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Superscreen gives you the benefits of a tablet with the power and convenience of your phone.
Superscreen gives you the benefits of a tablet with the power and convenience of your phone.
Superscreen gives you the benefits of a tablet with the power and convenience of your phone.
18,184 backers pledged $2,542,045 to help bring this project to life.

iOS Demo!


Hello Backers!

First, quick announcement: We did it! We hit $1.5MM with almost 13k backers! This is an amazing moment for the campaign, because together we reached a goal that you all requested as your #1 feature upgrade. I will post another update very soon regarding the next stretch goals, because I wanted to keep this very important iOS update separate. I also want to give any backer who has not already, the opportunity to give their feedback on Superscreen features by taking this 30 sec survey.

Now onto what everyone has been waiting for. Here is the first demo showing iOS functionality.

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Replay with sound
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Things to note:

1. This demo is using the exact same hand built prototype that is used in the Android demos on the main page. 

2. In this first iOS iteration, we started with very basic haptic functions which allow us to show the page with an extremely high lag. 

 3. With more time, we will iteratively blend in coordinates to make for smooth haptic functionality so that lag in the production units will be non-existent. 

 4. Unlike Android, you must first unlock on your iPhone and select the Superscreen app to initially sync. However, from there you have the ability to drive your iPhone. 

5. The software sync that you see is not the final version that you will see in the app. Software is being finalized this month as shown on the timeline on the main page. 

6. We are still working around the clock to update the iOS software. We will release another video this week showing our advancements.

Other campaign notes: 

 As mentioned in our previous update, we are going to officially shut down the Early Bird pricing tier on Monday 4/3 @ 12noon EDT. A single Superscreen will move to $119 + $29 international shipping. 

Prices for the Super Pair will increase to $238 and the Small Bundle will increase to $476.





*Promotions Ahead*

Note: A way for us to grow our campaign is by engaging in mutual shoutouts with other awesome campaigns. If you are not interested in advertisements, feel free to stop reading now! These promotions help us hit our stretch goals at no extra cost to us or you :)


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    1. Missing avatar

      Leon on April 14, 2017

      @Dee Abson… I noticed that he is getting his technology very wrong here- I thought he was reasonably experienced and informed within this field so Brent wouldn't get his terminology so long. I think it's probably just him being misinformed and not just trying to mislead backers on purpose though. It doesn't fill me with confidence however that he can't even distinguish between haptic functionality and touch screen controls- maybe he isn't as experienced and trustworthy in this field as I thought. Never mind.

    2. Missing avatar

      Leon on April 14, 2017

      Ugh that was very, very laggy. I wonder how on Earth they will improve it to reach the zero latency they claimed in the marketing material- I don't see this happening to be honest. All they have specified is 'patent pending' technology which is very generic. This doesn't fill me with confidence. Brent didn't seem to have any enthusiasm like in many of his other videos- although Jon Rettinger from TechnoBuffalo still praised the passion in Brent's eyes, somehow. Lol. The Superscreen app wasn't demonstrated either so you could just be using AirPlay with a small software overlay with touch controls over internet connected apps only. That would rule out a lot of apps- which I think Brent has to remind his backers as I don't think many understand that many apps won't be compatible with the Superscreen- even if many devices will be compatible. I'd also like to see the home button being used or if it isn't working yet at least an acknowledgement of this issue. With so much latency games and many other applications would be close to unusable- I'd like to see a proper typing demonstration with the current Superscreen prototype. No matter how poor it is backers would understand, we just want to know more information about the project instead of not knowing these details.

    3. Serge Ecoiffier on April 4, 2017

      @Alicia & Audra, ... : +1 The creator does look disappointed, to say the least. The demo itself is disappointing as well. It could be just a slideshow since the images seen are all in the album ...

      Being tired is part of running a campaign, especially letting it run way over the initial goal. That pressure is self imposed. Could of let the campaign a little high and then just do pre-orders for after delivery to backers instead of bumping the 'early bird' reward level. Should of done a 2nd 'early bird' at a slightly higher cost, start making a few extra dollars to cover unexpected costs.

