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Thank you to all our backers for helping us make Comics Kickstarter history! You rule!
Thank you to all our backers for helping us make Comics Kickstarter history! You rule!
2,363 backers pledged $295,888 to help bring this project to life.

Newly TURBO CHARGED reward tier -- Mystery Envelopes!

Posted by Brian Pulido (Creator)
Get MORE with your pledge!
Get MORE with your pledge!

Greetings FIENDS,

Wow...we're so close to $260,000 in pledges (under $500 to go) that we can taste it!

So, new announcement today: We have just selected selected a new reward tier for TURBO CHARGING and it is the NIGHTMARE SYMPHONY MYSTERY ENVELOPE ($55)!

$55 Pledge (TURBO CHARGED!)
$55 Pledge (TURBO CHARGED!)

All backers receiving Mystery Envelopes (whether pledged for or added on) now have a chance to receive one of 350 envelopes with extra goodies included! Here are the possible extras that all Mystery Envelopes a chance to receive:

  • One of 300 Mystery Metallicards (serially numbered or Artist Proof cards)!
  • One of 25 Lady Death: Dreams #1 Blank Sketch Covers (NOTE: These are the only Lady Death blanks we'll be producing this year)!
  • One of 25 Mystery Items chosen by random by Coffin Comics!

Sound good?! We still have Mystery Envelopes remaining in case anyone wants to add one on! Just shoot us a message here on the Nightmare Symphony campaign or email us at and we'll be happy to assist you in making that happen!


Nick Napalm


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    1. Brian Pulido 15-time creator

      @ Justice - No. ALL Mystery Envelopes are eligible for the turbo charge, so 350 of the 666 Envelopes will receive one of the random items in addition to the normal Mystery Envelope item. :-)

      - Nick@ Coffin Comics

    2. Missing avatar

      Justice Isaacson on

      The turbo charged only applies if you pledge for it after it's labeled at turbo charged correct? So if we pledged early we're just sol, right?

    3. Missing avatar

      Steve P. Otrupcak on

      Awesome turbo charge I hope I am one to get somthing cant wait to read

    4. Jimmy Calabrese Collaborator on

      I just want to highlight that is the ONLY way to get a Lady Death blank this year! Will you be one of the lucky 25? WOW!!!

    5. Brian Pulido 15-time creator

      @ Brad - Yes, each Mystery Envelope would normally include one of the comics listed on the reward graphic. But now that the Mystery Envelopes are turbo charged, they have a chance to include an extra item. :-)

      - Nick @ Coffin Comics

    6. Missing avatar

      Brad Gonzales on

      How many Comics come in the mystery envelope? Just 1?