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Legendary Realms Terrain is expanding its affordable dungeon line to include themed room sets that you can help design!
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Production and PDFs

Posted by Brian Berg (Creator)

Here is a quick update on how things are going.

PDFs: I have spoken to our partners on the PDF distribution and wanted to post it here before you started to receive emails. 1) Purple Mountain, will be distributed directly through RPG now by Purple Duck Games. 2) Dungeon Dressings will be distributed via PDF directly from me. 3) Rappan Athuk will be distributed by logging on to a landing page with UN and PW. The user name and password, along with a link to the landing page will be distributed by me. 4) Dungeon Strike will be distributed by me as soon as the product is finished (see note below) 5) Revised Tomb of Caragthax will be distributed directly by Total Party Kill Games when the revised product is finished (Summer 2013).

Distributions on items that can be distributed will begin immediately (within a day of this posting). Orders: We are still working through the orders, we ran into a two day snag as our distributor ran out of resin. I have been assured, after much quiet yelling, that our supply will not run out again. We are in the process of completing the painting on some orders that should be ready to ship. As soon as the first order ships, we will post an update letting you know. Dungeon Strike: The layout is in progress and we are waiting for a few more pieces of artwork. In addition, thanks to some play testers, we are also clearing up some rules that raised a few questions.  

Thanks again for all the support folks, you did an amazing job of making this happen for all of us!

-Rich Parla and the Legendary Realms Terrain team


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    1. Cody Holland on

      Have all of the PDFs gone out, I have only received "Grave Undertakings, Tomb of Caragthax"

    2. Purple Duck Games on

      Purple Duck Games has now sent out a coupon code for backers to download a free copy of Purple Mountain I: Temple of the Locust Lord from Rpgnow.