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Turn is a slice-of-life supernatural roleplaying game with quiet drama about shapeshifters in small, rural towns.
Turn is a slice-of-life supernatural roleplaying game with quiet drama about shapeshifters in small, rural towns.
756 backers pledged $20,708 to help bring this project to life.

$12k! First Stretch Goal Achieved!

Posted by Brie Sheldon (Creator)


We are so excited to have reached our first stretch goal, where Anders Smith will take us to Mormon communities in the desert to explore how a shifter would live in that kind of town. Awesome!  

As a special bonus, Brie had a secret stretch goal that on 400 backers, they would release the American Opossum as a beast archetype! The sheet is already written, and just needs to be laid out in the template. We'll post it soon!

Next up, we have Ezio and Lavinia on the Giro d’Italia ($14,000), who will explore Italian small towns and their differences and similarities with Turn’s original USian themes, including social isolation instead of geographical isolation! Let's keep it going!

As promised, our additional future stretch goals are detailed below!  

Smeed Hill ($16,000)

By Meguey Baker  

Meguey Baker
Meguey Baker

Meguey Baker (she/her) grew up in a town of 600 people, and after living in a city of 72,000 in high school, now lives in a smallish city of 18,000 in rural New England, where she writes games, raises kids, works in museums, and feeds birds. Meg co-designed the award-winning game Apocalypse World, as well as wrote the 8-game cycle Playing Nature's Year, which is full of animals being animals and people being people. 

Smeed Hill will explore a town cut in half by closing mills, then closing schools, and now empty storefronts on Main Street and overgrown houses in the hills. There are still opportunities, but also needs that have yet to be met. Meguey has proposed adding a squirrel and a skunk to the available beast archetypes, wonderful new additions to a small town! 

Like the other stretch goals, Smeed Hill will introduce some local NPCs to help your story along, a new town type, new beast archetypes, and a new or altered human role.

Halver, Germany ($18,000)

By Gerrit Reininghaus 

Gerrit Reininghaus
Gerrit Reininghaus

Gerrit Reininghaus (he/him)will invite us to his home town Halver, in rural West Germany. Halver has rain, lots of rain. Surrounded by the hilly forests of the Sauerland, with an aging population, it seems like a safe place to grow up and live. Well, at least if you are "normal" enough to fit into one of the 100 associations, from skiing, soccer, rabbit breeding or the fire brigade. Maybe it’ll be good, too, if you don’t belong to the kids sent to the lowest level of the highly segregated German school system since Germany is separating the "good" from the "bad" kids already at the age of 10. 

Gerrit grew up in Halver. He has since lived all around the globe and is now living with his family in Guatemala. For all this traveling, he still considers the first twenty years of his life in a small West German town as formative. 

Halver will include NPCs, a new or altered town type, new or altered beast archetypes, and a new or altered human role. 

Harmouth, South Devon ($20,000)

by Jaye Foster

Jaye Foster
Jaye Foster

Jaye Foster (Him/He) is an exceedingly overeducated native of East Devon. He currently works as a research engineer in Hong Kong. His previous published works include Age of Legends and Poor Amongst the Stars. He enjoys writing sad things on index cards but is better at GMing adventure RPGs. Most of his creative writing can be found at the 6d6 RPG Blog. He would like you to know that the cream goes on the scone before the jam. 

Harmouth is a town of two thousand on the South Devon coast. It's once busy harbour is shelter to now only a few fishing boats. The town instead survives as a home for office workers who commute to the city. During the summer the town is almost overwhelmed by working class tourists on holiday to the long thin beach. The locals dislike that their town's economy is dependant on the uncouth and noisy northerners. To the south is the Atlantic Ocean and from it come rain-clouds and seagulls. Upriver is the city, an ever growing conurbation that is seeping downstream, consuming the farmland homes of the badgers. 

Harmouth will include NPCs, a new or altered town type, new or altered beast archetypes, and a new or altered human role.


Thank you again so much! Please keep sharing and supporting, we have eleven days left and surely can reach more of these awesome stretch goals! And who knows, maybe when we hit $20,000, Brie will have another surprise!


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