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Legendary Realms Terrain is expanding its affordable dungeon line to include themed room sets that you can help design!
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More Updates!

Posted by Brian Berg (Creator)

Just to keep everyone up to date. Yes we are shipping; however, this week we had to create some new molds for some pieces to put together some of the larger dungeons. This is a normal part of the process we are just not used to having to do it in a compressed timeline. 

While this slowed us down, I have since removed all sleeping privileges from my staff and we only fell behind a couple of days. All of the pieces that we needed to create molds for are 100% complete. Any molds we make now are to duplicate existing ones. Casting, painting, and shipping is all that remains. 

We expect the Mega-Dungeons to begin shipping by the end of the weekend; sorry if you expected them sooner, some of the new accessories needed to be molded in larger quantities to accommodate casting more than one at a time. We are now estimating to complete shipping the week of 4/21 but we are trying to pull that in earlier.

Dungeon Strike: The layout is complete, Mike is waiting on the last few pieces of artwork then to the editor then to you. This too should be completed by or before the week of 4/21. I have emailed all the PDFs to those of you that should have received them. If for some reason you did not receive something, you think you should have, don’t panic; instead, email me directly ( and I will correct any mistakes.

Thank you,

- Rich


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    1. Missing avatar

      Daniel Cook

      Was wondering same thing as previous poster. Any notifications, has all the product gone out, etc.... Thanks for any info.

    2. Chris Bayes on

      So is everything shipping out the week of the 21st or has some stuff shipped already? I have sent an email but have not no reply at all. Just wondering when I am going to get my product. Also are we going to get shipping notifications?

      Thanks in advance,
      Chris Bayes