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$67,197 pledged of $245,000 goal
By Brick & Pixel
$67,197 pledged of $245,000 goal

A closer look at Lightstrap

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Video Summary

  • Thank you for your support & share
  • Walk through of device and advanced modes
  • A look inside the case
  • Shooting a photo with Lightstrap

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    1. Charles Pina on December 7, 2013

      Hey Cassidy! I had fun shooting some photos with you yesterday. I must say, this is a great breakdown! You don't often see this level of technical detail on kickstarter. Thanks for the update, and good luck on the kickstart!

    2. sujit chachad
      on December 6, 2013

      Thanks for the video. Can't wait to get my hands on.

    3. Brick & Pixel Creator on December 6, 2013

      Great question - I forgot to touch on that point.

      Yes, the device independently detects the warm and cool LED of the 5S True Tone flash using two separate detectors. In the spirt of "under-promising and over-delivering" we haven't mentioned that we are indeed working on an "auto" mode that matches the exact color temperature that the 5S produces. As of now, we don't know if this feature will be desirable or offer improvements in photo quality but it's feasible and in-progress.

    4. Christian Wheel on December 6, 2013

      Looks cool! Question! How does it work with the iPhone 5S's dual-tone flash? Is it able to detect the warm/cool flashes and compensate appropriately?