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After the Bastrop wildfires, a lesbian teen arsonist works undercover to catch a drug dealer with ties to her ex-best friend.

Production Begins!

We're over-caffeinated, underslept, uber-excited, and we still need your help to reach our stretch goals.

Stef at the Bastrop Football Field
Stef at the Bastrop Football Field

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Stretch Goals

We did it! We made our initial goal in just under 14 hours! With projects of our tiny size, every dollar counts and makes a huge difference. We'd love to stretch our goal out and see what else our amazing group can do.

  • If we make it to $3,000 we can afford to pay our pyrotechnics expert to make our explosion not just bigger and more phenomenal, but just as safe! -- ACCOMPLISHED!
  • If we make it to $4,000 we can rent a Steadicam and operator to make our sweeping shots of the Lost Pines even more thrilling.
  • If we make it to $5,000 we will be able to afford a sound designer to bring our post-production sound to life.

Please, keep sharing our project and consider helping make Lost Pines the best film it can be. Thank you so much!

The Story

Lost Pines is a dark detective thriller about love, betrayal, and Oxycontin. When Stef, a teenage arsonist, is released from juvenile detention early, she must go undercover to track down a local Oxy dealer or risk being sent back. But she's forced to choose between her loyalties when all clues lead back to the ex-best friend she's still in love with, Faith.

The Setting

Lost Pines takes place in Bastrop, Texas, one year after the devastating wildfires that swept through the county last September. The film will be shot entirely in Bastrop, using real-world scenes of destruction and construction as a visual reminder of how hard the community, like Stef, is working to rebuild.

How You Can Help

Lost Pines is an ambitious film, telling a very personal story of love and betrayal on a wide scale. We need all the help we can get to help pay for location rentals, equipment rental, a stunt coordinator, production design and wardrobe, and hot meals for the volunteer cast and crew. All money from the Kickstarter will be funneled directly into the production costs for the film.

The complete budget for Lost Pines is $5000. We're asking $2500 to cover the first half of our budget. Every bit helps.

  • $10 will cover a package of 9-volt batteries to run our audio recording device.
  • $25 will cover a tank of gas to get a car full of crew to location in Bastrop.
  • $50 will cover the rental of a generator to provide lights for a long, cold night of shooting in the woods.
  • $100 will cover the props, wardrobe, and art department elements that will create the world of Lost Pines.
  • $250 will cover the cost of renting and towing our biggest set piece -- an awesome 1960's camping trailer where the climax of the movie plays out.
  • $500 will cover the cost of a special effects coordinator to provide the hugely important molotov cocktail explosion that kicks off the film.

About Me

Britta Lundin - Writer and Director, Lost Pines.

I am in final year of the MFA Film Production program at the University of Texas at Austin. My previous films have played at film festivals in Los Angeles, Austin, Seattle, and Portland. I come from the small coastal town of Astoria, Oregon. Everything I love about filmmaking started with The X-Files.

Why This is Important

I love detective thrillers, but my girlfriend Aya never wants to watch them with me because, as she calls them, they're just "guys running around movies". And it's true.

I wanted to make a detective thriller about someone I could relate to. The character of Stef in Lost Pines combines elements from the films I love with the emotional depth of characters I feel like I know. She's tough, but vulnerable. She's a female detective, so she has a lot to prove, but she's still a teenager, so she has a lot to learn.

Stef's also a lesbian. As a lesbian myself, I get tired of watching gay movies that are about being gay. I wanted to set out to make a film with a gay protagonist where her queerness was incidental to the plot, not the main source of conflict. Stef is a detective first, a lesbian second.

I also wanted to explore a specific kind of teenage relationship. Whether Stef and Faith are best friends or lovers at the beginning of the film is an open question, both for the audience and for the characters themselves. Often, at 17 years old, those boundaries are fluid and confusing. Nonetheless, Stef loves Faith, and she'd do anything to keep her safe. That relationship, no matter what its label, is the primary focus of the film.

The Team

You can trust us. This is a team with years of experience making films and telling stories.

Patrick Smith - Director of Photography. Patrick is a celebrated Austin-based DP, who has worked on narrative projects, commercials, and web series. His film Shades of the Border, played at many domestic and international film festivals, won a number of audience awards, and was distributed though Media That Matters.

Tomo Nakayama - Composer. Tomo is the Seattle-based musician and songwriter behind the band Grand Hallway. Also an arranger and film composer, Tomo composed the music for Britta's last film, Darling Memories. He will also appear in Lynn Shelton's upcoming feature, Touchy Feely alongside Ellen Page, Rosemarie DeWitt, and Allison Janney. The song in our Kickstarter video is Grand Hallway's "Wildfire".

Sarah Kolb - Producer. Sarah has produced narrative shorts and features, including the recent feature documentary, Year of the Cooperative. She also has experience producing theatre productions in the Austin area, as well as event coordination and PR.

The Arri Alexa - Camera. We're hugely excited to be shooting our film on the Alexa camera, a true professional digital motion picture camera. This is the same camera they used to shoot Argo, Skyfall, Homeland, and Game of Thrones. We're thrilled to be able to use it to bring the world of Lost Pines to life.

Special thanks to the rest of the Lost Pines Team: Producers Evan Yarbrough, Yash Mithani, and Olivia Smith  |  Annie Silverstein  |  Evan Roberts  |  Nathan Efstation  |  Simon Quiroz  |  Deja Bernhardt  |  Aya Burgess  |  and more to come.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Since this film is a requirement for graduating with an MFA from the Film Production program at the University of Texas, it absolutely will be completed in by May, 2013. Reaching our fundraising goals will help make Lost Pines the best film it can be.

That said, there are some challenges we're facing to making Lost Pines work. The first is casting. This project rests on the talent and chemistry of our core cast, particularly the character of Stef, who must balance being a hardened detective with a vulnerable side. The second is weather. Texas is notoriously dry, but we are shooting in December, and the likelihood of rain or snow could seriously disrupt filming. We are working to develop contingency plans in the event of poor weather. Third, we are committed to having Production Design that reflects the tone and world of Lost Pines, but wardrobe and props cost money, and if we cannot raise our fundraising goals, we may be forced to compromise authentic for inexpensive.


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