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DARKNICER ~ Bigfoot, Aliens, and UFO's!'s video poster

After a series of mysterious and disturbing events, a family discovers they're being terrorized by a creature on their ranch in TX. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 29, 2012.

After a series of mysterious and disturbing events, a family discovers they're being terrorized by a creature on their ranch in TX.

About this project

On a quiet morning, Nathan, the Sheriff of Thorndale, TX, discovers three dead bodies on his property. This is the first of several disturbing events that leads him, his disobedient daughter and his estranged brother-in-law to believe there is some sort of creature living on their ranch.

In an effort to protect themselves, and discover what the creature really is, they enlist the help of a surveillance expert and a conspirologist (one who studies conspiracies) to hunt and kill the monster.

As their journey progresses, they are forced to deal with old wounds and overcome personal obstacles in order to unite and survive.

Conducting business properly is expensive. Therefore, money management is one of the most important aspects of making a movie. There are several costs and legal expenses involved before we can approach individual investors for the full budget of the movie, and that’s why we’re utilizing Kickstarter!

Here is approximately how we will be using the $7,000 we raise here:

  • $550 = Immediately goes to Kickstarter and AmazonPayments (7%-8%)
  • $250 = Well-deserved perks for all of our great donors!
  • $400 = We need to purchase reports on previous film revenues to include in our business plan
  • $800 = We need to pay for a business license to set up the entity necessary for raising the budget and producing the movie
  • $5,000 = Legal fees for constructing the necessary paperwork and documents to properly raise the full budget and produce the final product

Anything above and beyond our goal will go directly towards the remaining budget of the movie!

DALLAS MORGAN, Writer/Producer/Director

I was born in Lynchburg, VA on the 10th of October, 1986 to Roy and Kathy Morgan. I grew up in High Point, NC with my older brother, Justin, and younger sister, Ashley.

I started making films at the age of 15. In 2004, my short, The Noble Selection, won Best Student Film at the DIY Film Festival. Before moving to Los Angeles, I made an ultra-low budget feature with some friends titled, Flowers. It is now available on DVD through Amazon, and digitally distributed through various online outlets.

I graduated with Honors as a Directing/Producing Major at the Los Angeles Film School in Hollywood, CA. My thesis film, Songs Like Rain, was an Official Selection in the 2006 Miami Short Film Festival.

Since graduating I have continued to direct. Several of my music videos have garnered national attention, including the song Why Us which features Patrick Henry Hughes (who has appeared on Extreme Home Makeover, ESPN, and The Ellen Show), and was nationally broadcast via GMC. I also directed the video Fade for east-coast based rock band, Runaway City, which has been distributed to hundreds of music video shows and websites across the U.S. On top of music videos, I have directed over 30 episodes of the online kids show, Tea Time with Tayla, and countless educational videos for

My experience in other positions on various film sets - such as Production Assistant, Location Manager, Script Supervisor, and others - has given me a well-rounded perspective on the entire filmmaking process.

I am super excited about Darknicer because it combines my love for movies with my fascination of conspiracy theories and other phenomenons. 

Feel free to check out my IMDB, and some of my other work on Youtube.

TAHLIA MORGAN, Co-Producer/Actress

Yup, I'm Dallas' wife! :-) 

I was born on May 12, 1986 to Randy and Debi Hamilton. I grew up in Austin, TX with my 3 sisters, Jade, Kira and Hope. It was a house full of girls!

I grew up acting and dancing and when I graduated high school I decided to pack up and move to Hollywood to pursue my dreams. Little did I know that my future Husband was out here waiting for me. I met Dallas at our church in Hollywood. We began dating and a year and a half later I became his wife.

Dallas and I have worked on numerous projects together. I starred in and co-produced his short film entitled Emily Carter, I hosted a video course on How to Tap Dance through his company and it's now available in the App Store, and I play the lead in my own children’s show called Tea Time with Tayla.

We have had such a great time working together and can’t wait to do it again on Darknicer.

HUNTER LEMOINE, Associate Producer/Editor

Originally from Dothan, AL, I made my first short film, 808, at age 16. In 2008, before moving to Los Angeles, I completed an award winning ultra-low budget feature titled, Sam’s Rain. The film won Best Picture in five different film festivals including the Cinema City International Film Festival in Hollywood, and it secured distribution through Artist View Entertainment. I have continued to edit and produce short films, music videos, and commercials. I also have experience as a Line Producer. 

My time spent as part of a social media team has educated me in the area of social and online marketing. Therefore I'll be handling the various social platforms for Darknicer, in addition to my skills that will be utilized in post-production.

I'm incredibly excited about being a part of Darknicer! This film takes you on a paranormal thriller roller coaster!


  • We set a goal
  • We set a deadline to reach that goal
  • You agree to donate whatever amount you can. The bigger the donation, the bigger your reward
  • If we reach or exceed our goal by the deadline - your credit card is charged, we get our development funds, and you get the cool reward you chose!
  • If we do not reach our goal by the deadline, your credit card is NOT charged, and you do NOT get the cool rewards
  • Exceeding our goal is great - the money will go towards the remaining budget of the movie - however, it is NOT okay to fall even a penny short.
  • Basically, we have to reach or exceed the goal by the deadline or we don’t get our funding, and you don’t get your rewards.


I am extremely passionate and excited about making Darknicer happen. Your support will help bring that to pass! I intend on making movies for the rest of my life, and this is a very important first step ... I want you to be a part of that step ... actually, I need you to be a part of that step.

Please, donate today to help us reach our goal!

I look forward to sharing this movie with the masses! Thanks.

- dal

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Donate $500+ and get a 12x18 copy of the Official Teaser Poster; Donate $1,000+ and get a 24x36 copy:

*Poster Designed and Edited by Ashley Morgan, MAM Photography


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    CONSPIRACY THEORIST ~ Are you crazy?

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    ALIEN ~ scary!

    You get everything listed above ... plus a phone or video (if you have the technology) conference with me and a few of the key crew members to ask questions and discuss the movie. **Donor responsible for their own minutes/phone charges

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    ABDUCTEE ~ talk about a life changing experience!

    You're gonna get everything from above (except a larger 24x36 size poster) ... plus an invitation to the set to hang out with the cast and crew. (travel and lodging not included) plus a still image from the movie and a hard copy of the script, both very nicely framed together.

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