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A recording of new compositions by Grammy-nominated Danish composer Poul Ruders, for soprano and orchestra.
36 backers pledged $6,206 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Tim Gemma on May 24, 2012

      Way to go, guys!

    2. Creator Tim Gemma on May 10, 2012

      Kicking it forward can help get some free publicity from Brian Fargo.

    3. Creator Kimberly on May 1, 2012

      Thanks for explaining it. I might pledge enough to get a copy, if I get enough money. :)

      On the topic of profits, has Bridge Records heard of "Kicking It Forward"? Basically, the idea is that a project creator pledges to donate 5% of profits to other promising Kickstarter projects. More info is at

    4. Creator Bridge Records, Inc. on May 1, 2012

      Hi Kimberly, thanks for your interest! Bridge is a for-profit record label, but the Kickstarter itself would be for funding recording expenses for the disc. Once the recording has been completed, it'll be sold as a CD, and digitally worldwide - our distribution is here:…

      For each disc sold, a mechanical royalty is paid to Poul Ruders as the composer, based on the statutory rate set by the Harry Fox agency.

      Hope this helps answer your questions!

    5. Creator Kimberly on May 1, 2012

      First indeed, Tim Gemma.

      The music sure sounds interesting, and something I'd appreciate, but I'm wondering what the commercial side of this is. Are any profits going to come out of this (if funded), and if so where are those profits going to go?