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A documentary film exploring the power of heroic stories & the inspirational impact of Batman.  HELP US FINISH! - A documentary film exploring the power of heroic stories & the inspirational impact of Batman. - A documentary film exploring the power of heroic stories & the inspirational impact of Batman.
1,010 backers pledged $54,820 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Mikki on

      I watched this two times already - i love it :)

      My question is - will it ever be able on netflix or anyother streaming service :)? I really would like to get my friends to see this legally :P

    2. Robert on

      Wow - truly inspiring. Great job!

    3. Øivind Rosvold on

      Watched the digital download this weekend. I must say, it was very inspiring and heartfelt. Truly great work! #wearebatman

    4. RDP

      Thank you Brett for what you did with this Kickstarter. I got my blu-ray yesterday and watched it and the passion from all the people that spoke just ran through my soul. They got the meaning of Batman, they understood. Everyone that was part of this incredible documentary, thank you. I feel bonded to my other Batman heroes in this KS, I never felt more that... WEareBatman.

      Best thing I've ever been part of and makes me now want to make my own mark, like everyone else has in Legends of the Knight. Thank you from that kid I was in the blue towel and batman shirt to the man who wants to make his own Batman path in his life.

    5. Rico on

      How do I send you a message to fix the spelling of my name in the credits? thank you

    6. Brett Culp Creator on

      Hi Ryan, We are adding the Kickstarter contributors soon! Currently, the website only includes the contributors from our IndieGoGo campaign in 2012. Thanks!

    7. Ryan Pereira on

      CONTRIBUTORS NAME MISSING on the website.

      I've backed the project but can't seem to find my name on the site.

    8. Brett Culp Creator on

      Fabulous, Aditya! Thanks for being part of "Legends of the Knight"!

    9. Aditya V Iyer on

      So finally it's happening to completion! Congrats to all! I also like some here joined kickstarter to support this film and supported some other good initiatives along the way too! :)
      Now waiting for the follow up, can't wait to get snap some photographs for the film! Still working on ideas which will show the spirit of it. WEareBATMAN!

    10. Brett Culp Creator on

      Hi Jesus, Thanks for the support! We will be working on screenings in the days ahead. We will let you know through our updates when plans are confirmed. WEareBATMAN!

    11. Missing avatar

      Jesus Gutierrez on

      I am so glad this got its full funding. A friend of mine joined Kickstarter just to pledge to this campaign. Do you have any plans on screening this, or possibly going to, at any conventions? I am sure there would be an in built audience already.

    12. Brett Culp Creator on

      Thanks so much everyone! The hard work to make an amazing film will continue over the upcoming months. I am so grateful for all of your support!

    13. jane ormerod-wilkinson on

      Just got the news, congratulations on a great kickstarter campaign, really looking forward to the film.

    14. Missing avatar

      Alan Zecca Jr. on

      Signed up for Kickstarter just to support this.

    15. Baldemar Rodriguez Jr on

      This is my first Kickstarter project to support. The trailer made me tear up. Looking forward to seeing the finished film. Good luck to you on completing this project and to your future endeavors.

    16. Brett Culp Creator on

      Hi Brian, Done! :-)

    17. Brian Leppla on

      Make a DVD + Shirt pledge. Please and thank you.

    18. Brett Culp Creator on

      Thanks, Andrew! I am super-excited too! Thanks for supporting "Legends of the Knight"!

    19. Andrew Peck on

      Keep wanting the time to pass for the project to be funded so I can watch the finished project sooner, can't wait!

    20. Brett Culp Creator on

      Thanks so much, Ben!

    21. Missing avatar

      Ben Yip on

      As a Batman fanatic diagnosed with cancer last year, the Dark Knight was an inspiration for me to push through everything and keep fighting. I completely agree with Kye's words at the end of your trailer and truly believe in Legends of the Knight's message. Thank you for making this film.

    22. Brett Culp Creator on

      The T-Shirt design is posted!

    23. Brett Culp Creator on

      Thanks, Austin! Coming soon! We are working on it. :-)

    24. austin hartman on

      I'll raise my pledge if I can see the tshirt design 1st.
      I know I'm not the only one with that in mind.

