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Humanity, desperate for new resources, left Earth centuries ago on a one-way trip in search of a new life... by Wicked North Games
Humanity, desperate for new resources, left Earth centuries ago on a one-way trip in search of a new life... by Wicked North Games
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    1. MysticMoon on

      I am finally reading through the book. I'll probably write a full review at some point, but in the meantime, I want to second everything that John Uzel said below. I can't say enough just how much those notes detract from the product. White space would have been far preferable.

      Also, color me intrigued on how you state you intend to approach your next KS. While I honestly feel a bit underwhelmed as to the quality of much of the work here (lots of typos, layout issues, poorly worded sentences, places with weak design, those terrible notes), there are enough things I *do* like about it that I am still glad I backed it. If you follow through with your promise for a better-run KS next time, you can count me as a backer.

    2. Brettski 2-time creator on

      As of today, I only have 12 more remaining to ship at the International Prospector level! @Adrian You bet! An invoice was fixed to your package before I shipped it out.

    3. Missing avatar

      Adam Everman

      Hi Guys, haven't received my book here in OZ has it been shipped yet?

    4. Adrian Klein on

      Please remember to fix the invoice on the putside of the package. Thank you in advance!

    5. Brettski 2-time creator on

      @canisPrime I've been releasing 10 to 20 books a week for our International Prospectors, as the International shipping prices have been steep! After today's shipment, I'll have 29 books left to ship out... Yours hasn't been shipped yet, but I'll make sure that it's included in today's shipment.

    6. Missing avatar

      canisPRIME on

      No book here yet in Auckland, New Zealand. Are these still being slowly shipped out a few at a time or should I be starting to get worried?

    7. Brettski 2-time creator on

      @Steve I sent you an email that has an Invoice attached to it. That may help you avoid those fees. Please keep me posted!

    8. Missing avatar

      Steve Ellis

      Gah- Customs are applying a £9.76 (and royal mail want another £8) as this is listed as Merchandie: Kickstarter rewards and not a book. I'm in two minds as to whether to pay it or not.

    9. Missing avatar

      Dylan Rogers on

      Victoria, BC here. The book and the dice look great!

    10. Runeslinger on

      Unboxing Westward (Prospector level):

    11. Runeslinger on

      I thought I had linked my unboxing here, but I didn't: Overall, from the comments those looking at the game are intrigued.

      As for the dice, they look and feel awesome, but what was the intention for reading them consistently? I feel like I am missing something obvious to everyone else.

    12. Missing avatar

      Mike Bollin on

      No Book yet. (I'm from germany). :(

    13. Wicked North Games on

      Well - once you have the book in your hands and determine the quality. That quality is 80% of my expected, personal standard. The next book workflow is aiming at meeting 95% or greater of my standards, so it WILL be better. I want to eliminate anything that feels amateur/indie from our products completely on the next go-around. Because of that, we are taking a much more restricted and conservative approach in overall development and doing more extensive writing, testing, editing, and design than ever before. Thank you for all of your continued support and patience with us.

    14. Runeslinger on

      I have received my copy in Korea, safe and sound.

    15. Casey Chou on

      Anyone in Canada received their books yet?

    16. Jon Stallard on

      Damned fine book. Worth the wait.

    17. Jason Childs

      Book arrived in San Diego, CA. Though you're only 80% satisfied, I think you're being a little hard on yourself. I think the book and dice are very well done. While I agree with Jon Uziel that the in-game voice notation would be better served by a handwriting font (or, better yet, a script font on a frame which resembles a torn scrap of paper), other than that I believe it is fabulously well designed. Kudos!

    18. Wicked North Games on

      Jon Uzel: That white margin issue is indeed a printer problem. We learned our lesson from this and will compensate in the future when working with this printer. You can actually count and find the printing pattern that causes the white outer margin as it appears based a number of pages and when the machine does the cutting. We had to accept this in the stage where we got the proofs because going back and getting the design to compensate for the cut would have taken probably several weeks of back-and-forth getting everything right.

      As for the margin notes: I've seen comments on that enough to where I will freely admit the idea was mine. We had to make a hard call about having people complain about notes (that were actually done using my finger on a touchscreen) based on an in-character voice, or having folks complain about too much whitespace. I voted for the former - though ideally we will never have this problem again. Our pipeline for the next book is as follows:

      step 1. Write the complete book
      step 2. Edit the complete book
      step 3. Get the book laid out into two versions: version 1: The Minimalist Game Rules, version 2: designed for artwork to go into place throughout the book like a normal game book. This gives us a distinct slate to use for getting art from our artists and a great place to establish a paradigm for affordable game development for a much higher quality product.
      step 4. Launch a kickstarter campaign to pay for all the artists and fund the printing of the book for anybody who wants one. I know that the next game is two-die only game, making it easy for us to automatically (and affordably) include dice with every game. I am working some sculptors on turning some of the concept and final art into miniatures for the game, and they may be selected add-on's at premium prices, depending on how many of these draw interest. We will be charging more for international and "larger" orders because heavier stuff costs more to ship.
      step 5: Kickstarter completes, pay the artists to start illustrating, email everybody that pledged sufficiently the completed no-art book immediately
      step 6: make books, order dice, ship stuff via the distributor to backers.

