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Lightweight, simple setup, easy storage. Kitchen and craft room uses too! Get up off the floor and make wrapping fun again!
Lightweight, simple setup, easy storage. Kitchen and craft room uses too! Get up off the floor and make wrapping fun again!
Lightweight, simple setup, easy storage. Kitchen and craft room uses too! Get up off the floor and make wrapping fun again!
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    1. Bret Wortman 2-time creator on

      Hi, Terry. I just re-sent your survey link to you at the email address you gave me in email. If you can fill that out, I'll get yours on their way to you!

    2. Missing avatar

      Terry Herbert

      Never received mine and I am an early backer. Please advise as how to get my reward.

    3. Margaret Hollins

      Received both sets!

    4. Bret Wortman 2-time creator on

      Mr. Higgins, your second set is shipping out today! Thanks for your understanding and patience.

    5. Bret Wortman 2-time creator on

      You got it. I’m waiting on new stock (I have 3 green left!) and will send you one this week when they arrive.


      Thanks for your reply; my bad! Please send me a red one for the second one. Thank you!!

    7. Bret Wortman 2-time creator on


      (1) I'm glad the orientation works for you. :-)
      (2) We only shipped one because you only chose one color -- I'll happily send another, just reply to this or drop me an email at hello (at) and we'll get it to you. I'm completely out of red until mid-December when the sea shipment arrives but I still have blue & green.


      Just realized I pledged or TWO Wrap Buddies but only received ONE. (Realized when checking Amazon for $19.00 and knew I pledged $33.00. ) I was backer # 213. Thanks for checking and sending the second wrap buddy!


      Thanks for the reply. Very clear now; original campaign video didn't mention this feature; nice handy addition! (I first thought there was an intent for the two clamps to be reversed making the cutting edge a rip-point for the paper.) Reality makes much better sense! Very good product!

    10. Bret Wortman 2-time creator on

      Albert, thanks for the suggestion! The subject of round tables came up more than once during design discussions and it will be something we continue to consider at each product update. We'll be in touch if we come up with something interesting.

      Glad to hear they made it to Sydney. I spent a few years living in Australia and really miss the place, especially Christmas barbecues. :-)

    11. Missing avatar


      Just received my Wrap Buddies this morning in Sydney, they look great! Just a suggestion, maybe a V2.0 with the paper roll & sticking tape holder placed above the clamp with rotating ability, I don't know whether I expressed the idea clearly. The situation for me is I usually do my wrappings on a round table or an end of the kitchen table bench, I know the WB will work great where the clamped side is in front of me, but if they can be clamped to the left & right as well, that would increase versability alot. Of cos I understand that is almost a new design and you'll probably need to put more thoughts to designing like the paper roll holder may need changing length since width of table varies. No pressure though, it's just a weird thought of mine. WB is still a great & helpful product to me, thanks!

    12. Bret Wortman 2-time creator on

      Kelsey, that’s great! That story really made me smile.

      Share this code with them: WBKSFF for a Friend’s & Family 20% discount at!

    13. Missing avatar

      Kelsey Victorino on

      I ordered two sets, which arrived last week. They are much sturdier than I anticipated, which is great! I gave them to two family members as early Christmas presents and I've already gotten word that they love them and plan to buy more for others!

    14. Bret Wortman 2-time creator on

      Hey, Edgar! The sides with two tabs are for holding Scotch or cello tape. The two round ends are absolutely supposed to hold the gift wrap roll, as you indicated. There are images on our web site at that might illuminate this as well.


      Not sure how these are supposed to work. When together and separated, the posts can be used at either end of a larger roll. However, the side with two prongs to latch only work on a roll with limited quantity of paper. What was the thought behind this final design??

    16. Miguel Ponce De Leon Jr on

      I received mine yesterday. Usually when I tell my wife that I got something from Kickstarter she just rolls her eyes. However, this product blew her away. I think they came out better than what was initially pitched during the campaign. Congrats!

    17. Bret Wortman 2-time creator on

      @Rhode Edding: Aww, thanks. So glad you like it. Let us know how it works for you!

    18. Bret Wortman 2-time creator on

      @hand0rf: Bonus! �

    19. Rhode Edding

      Mine is here and a beaut! Thanks!

    20. hand0rf on

      And... my Wrap Buddy is already here!
      So i’m stoked!
      Thanks again, Bret!

    21. Bret Wortman 2-time creator on

      @hand0rf: Glad you found it!

    22. hand0rf on

      Never mind. That time it seemed to work. I am an idiot! It’ll be here Monday.

      Nice work, Bret! Can’t wait to wrap something!

    23. hand0rf on

      OK. So i’m an idiot I guess. Every link I use to BackerKit offers to have me fill in a new survey or it takes me to a place CLEARLY for project creators, not backers.

      Is there a double-secret probation link we can - as backers - go to on Backerkit to see our individual account?!?

      I trust my Wrap Buddy is on its way... I just figured it’d be cool to see the tracking number.