    25. Brett Culp Creator on

      We are working on the design now! We will let you know what it looks like ASAP! Thanks.

    26. Adam Wells on

      Will we get to see what the "We Are Batman" shirt will look like before the end of the drive? It would really help in deciding what tier I want to settle on

    27. Brett Culp Creator on

      Ish, If you find out his secret identity, let me know! ;-)

    28. Ish Rahman on

      Do you have time to fly to the UK for an interview with this guy? Haha!

    29. Brett Culp Creator on

      Hi Ish, Pretty wild, huh?

    30. Aditya V Iyer on

      Great thanks! See you on the next webcast!

    31. Brett Culp Creator on

      Hi Aditya,
      We will be in touch after the campaign ends with all the details for sending your image.
      As long as your image is G-rated & connected to your love for Batman, I'm sure it will be great!

    32. Aditya V Iyer on

      For those who backed with 250$, when and where do we send the photograph(s?)? And what kind or nature exactly do you need?

    33. Brett Culp Creator on

      Hi George,
      Thanks for the feedback! Hope you will let Ralph know about our film!

    34. Brett Culp Creator on

      Hi Batmann Leong,
      Thanks for asking!
      The Reward levels from $50 to $150 come with a Bluray, plus ONE additional cool Reward. The $200 reward is a combo of the rewards from the lower tiers.
      So, the $100 level does NOT come with a t-shirt.
      Have a great day!

    35. Batmann Leong on

      Question, do the $100 pledge level also get the shirt?

    36. George Gaspar

      You guys have to interview Ralph Garman from KROQ, and Hollywood BabbleOn. No Batman story would be complete without him in it! He's a great Batman story!

    37. Brett Culp Creator on

      Not So Far, Thanks for the feedback. We will keep it in mind.

    38. Brett Culp Creator on

      Hi Seung Lee, That's a good question! Let us put our heads together about that.

    39. Not So Far East on

      Thanks for responding. I'm Russian. Well, i know i'll understand every word anyway, maybe after 100500 rewatching but i will. Subtitles just can help to simpify it, probably it's only me but i hear much clearer when i know what people saing. Plus you know find new word in dictionary easier when you know how to right it correctly.

    40. Seung Lee on

      Is/will there be a way to get the behind-the-scenes and extra stuff from the Blu-ray anywhere else? I unfortunately don't own a Blu-ray player (or know anyone who does in my immediate area for that matter) and I'd love to get a hold of them

    41. Brett Culp Creator on

      Not So Far East, At this point, we aren't planning for subtitles, but we will consider it. What is your native language?

    42. Not So Far East on

      One request if possible: can you make optional subtitles? The reason is i'm foreigner and my English isn't too good, verbal speech is very hard to understand for me, reading is much easier. I'm sure i'm not the one here whos native language is not English and some of backers hope for subtitles too.

    43. Brett Culp Creator on

      Thanks, Daniel. We are having a great time!

    44. Daniel Hour on

      Not sure I could call myself a true Batman fan if I didn't back this. Bravo and good luck!

    45. Adam Jay on

      AWESOME to see that you are doing so well !!! You have our support :)

      Adam -

    46. Brett Culp Creator on

      Thank, Andrew! Together, WEareBATMAN!

    47. Andrew Alexander Reid on

      I am so pleased the goal has been reached for this wonderful project already! Brett Culp, thanks so much for believing in the fans and letting the fans be responsible for this films completion! It means a lot to myself as I'm sure it also does to every single backer of the film! I can't wait to see the finished film, as the trailer is amazing enough! I think a HUGE well done to all the fans, and the people who are creating the film with Brett as we speak, is well and truly in order, so WELL DONE EVERYBODY! Now lets see how much further we can push this film by sharing it with everybody in our life! :)

    48. Brett Culp Creator on

      Thanks for the thoughtful comments, Dina, Not So Far, & Brock! It's been a fabulous 3 days for everyone on this project!

    49. RDP

      Another huge Batman fan here and an inspiring KS I found. I'm proud to be part of all the other Dark Knights pledging for this film. WE are BATMAN! (ignore my profile pic lol )

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