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Watch the video that millions have seen and that might help change the way people view marriage equality.
Watch the video that millions have seen and that might help change the way people view marriage equality.
6,508 backers pledged $384,375 to help bring this project to life.


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      Heidi Mann on

      Shane, I am the Associate Editor of a website called "10,000 Couples" ( We ran a piece (plug!) about "BRIDEGROOM" in our current issue (still live, now w/ update about the goal attained). I believe our publisher, Delena, sent a link your way via your FB profile? Today "10,000 Couples" was featured on Rainbow Radio ( After the interview, I told the host about you and this project. He would like to have you on his show. He asked me to be in touch with you. Please feel free to contact me at Thanks, and again, congratulations!

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      Nicole Howard on

      Thanks for the update & a soundtrack would be awesome!
      good luck & much Love!

    3. Karen Lopez on

      So wonderful you've made it past the first goal...what can we do in one more week?

    4. Tim Trivellin on

      Woohoo!! You surpassed it!! Sweet! I'm so stoked.

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      Heidi Mann on

      YAY!!!! We did it!!!! Mostly you, of course, Shane & Linda, but I like to think I helped a little bit too because around July 2 or 3, the project was 40% funded and started spreading the word like mad!!!! I gather some of my friends -- and LOTS of OTHER people -- did too!! I can't WAIT to see this film!!

      All the best!
      Heidi Mann
      an ally, and associate editor of "10,000 Couples" (

    6. Hayley Williams on

      I am so happy that the goal was met! I have been on pins and needles and now I shed tears of joy (with many I am sure). Thank you for being brave enough to share the story. Love is love. <3

    7. Cynthia Sanderson on

      You made it! This is great! I hope more people donate and you guys surpass the goal even more and have great success with the film. And I hope that this may open some peoples eyes to what is going on out there.

    8. Robin Hyerstay on

      I am so excited you made it!! I have been posting on Facebook trying to rally my friends. CONGRATS!!!

    9. PhaeL on

      Awesome that this project will go foward. Tom lives on!!

    10. Ferny Vermonti on

      Awesome news!! I am delighted that I have been a part of this amazing project!! Best regards & love from Durban - South Africa where we have marriage equality but still a lot of discrimination of GLBTI persons! - Ferny Vermonti & family xx

    11. steve penney on

      Fantastic! Congratulations! So proud to be part of this. Love from Durban, South Africa.

    12. Yewtree on

      Brilliant that you have made it to the target amount. I've tweeted this again.

    13. Hanspeter Hess on

      Good news. This is so important. It's really sad how many people wrote that the same things were happening to them or people they know.

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      Forrest and Shirley Rieben on

      So, We just had to add a bit more to help get there. Anyone else want to add a bit more to their original donation? Just a little bit more?

    15. Robert Rosenberg on

      How absolutely marvellous!!! Well done to you and your team on reaching this goal! I feel proud to be a part of this process, as I'm sure every backer does. Here's wishing you everything of the best with the production process. Love and best regards from Cape Town, South Africa, Rob

    16. Jacob Levinovsky on

      Congrats on this achievement. Very proud to play a tiny role in this :)

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      Michelle Pattison on

      I am so happy you got funded. I was lucky enough to go to my couisn and her wife's wedding a few years ago. Its been legal here in Canada for years. Im catholic and fully suppot gay marriage. I fully believe that God is about love and joy and happiness for everyone. I have been to a few wedding of.people who love each other very much but I have never seen two people more overwhelmingly in love and full of peace and joy as my cousin and her wife. No one ever. It sickens me that the reason for this doc exists at all. Nothing more tragic. Im glad you are making this and am so glad I sqeezed $11 out.of my budget to Donte

    18. Pauline Emerson on

      Huge congratulations on reaching the target, so pleased to be a backer.

    19. Leigh Kuivala on

      Congratulations! I am so very happy that this project will be funded. <3

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      Greg Holcomb on

      CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited - for you - and all of us as well.

    21. Renee Mieras on

      Yeah baby!! Congrats and keep going!!

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      Sherry BonDurant on

      OMG!! I'm so excited and happy for you! This is such great news and really made my night! So looking forward and CONGRATULATIONS!

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      David Howard on

      I just saw on Facebook that you've exceeded 300K. Congratulations! That's awesome. Looking forward to seeing the film.

    24. Diana Hammond on

      WTG!! Can't wait to see it.

    25. Addelle on

      Looks like you did it! Sending love best wishes and thanks for fighting the fight!

    26. Sophia Alifonso Revlon on

      Let me know if there is anything I could do here in NYC!!! I am so excited for this to happen. Tom and Shane are in my thoughts every day for the last two weeks now. My fiancé and I have been following and spreading the word as much as we can.

    27. Rex Toltschin on

      Congratulations Shane - less than 5K need and no doubt hours away from hitting the final goal! As you complete this wonderful project/tribute, your heart will soar. Keep up the great work!

    28. Shawna Lowrance on

      So happy and excited to see this project is so close to being funded! I am in tears!

    29. Jon Beam on

      If you need any volunteers for PR or even singing for the soundtrack, I'm more than willing to help out!

    30. Frank Rivera on

      Thank you for allowing us to take part in such an amazing movement. I can't express how proud I am to be able to support this documentary. Shane, your story is truly touching and inspiring and I can't thank you enough for sharing it with us. I hope this film helps to open many eyes. Best wishes.