    24. Bret Wortman 2-time creator on

      I'm not sure how the emails got lost; BK shows them all being sent. If anyone needs theirs, email me at and I'll reply with your tracking number as soon as I can.

    25. Bret Wortman 2-time creator on

      Go to your backer page on Backerkit and click "View Confirmation" in the upper right corner of the header. That will take you to your status page which will show your tracking number in a clickable link.

      ET, yours is due to arrive Monday!

    26. Bret Wortman 2-time creator on

      Looks like not all emails got sent. I’ll fix that shortly. Sorry! It has definitely shipped though.

    27. Bret Wortman 2-time creator on

      I’ll check into it!

    28. Missing avatar

      ET K

      Hello.....Backer number.......... 220 ..........On kickstarter
      I have not received a tracking number and went to and there is no link to check my tracking number.

      Please Help
      Please Reply
      Thank You

    29. Bret Wortman 2-time creator on

      @SweetKimy, I looked up the pledge here and it really was for no reward. Weird. I emailed you to suggest some possible solutions. Let me know by PM or email how you'd like to proceed. We'll get this fixed so you get what you thought you were going to get. :-)

    30. Bret Wortman 2-time creator on

      That doesn't sound right! I'll check it out.

    31. SweetKimy on

      Well, I'm confused. The survey says that I contributed $25 and requested no reward. That doesn't make any sense at all!

      So now my options are to get a single wrap buddy at the add on price or upgrade to 2 for $28 and have to pay $5 more for shipping!

      Has anyone else experienced this? Was there some special reason that all of those months ago I would have intended to do that? I can't figure it out.

      Thanks for your help.

    32. Bret Wortman 2-time creator on

      Yep, Natalie, I goofed. I'll fixit shortly.

    33. Bret Wortman 2-time creator on

      @Natalie, I can't see in right now but I'll check and get back to you. Thanks for asking.

    34. Missing avatar

      Natalie Johnston

      Should I worry that shipping isn't being included in the pledge manager? It said I had credit left over but I'm sure that was supposed to go towards shipping

    35. Bret Wortman 2-time creator on

      @Sophie, we had to trim our color choices down to 3 and aqua just missed the cut. If you don't want one of the other choices, email us at and we'll issue a refund. But we hope one of the other choices will work for you!

    36. Missing avatar


      Hi creator
      Same for me: I want to choose the aqua color but in the question 1, the only choices are pine/cranberry/royal. Can you fix this to allow all colors available in the add-ons section to be also available in the main choice question.
      Also, it is weird as I have pledged 20 USD and it says I have a 10 USD credit remaining - but not allowing me to add a second wrap assistant as add-on as add-ons are more expensive (15 USD each) than my pledge level (10 USD each)... could you please check and come back to us?
      Thanks :-)

    37. Samantha Laine

      The survey/poll link isn't working for me - the aqua is my vote.

    38. Bret Wortman 2-time creator on

      @Daniel Horter: Thanks! I wish I could do a factory visit and provide video & photos from there, but I'm sure I can talk someone there into snapping some images for me, at least. :-)

    39. Missing avatar

      Daniel Horter

      Thanks for the update. Following along with the design and manufacturing process is what makes Kickstarter fun. Thanks for sharing and keeping us in the loop. Happy wrapping.

    40. Karl Hedstrom

      Thank you for including the first stretch goal items even though we didn't hit the needed amount! This will be a great addition to your product.

    41. Bret Wortman 2-time creator on

      @Miguel Ponce De Leon Jr


    42. Miguel Ponce De Leon Jr on

      With regards to update #13- You mad genius!

    43. Bret Wortman 2-time creator on

      I've given that spec to our design team as they're working on the final designs as well.

    44. Bret Wortman 2-time creator on

      @Apit C L, Thanks for reminding me I need to add this detail to our FAQ!

      Our prototypes work on any table up to 1.5" thick, with a 1" overhang. For the rest of the world, that's 38mm thick, with a 25mm overhang.

    45. Apit C L on

      I have to say I like these projects because they are practical. One question I do have is will it work with any thickness of any tables? Or will there be a way to adjust the clamp to fit any table thickness? Elizabeth's idea of a stretch goal for a cutter would be great.

    46. Bret Wortman 2-time creator on

      @Judy Baker, good question! They work fine on our kitchen countertops which are rounded. I'll try to get pics of a side view on Tuesday when I'm back from a quick bit of travel.

    47. Judy Baker

      These Wrap Buddies are shown clamped to square ended counters. What about rounded, or bullnose granite? Will it hold as tight? Have you tried it? Thanks!

    48. Bret Wortman 2-time creator on

      @Elizabeth Baldwin, definitely stay tuned!

    49. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth Baldwin

      Stretch goal -one of the ends can hold a roll of tape. Possibly removable so cutting edge is not always exposed? Or a sliding cutter for the paper! Then you can still sell us blades!

    50. Bret Wortman 2-time creator on

      @ Genne Wiltrout: Glad to hear it!!!

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