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Everybody -- Thank you for backing us! We are humbled and grateful for your faith!!! YOU RULE!
Everybody -- Thank you for backing us! We are humbled and grateful for your faith!!! YOU RULE!
1,731 backers pledged $194,145 to help bring this project to life.

IMPORTANT: We begin distributing backer surveys today!


Greetings FIENDS,

We're gearing up to launch backer surveys for the Unholy Ruin campaign today! As always, it's very important for all backers to complete their surveys in a timely fashion for the fastest rewards delivery. We cannot fulfill your rewards unless you complete your survey!

Please note that we do not use Kickstarter's built-in survey tool. Instead, we run our surveys through BackerKit. Sometime today, you'll receive an email from BackerKit with your survey invitation. If you pledged under multiple Kickstarter accounts (some of you may have), please note that you will receive a separate email invitation for each account.

Here are some important things to keep in mind for today's survey launch (please read carefully):


This first phase in our survey distribution will be the Smoke Test, which is a new BackerKit policy for all projects with over 500 backers. Approximately 5% of you across all of our pledge levels will be sent email invitations first. BackerKit uses this test to identify problems with surveys before they go out to the remaining 95% of the backers. With luck, we'll be able to get over this hump relatively quickly, but this is why it's very important that backers complete their surveys as soon as possible. :-)


After the Smoke Test (mentioned above) is completed, we will begin distributing the remaining 95% of the backer surveys. Depending on how long the Smoke Test takes to complete, this may be later today or worst case, tomorrow morning. Keep an eye on your email!

NOTE TO OUTLOOK/HOTMAIL/MSN & GMAIL USERS: We've learned from past experience that several Microsoft email services tend to have overly aggressive spam filters. Gmail accounts also tend to place BackerKit emails into the user's "Promos" tab instead of their main inbox. If you use one of these email services and don't receive an invitation by tomorrow's close of business, please contact us at and we'll be happy to assist you with a direct link to your backer survey.


SIGNATURES: Brian Pulido is happy to sign most comics, prints and trading cards offered on the campaign free of charge. If you're pledged for any of these items, we will ask you for your signing preference during your backer survey.

PERSONALIZATIONS: Due to capacity, Brian can personalize up to one campaign item of your choice. If you select personalization during your survey, a free form field will appear for your to enter your request in. Please be as specific as possible and let us know which item you'd like personalized. We can't read minds. ;-)

Please note that the following items will be sealed and randomized prior to distribution and cannot be offered signed nor personalized: Lady Death Sealed Mystery Envelope, Lady Death "Chase" Metallicards and Lady Death: Chaos Rules #1 - Chase Edition.


For those of you that pledged towards a pack of Lady Death #1 Blank Sketch Covers, please be advised that we will be sending you a separate email containing detailed instructions for your cover name personalizations.

We ask that you please do not specify your personalizations for this product during your backer survey. This will only confuse things on our end. Thanks!


Many of you requested over-pledge add-ons during the Unholy Ruin Kickstarter. If this applies to you, we have already taken care of your add-ons!

After you complete your survey questions, you'll be directed to the "ADD-ONS" section of BackerKit. If you look on the right hand side of this screen, you'll see a section called "ITEMS INCLUDED". Your over-pledge add-ons will be listed in this section alongside your other reward(s), separately from the "ADD-ONS" section, which only listed add-ons added from within BackerKit. There is no need to re-add your over-pledge add-on items in BackerKit! Please refer to the graphic below for a pictorial reference:

If for whatever reason you believe we made a mistake with with your over-pledge add-ons, please contact us ASAP at for assistance.


After you answer your survey questions, you'll have the opportunity to purchase additional campaign items in BackerKit. This is completely optional, but keep in mind that we did add some other cool items that weren't available during the Kickstarter! :-)

If you select add-ons, BackerKit will ask for your credit/debit card info when you're done. Your card info will be kept securely on file, but your card will not be charged until survey lockdown on Monday, October 23 at 6:00PM MST (Arizona Time). Please plan accordingly!

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you requested add-ons during the Kickstarter campaign through over-pledging, there is no need to re-add those items in BackerKit! See Section #5 (CAMPAIGN OVER-PLEDGE ADD-ONS) for details.


If your pledge payment failed in Kickstarter and they were unable to settle with you during the funding period, you probably noticed that Kickstarter dropped your pledge. But don't panic just yet!

Even if your pledge was dropped, you will still receive a survey from BackerKit and there will be balance due at the end. This balance due can be settled with any major credit/debit card. Your card info will be kept securely on file and will be charged during survey lockdown on October 23 at 6:00PM MST (Arizona Time).

After survey lockdown, any unsettled balances will officially be considered dropped pledges on our end. Please contact us at if you have questions about this.


In order to adhere to our production schedule, we will be locking down all survey responses on Monday, October 23 at 6:00PM MST (Arizona Time). If you need to make changes to your survey responses and/or BackerKit add-ons, please go back into your survey and do so beforehand!


If you missed out on the Lady Death: Unholy Ruin Kickstarter campaign, we are now offering last-chance preorders on select campaign items for a limited time through BackerKit. This Preorder Store is open NOW and will remain open until survey lockdown on Monday, October 23 at 6:00PM MST (Arizona Time). Here is a direct link to the Unholy Ruin Preorder Store:

PLEASE NOTE: The Unholy Ruin Preorder Store is intended only for those who missed the Lady Death: Unholy Ruin Kickstarter campaign. If you pledged during the normal Kickstarter, you will be given an opportunity to purchase additional items in BackerKit after you answer your survey questions, if you so desire.


If anyone has any questions or concerns that are not addressed in this update, please feel free to contact us at Thanks again for your support, FIENDS!!!

- Nick Napalm


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    1. Brian Pulido 14-time creator

      Greetings Shawn,

      We schedule my signing as part of the overall program and it should largely not offer our expected shipping times.


      Brian Pulido

    2. shawn hanson on

      Question re personalization.

      If enough ppl request personalization, how will this effect shipping times? Having the book signed is a nice touch but if it means significant delays in mass shipping is it worth it to those who take the curteousy of passing on the option for expediency? Will there be split shipping between signed and non signed? I'm sure Brian is a busy dude and the signings won't all be done in one lump batch.

      Just my wondering.

    3. Missing avatar

      William Doheny on

      Done! Now bring on my date with (Lady) Death!

    4. Jim B.

      Are we able to add extra stretch goal incentive packs in the backer kit?

    5. Bully

      How exactly does personalization work? What items can be easily personalized and what would they look like?