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Ever see LEGO bend? Learn how to make everything from a circle to a sunflower-esque spiral all with regular old LEGO bricks.

***New Goal: 250,000 Lego bricks!  See Update #6 for details.***

What is Brick Bending?

Brick Bending is a construction technique used to transform regular old rectangular LEGO bricks into smooth, curved geometrical shapes.  There's no heating, melting or gluing involved, and although they show a little wear for the experience, your LEGO bricks will come through the process intact.

I've spent the last year building, experimenting, testing (and exploding) dozens of designs, the result of which I call Brick Bending 1.0--a series of fascinating curved geometrical shapes ranging from simple rings, to intersecting circles, to spirals, and beyond.  

What's the project?

I want to take all of that blood, sweat and tears (literally) and turn it into series of simple, entertaining, high quality videos that demonstrate how to build each of my core Brick Bending 1.0 designs, all of which I will eventually release, free of charge, on YouTube.  

What do you need?

A good HD camera, lighting equipment, video editing hardware and software, studio space, and of course, a lot of LEGO bricks.  The more backers I get, the more LEGO I can purchase, which opens up entirely new avenues for future Brick Bending.  For every completed design you see in Brick Bending 1.0, I've got ten that are unrealized, and my only limitation is having enough time and raw materials to do the job.

What makes this important?

If this is what you're thinking, then this project probably isn't for you.  But if you know an old school LEGO enthusiast (like me) or a kid who loves LEGO, show them Brick Bending and you'll see the reason why.  There's nothing quite like someone's face when they see something that they'd never realized was possible.  And I want to show them how to do it.  

What's your goal?

To unleash a generation of LEGO benders who will create crazy, curved patterns and structures that even I didn't think were possible.   

***Shameless plug: If you're at all interested in some good-natured post-apocalyptic adventure check out these fantastic fellow Portlanders: APOCH.

***Special thanks to the incomparable Rodolfo Ortega for the amazing underscoring in my project video.***  


  • RIght now I don't have enough LEGO bricks to build them all at once. But as I meet my funding goals I'll start pre-emptively buying LEGO in order to make all the Brick Bending 1.0 designs available on my website.

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  • There are no curved LEGO pieces in any Brick Bending designs. Each are made out of standard, rectangular LEGO bricks.

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  • I'd love to let backers choose their colors, however...what colors I have available to me will depend on how many backers I get. More backers = more money = more LEGO. Once the total number of bricks I need is set, I'll secure my supplies and let backers choose from the colors available to me. Hopefully, that will be every color under the rainbow (or at least the ones LEGO has to offer).

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    1 x 1 - Feel the satisfaction of supporting something special, and get exclusive sneak peak access to Brick Bending 2.0 (currently in the works and unlike anything you've ever seen in LEGO.) All for five bucks? How can you resist?

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    1 x 2 - Get an exclusive pre-release DVD of all the Brick Bending 1.0 how-to videos, showing simple, step by step instructions on how to build each design in the series. Plus you'll also get access to the Brick Bending 2.0 sneak peak. What a bargain! (International Shipping--add $5)

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    1 x 3 - Get the 2.0 sneak peak, the DVD, and a hand made Brick Bending Circle shipped straight to your door. Even if brick bending is beyond your skill set, you can still have your own curved LEGO circle to amaze your children, impress your friends, or just to adorn your cube at work. (Add $15 for each additional LEGO circle) International Shipping--add $5

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    1 x 4 - Get the 2.0 sneak peak, the DVD, a LEGO Circle, and a Do-It-Yourself Brick Bending Starter Kit. It comes with over 450 LEGO bricks--enough to build any 'Beginner' Brick Bending 1.0 design. (Add $30 to your pledge for each additional DIY Starter kit, and $15 for each additional Circle) (International Shipping--add $10)

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    1 x 6 - Want to take it to the next level? Get the DVD, the 2.0 sneak peek, and a Brick Bending 1.0 design (up to 1500 LEGO bricks) hand-made and shipped to your door. (International Shipping--add $15)

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    1 x 8 - You must really like contorted LEGO! Get the DVD, the 2.0 sneak peek, and ANY Brick Bending 1.0 design hand-made and shipped to you with a special 'Thank You' card inside. (International Shipping--add $20)

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