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The Press-Bot - Turn your nalgene bottle into a high quality French press! Use for coffee, tea, and yerba mate.
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The Coffee Rewards

Posted by Brian Siebert (Creator)

Hey Everyone,

Thanks to everyone who backed the Press-Bot Kickstarter Project.  You are going to love the rewards packages.  This update is aimed at the folks who are expecting to receive Coffee Samples as part of their package.  

To ensure maximum freshness, I have been holding off on ordering the coffee until the very end.  Well, it is now time to place the order with Late for the Train coffee roasters.  As per Master Roaster Dave's suggestion, I was going to pick-up 15lbs. of 'Black&Tan', 15lbs. of 'North Rim Dark', and 5lbs. of 'North Rim Decaf'.

If the pricing works out, I would like to send out two samples per coffee reward:  one 'B&T' and one 'North Rim'.  If you backed the Press-Bot for a Coffee Reward and want two of the same, or decaf, please let me know in the next few day.  Thank you.

Have fun today,


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