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Watch the video that millions have seen and that might help change the way people view marriage equality.
Watch the video that millions have seen and that might help change the way people view marriage equality.
6,508 backers pledged $384,375 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Linda Bloodworth Thomason (Creator)

Just wanted to send a quick update to address the fluctuations in our Kickstarter funds. Anyone who makes a donation can cancel it at any time. That’s one reason it is so important that we exceed our goal and create a little breathing room just to be safe. In addition, any extra money raised will go along way toward the promotion and distribution of Bridegroom.


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    1. Allister Hardiman on

      Touched by your story Shane, full of admiration for you Linda. So glad I could be a part of this. -Allister, Australia

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      Ernie Higman on

      Shane and Linda. I was honored to be able to help support BRIDEGROOM. I believe BRIDEGROOM will help spread knowledge, hope and understanding through the world and build a better opportunity for equality while paving a foundation for all those that are with us and the younger generations that will follow our journey. Like it's said all things happen for a reason and this seems to be Tom's way of supporting you and all of us others even more than he possibly have in person. Each and everyone who is part of, works on or supports this project is a personal Hero of mine. Love one and all

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      Christopher Click on

      I was touched by your story..I am currently unemployed but gave the $5 that i can give toward your project. I hope and pray this changes the lives of those that see it and also washington. God Bless you my prayers go out to you and your message.

    4. Jeremy on

      great to see this hitting new heights - every dollar is another dollar that gets this message shared!

    5. Simon Kwan on

      I just added another $10 to my pledge. If all the existing backers just increased their pledge amounts by a few dollars, I bet you'd be covered against any last minute fluctuation losses. This film needs to get made!

    6. William Goff on

      If I have to, I will up my pledge. I will make sure to have it remind me

    7. Sophia Alifonso Revlon on

      Will def double my pledge next wednesday it's unsettling
      That things happen unpredictably or not but it was a huge drop. I have all my friends reposting this on the Internet I even got coworkers to donate. This is beyond one group of
      Individuals this is a human issue and I will not stop supporting and spreading the word about it.

    8. Jason Ferguson on

      i will never ever withdreaw my pledge:) im happy i done it :) from jason in australia

    9. Yewtree on

      Sorry to see that people have withdrawn funding, but glad to see it's still over 300K. I will repost on Twitter etc.

    10. Missing avatar

      small world on

      Why cancel? I won't. It is my pleasure to be a part of this project even though what I donated really wasn't much, but I'm happy I was one of the first to get it done. :D
      Please keep the additional amount of money since it sure will come in handy.

      Best of luck to Shane, Linda, and everyone else!

      Love and support from Chris, China and the UK.

    11. on

      Let's secure an additional $100,000 for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We have a few days left. Best,
      Gregory Pierre Cox

    12. Etienne Dunant on

      I gave a little bit more today and keep my fingers crossed. You are in our thoughts in Europe and really hope the project gets funded! From a French/English couple on the other side of the pond.

    13. Silje Knutson - Dream Traveller on

      I'm reposting this on Facebook about two times a day, and have increased my pledge from $10 to $35 - it's not much, but at least it's something! Also spreading the word to people that I know feel strongly about this. This WILL happen, and we will make it happen!

    14. Alemering on

      Keep it up! 7 days can bring wonders!

    15. Cathryn on

      It was at over 8k extra yesterday. A 6k loss in a day is a scary thing so late in. Will repost about it on fb.

    16. Chad Willms on

      Reposted, re shared.. we'll keep it above $300K

    17. Missing avatar

      Steve Haroldson on

      It went down? We're 2400 bucks over the goal. It looks great to me. One week to go, the rest is bonus, isn't it?

    18. Kallie Desruisseaux on

      The best thing we can do is share this project on our facebook and twitter and using word of mouth, so that the balance keeps going up no matter what! I have never pledged using kickstarter before, but I feel really strongly about this project.

    19. Will Beason on

      It looks like the reason the number went down so much is because a couple upper-tier people withdrew.

    20. Two Bards on

      Having run a number of kickstarters you learn that things come up. People have problems in their lives...nothing they can do. The important thing is to stay positive and push onward. It's disheartening to see a sudden drop, but take a moment to think 'maybe that person needs their money.' I don't think people are trolling Victoria. I just think life is unpredictable.

    21. Jim Schwegerl on

      It's fair to let people change their minds (Happily see that project is currently funded) so I will be keeping an eye on this space and lending a hand (increasing my pledge) as the final date nears.

    22. Fern Leard on

      I was wondering about that. Last time I checked the project was approaching 310,000 - my heart sank when I checked and saw the number drop to 302,000. That's a lot of backers backing out. Not cool.

    23. Missing avatar

      Andrea Gustafson on

      I understand that that's the way it works but I agree with Victoria that is just wrong that someone would take their pledge back. . .Either you're in or you're out. . .there is no half way in this stuff.

    24. Brad Dunshee on

      Agreed! Would love this one to see the light of day!

    25. Victoria Leigh Langlinais on

      People shouldn't take back their pledge. If you are going to support this important project, you need to really do it!