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$67,197 pledged of $245,000 goal
By Brick & Pixel
$67,197 pledged of $245,000 goal

New Directions


Dear Kickstarter Community, Backers & Internet At Large,

We launched Lightstrap on Kickstarter seven days ago. We’d like to thank all of you for your encouragement, ideas and support.

Our campaign was trending toward its goal but was not a slam dunk. $245,000 is a lot of backers and there was a chance we wouldn’t make it. In the last week, new opportunities emerged that could allow us to bring Lightstrap to market through more traditional channels. 

We’re excited by this possibility because it increases the probability that Lightstrap will be successfully manufactured and end up in your hands – even if that means you’ll have to buy it at a store or order it online.

We must cancel our campaign so we can focus on putting together the best deal we can. We hope you understand. Like you, we believe in Lightstrap and we’re trying to make the right choice for the product. 

Warm regards,

Cassidy and the Brick & Pixel Team

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    1. Maurizio Camagna on

      Totally disappointed. If you choose Kickstarter you should stick to it until the end of the campaign. Them, only if it fails, you can search alternatives. This way is simply a form of scam. Bad move.

    2. Lassi Kurkijärvi on

      What a big disappointment. It feels like the Kickstarter was just dipping a toe in the water to test customer demand. I don't enjoy being a guinea pig.

    3. Chris Oggerino on

      I have to say I'm pretty disappointed. I'm hoping you take the list of backers and throw us a coupon for a discount or something. We got behind you and are feeling pretty let down right about now.

    4. Dennis Metzcher on

      Will you be guaranteeing the backers an $87 price tag (or $97, if they missed the $87 pledge)? A few other cancelled Kickstarter projects have done this as a way to reward backers for committing to a project. After all, the attention you received as a result of this campaign is going to go a long way toward driving sales, and all the backers helped you get that attention (had no one backed this project, no one else would have paid any attention to it). It seems like a fair request that we be able to purchase a Lightstrap for around $90 if the price is higher than that when you eventually bring it to market.

    5. Missing avatar

      rwindman on

      Please keep you former Kickstart backers on your email list and let us know when and where the product will be available. Your idea fills a need and I hope to use it before long. Best RW

    6. Jake Bronstein on

      CASSIDY & CO. > Give us a place to give you our emails so you can let us know when it hits stores. We're all pulling for you. No point in not having a way to let us do it when you're ready. Rawk.

    7. Missing avatar

      Eddie on

      It's a shame I loved the idea and hope that you will continue with this product.

    8. Jared Balter

      I can see where you're coming from, and if the fact that you launched kickstarter campaign was able to get you noticed by outside investors then more power to you. Just don't forget to keep us posted on when and where we can pick one of these awesome cases ;)

    9. Neil Bantoc on

      Agreed. We could have gotten at least a keychain saying that we were a backer and we made history by backing up this product or something. Thats the thrill in backing projects, being part of the success of a product.

      Or you could just hand out discount coupons, or an exclusive early access purchasing opportunity for backers that let us have first dibs on the product.

    10. Nathan Lewis on

      In other words: "thanks for your support and help spreading the word. We don't need you anymore."

    11. Neil Bantoc on

      Aw man. Well as long as you can get it out to market faster that you originally intended via kickstarter, i guess its okay. But i really liked the early bird discount though.

    12. Rik Roukens on

      Basically what you are saying is, thanks for backing us and getting us in the spotlight.. some major factory wants to buy the rights and we said yes? Love the product, hope to see it on the market, hate the way this is happening...

      Besides, we all know this campaign would have blasted past it's original goal...

      But oh well.. Good luck..

    13. Gabriel Godines on

      Arrrrggghhh!!!! of luck guys...hope we see this amazing product soon!

    14. Brad Herman on

      Not exactly thrilled by this. Hope you make it to market. Good luck.