      That said: Westward meets about 80% of my personal quality standards. I aim to make our next project exceed my expectations, and hopefully yours, too.

    19. Jon Uzel on

      So looking over my Prospector stuff, just a few thoughts. First, the dice are incredible, great job there! The book is good too, though two things immediately caught my eye. First, the page cut is slightly off on the pages, leaving a bit of white on some of the page edges, likely something more due to printer errorerror than you guys.

      As I go through the book though, for the first time (I didn't get a chance to really review the PDF) the one thing that stands out is the notations on some of the pages. Is that supposed to look hand written? I assume its written in character from the wording, but honestly it not only doesn't add to the book, it detracts from it, and makes it look FAR more amateur of an effort. If you ever revise or print more, consider dropping that or have an artist hand write it, as it stands now it looks like margin notes made with MS Paint and just ruins the tone and feel of the book.

    20. Wolfy on

      Recieved my Marshall rewards this morning in Brisbane, thanks guys!

    21. Michael Ostrokol on

      My Prospector rewards arrived here in Dallas today. I'm amazed at how the dice came out. Or really, just the production values in general.

      Keep up the great work, guys!

    22. Jon Stallard on

      Prospector here in Richmond Virginia; got my box Monday! Brettski, this is officially the FIRST Kickstarter I've backed which has delivered a product. WooHoo!

    23. Witt Sullivan

      Prospector in Saltillo, MS. I got my book in yesterday. The pages are matte which is cool. The dice are brushed aluminum nickel, which is awesome! The quality of this product is great! I hope some GM-related materials are in the pipeline, like pre-generated characters and modules and stuff.
      It was worth the wait for a great product.

    24. Jeremy Whalen on

      I got my copy yesterday here in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I haven't opened the box yet as I am using the anticipation for motivation to get some work done on my projects. I hear the pages are matte... that makes me very happy!

    25. David Cummings on

      Hey, guys. I got the book and it looks great. The Dice are cool. I was thrown off a bit by the pages being matte finish, but I gotta say, now that I'm used to it, I like it better.

      I really appreciated the offer to work with me if my book was stolen (I got a bit nervous by a local news report about such things). Even if it had been, that isn't your problem but you still offered to help with that. That's the kind of customer service that gets rewarded. I can't wait to see what you guys do next.

      Thanks, guys


    26. Matthew McFarland

      Got my copy today, looks gorgeous. My girlfriend is presently looking through it oohing and ahing.

    27. Wicked North Games on

      I thought I should check in here and discuss the current situation. For the past month, all books were being shipped with the last of our remaining kickstarter funds and began shipping by paying out of pocket. I saw a lot of complaints about us going to distribution, so I want to address that... This was a strategic choice we made based on projected losses & potential total shipping costs. To continue affording shipping and fulfilling kickstarter pledge rewards, we wanted a steady dependable source to fund this process. Sending and releasing books to distribution domestically has allowed us to more quickly complete fulfilling domestic orders. As well, it provides us with an avenue for continuing to ship all remaining international backers, as shipping internationally, at the weight of the package is $35.00 USD on average. We learned our lesson with International Shipping costs killing the bottom line this time around. Please accept my apologies for not shipping faster than expected. If we can get any kind of profit margin in the next year on Westward from sales, my plan is to and attempt at still fulfilling the decks of cards, but I cannot make any promises since predicting how things will sell is very unreliable. I am also working on getting Westward into library systems, so it available for free to gamers who want to just borrow it.

      Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns you have:

    28. Andrew Walker on

      Prospector in San Jose, I received my book yesterday. Everything looks great. Thanks to all at Wicked North Games for getting it over the finish line.

    29. Missing avatar

      Rodney Hankemeier

      Prospector contributer in Iowa, I received my book and dice on Thursday, Dec 05. It was packaged great and arrived in perfect condition. The book looks great and the dice are awesome. Thanks to Wicked North Games for a cool rpg game book and great Kickstarter experience.

    30. Jason Childs

      Prospector in San book yet. However, I'm not worried about it. Should arrive soon, I'm sure.

