet. We had an overwhelmingly positive response and we received calls and emails from people from all over thanking us for the film or requesting to show the film at their services, memorials, tributes, gatherings and meetings. Our feeling has always been that we really think this is a message worth sharing and want as many people to see it as possible.

Adam released his first children's book, "Dream" last year and visited numerous Elementary Schools in the Phoenix area, reading the book and introducing it to kids and again the teachers, administrators and parents seemed to respond so favorably to the book and message he had to share.

Again, he thought of getting "Reveille" out to the kids. He set up several schools during Veterans Day last year to show the film and set up several visits with a few Cub scout packs in the valley. They seemed to really enjoy it, and he knew he wanted to transform "Reveille" into a children's book called, "Capture the Flag" and so, low and behold...

The Capture the Flag Kickstarter Project was born!

What do some of the pictures in the book look like?

Here are samples of a few watercolor pictures from the book:

What If I Have No Idea How Kickstarter Works?

If you're not familiar with Kickstarter or how it will work, here's a brief overview. For the next 45 days, you'll be able to make pledges to help support this project, ranging from $1 to whatever you can afford without your spouse/parent/financial advisor slapping you. For your pledge, you can select one of the reward packages—listed to the right—of equal or lesser value to your pledge. You can always pledge more than the minimum to get a reward if you want. Your credit card or other account will not actually be charged at the time you make your pledge, and you can change your mind right up to the final deadline.

If the final deadline comes and we've reached our goal, then everyone gets charged the amount they pledged at once and we get to work printing and mailing books and DVD's and whatnot. But if for some reason we don't meet our goal, then the whole thing is called off. No one gets charged, no fees are applied, everyone just keeps their money. So there's no risk of putting up money and then getting nothing. Of course, if we fail to meet the goal, then no one gets any rewards, either, and some of these rewards are pretty cool.

What do you get by pledging this project:


  • Soldier Angel, Official Pocket Angel Medallion, Limited to 125 Pledges


  • Capture The Flag Picture Book


  • Reveille DVD, Plus above level...


  • Dream Children's Book, Plus above levels...


  • Full Color 11X17 Art Poster of a page from the book, Signed by the Artist, Scott Gregory, Plus the Above...

Espirit de Corps:

  • Your Veteran's Name added in the tribute in the credits of the short film, "Reveille", Plus the Above...


  • Our ugly mugs in person to speak to an Elementary School of your choice and to give away 100 copies of the book as well as a special screening of "Reveille", Plus the above levels...


You all deserve the thanks from millions of Veterans of the US American Forces and their friends and family... being instrumental in helping us... bringing this heartfelt book together as a tribute to thanking them.

What happens when you reach your goal?

I'm glad you asked! For every $25 above and beyond the $1,500 raised, in addition to the rewards to the backers, we will provide a Hardback "Capture the Flag" book to an Elementary School in the United States. With a lot of the Elementary Schools losing their library funding, this is a fantastic gift!

There are over 60,000 Elementary Schools in the US. We would love to provide a book to each and every one of them!


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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    (SUPPORTER PLEDGE) An Official Soldier Angel, Pocket Angel Medallion and our sincere thanks for supporting us and our Veterans!

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    (FLAGWAVER PLEDGE) Hardback copy of "Capture the Flag" children's book.

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    (BOYSCOUT PLEDGE) DVD copy of the Emmy-Award winning short film, "Reveille" plus... A Hardback copy of the "Capture the Flag book.

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    (CADET PLEDGE) Hardback copy of Adam Montierth's children's book, "Dream" plus... A Hardback copy of the "Capture the Flag" book and DVD copy of short film "Reveille".

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    (PATRIOT PLEDGE) 11X17 full color poster from a page of the "Capture the Flag" Signed by Artist Scott Gregory, plus... A Hardback copy of the "Capture the Flag" book, DVD copy of short film "Reveille" and a Hardback copy of the book "Dream".

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    (ESPIRIT DE CORPS PLEDGE) Your Veteran's name (father, mother, brother, etc) listed in the tribute at the end of the short film "Reveille" included with your DVD copy of the film plus... A Hardback copy of the "Capture the Flag" book, DVD copy of short film "Reveille", a hardback copy of the book "Dream" and an 11X17 poster for the book "Capture the Flag".

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    (VETERAN PLEDGE) We will come to a School of your choice in the United States and present a reading by the authors, as well as give out 100 copies of the hardback "Capture the Flag" book and a special screening of the short film "Reveille" to the students.

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