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Legendary Realms Terrain is expanding its affordable dungeon line to include themed room sets that you can help design!
147 backers pledged $25,558 to help bring this project to life.

A Quick Q&A

Posted by Brian Berg (Creator)

In response to a few questions posted over the last couple of days, I wanted to respond to everyone.

1. If an international backer does a "multiple pledge" e.g Minor Dungeon + Mine Set, do they pay the shipping on both, or just the once?  

If you are an international customer, we can indeed try to package multiple packs together for you.  This really depends on the sets and total number of items you have pledged for.  If possible, we can simply refund your additional amount pledged via paypal.  If you are interested in this option, please email to work out an option.  We can't guarantee anything, but LRT will do their very best to make it work for you.

 2. Any chance of adding a "Get it All" pledge level - combo of Complete Mega-size Dungeon, Mine Set, Ultimate Accessories, Boats? Maybe also with the Doors, Fountains and Graves from the add-ons? 

We will not be creating any additional pledge options, however if you are looking to add any specific pieces, email to inquire about the additional cost for any requested pieces outside of the scope of our kickstarter.  You can then adjust your pledge amounts by that value and we will fulfill your orders that way.

Things are going strong folks, almost over that 20k hurdle, so please continue to help spread the good word.  Roughly two days left!  Be sure to go over your pledges and make sure you are pledged for everything you want.  Thanks again for all the amazing support on this Kickstarter!

-The Legendary Realms Terrain Team


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