    31. Arthur Santos on

      Got mine in Chicago area. Looks beautiful.

    32. Gilbert Isla

      Hold that thought, the GM screen was in the book and I just missed it! Looks great guys and the dice are nifty!

    33. Gilbert Isla

      Received my book and dice today, but did I miss an update saying we were not getting the GM screens as well as the card decks?

    34. Brettski 2-time creator on

      @David - I'll be posting an update for December soon. As of today, all the Domestic/Prospector Backers rewards have been shipped. If you don't see it soon - please email me and I'll let you know. If you're worried that someone may be stealing packages - again, email me - if you can arrange a different address and you don't see your package within a week from now (7 Business Days) I'll ship you another package to that alternate address.

      I have been shipping out International Prospectors now and then. Currently, I have 79 International Backers remaining. I'll be including this info in my next update. My email: - please contact me with any questions you may have!

    35. David Cummings on

      Prospector level... I know it can be frustrating to have a bunch of individuals ask for individual updates... but I'm going to do it anyway, cause I'm worried about someone swiping the book from my doorstep.

      Any way to find out if I'm still on the list to send out? Or has it been sent out already?

      I like what I see in the pdf, but I have a hard time with first read through on the computer. I use the computer to look stuff up more easily, but I need a book to actually read and get a feel for a game...


    36. Gary Hoggatt on

      Prospector in Los Angeles... nothing yet.

    37. Adam Fink on

      Just wanted to confirm that I have received my Prospector package here just outside of Philly
      Good packaging and the dice are really cool! The real trick will be keeping my kids from stealing them

    38. Chris Snyder

      SW Pennsylvania, Prospector Level - Got the book over Thanksgiving. Looks great, well packed. (Not trying to rub it in, just letting people know :).)

    39. Brettski 2-time creator on

      Patrick - I'm planning on posting an update soon, after this weekend's batch of shipments. Please see the note that I sent you.

    40. Patrick Ciraco on

      Any kind of an update to be expected soon?

    41. Brettski 2-time creator on

      @Likyam Yuam, @Manata - Please see my messages regarding your shipments!

      @Jason Paul McCartan - That's a very good idea regarding the Game Master Screen. Honestly, that hasn't been considered (I don't believe) - @WickedNorth - Hey man, what do you think about having the PDF of the GM Screen available? We could do that via a Dropbox link.

      Currently: I'm focusing 100% of my efforts on the remaining $35 Prospector Level Backers - I've got the remaining books packaged up, and I'm shipping books out the door every day. I apologize to those of you who we have offended with our distribution of Westward... we are very new to the way the system works. When we had Westward printed, we printed 1,000 copies and had broke them down into two separate pallets of 500 books. One pallet was shipped directly to me, the other went to our distributor. I delayed the pallet that went to our distributor as long as I was able to - but after x amount of time, we would have been penalized with storage fees. Again - I'm getting the last of the Prospector books out the door as quickly as I can, as its just me shipping these out... I'll post an update to this Kickstarter project page later this week, after Thanksgiving Day. Thank you everybody and to those who celebrate, have a happy Thanksgiving. Play some games!

    42. Manata on

      Indiana here. Still waiting but remaining hopeful for a holiday-ish delivery.

    43. Praemus on

      Mine came in the mail. In tact and well packaged. Admittedly, I'm a bit bummed distributors had priority over backers. However, I'm glad to have my book.

      Thanks again.

    44. Likyam Yuam on

      Oops, jumped the gun. It's being sold by Jetpack comics with $3.99 shipping at Amazon.

    45. Likyam Yuam on

      @Z Daniels, OMG it's being sold on Amazon! Like, right now with 2 day free shipping from Amazon Prime. This doesn't look good. Backers should have their copy first.

    46. Likyam Yuam on

      Anybody from Southern California got their copy yet?

    47. JD Figura on

      ON Nov 2nd - "We're 50% done shipping" -- On Nov 6th I wondered if all the orders had shipped. On November 12th, "We're 60% done" ---- I get it that you're just two guys and I personally want you to succeed. But its November 23rd and I've seen nothing. It feels to me as if you ran out of funds and are burning money from your own pocket to get these shipped. If that's the case, just say so. Otherwise, to people that have waited a very long time, it's completely frustrating to hear some of these stories. Just be honest about when it's ALL going to go out and all will be well.

    48. Jason Paul McCartan on

      Received my copy today! Looks fantastic. Quick question about the GM Screen - will backers be getting a PDF of the two pages in it?

    49. brumcg on

      Received mine today ($35 level, Indiana). Glad to put this one in the "Complete" column.

    50. Eric Coates

      Woot received the book and dice today excellent stuff!!

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