      50k would of been ~500 SuperScreen, backers a test market. Backer might of been able to build by hand. He seems to have done a great job with the first prototype(s). Then you come back with SuperScreen 2.0 from the lessons learned with the first release.

      Of course, it's all easier said then done no matter which way anyone slices the situation.

    4. Alicia & Audra
      on April 3, 2017

      Agreeing with Ari J. Markenson. This video is not inspiring at all. You act like you are upset you had to make it. I love backing kickstarter projects because of the ambition and enthusiasm I see from the creators. They show the passion they have for their project. The functionality of the screen was very disappointing and it looked like you cared nothing about it. Too bad. Thought this project had potential.

    5. Missing avatar

      Mark Needham on April 3, 2017

      Superscreen is also supposed to be compatible with the Apple Pencil, which would be useful. I think the progress is impressive. As an owner of 2 Android phones, an iPad 2 and an iPad Pro, I appreciate the usefulness of being able to link more than one device. This feature will be useful to me at shows I attend to be able to share my database and merchant account. Inevitably, of the three networks I use, one will provide better service, so Superscreen will allow me to have dual access to the strongest signal.

      And guys, read thoroughly, it's not an either/or proposition, both Android and iOS will work with the same Superscreen, just put the appropriate app on your device.

      For my part, I would rather see black bars rather than fill the screen with stretched images. There are a lot of aspect ratios out there. This is no different from having black bars on your TV while watching a really widescreen movie.

      Will there be the ability to double-click a virtual home button for iOS to be able to access apps running in the background?

    6. Missing avatar

      Ari J. Markenson on April 3, 2017

      The iOS video is less than inspiring, I really hope the final product performs better or I just threw money into the garbage. The iOS demo clearly shows that the screen is not fully utilized, i'll be pretty disappointed if that is what we end up with.

    7. Missing avatar

      Benito Fernandez Torres on April 3, 2017

      Here hoping for eventually to see the full screen being used when it finally gets right and not with so much screen black as that would be a subpar experience.

    8. Missing avatar

      Thomas offersen on April 3, 2017

      you look tired. Maby take a day off.

    9. Marsha Tyszler
      on April 2, 2017

      @Superscreen, I've believed in your ability to make iOS devices work with Superscreen, but it's definitely comforting to see an actual demo even if it's rather barebones. Many backers are skeptical due to bad experiences with claims other campaigns made and couldn't deliver, but I hope they'll give you the benefit of the doubt now that you've posted this much. I'm sure you'll post more iOS progress as work continues, and I'm looking forward to seeing it all! :-)

      @all, the latency isn't concerning to me. Bear in mind that Android development is well ahead than iOS (I'm willing to bet that Android had major lag when they first began working on it too!). If you read the entire update, it explains that the iOS latency issues will be resolved as development continues. Remember that Apple makes things difficult, and the fact that Superscreen just proved it's possible to use their device with iOS devices is HUGE -- yes, there's lag and things are basic now, but it'll look more like what you're seeing with Android (and likely even better) by the time Superscreen ships. I have confidence in this team to make it happen.

    10. Missing avatar

      euny k on April 2, 2017

      The reaction rate is much slower than I thought.
      And it is regrettable that you can not utilize the whole screen.

      I hope this part will be improved enough.

    11. Dee Abson on April 2, 2017

      Nice to see the beginnings of iOS support.

      You keep mentioning haptic functions, however you have not yet demonstrated haptic, only touch. Could you confirm if Superscreen will have haptic support, or just regular touch support? After all, haptic is the _sense_ of touch. For example, vibrating in response to touch. Haptic is _not_ touch by itself. I'd be thrilled if Superscreen actually had haptic support, but I'm expected it to only have touch.

    12. Geoffrey on April 2, 2017

      It looks like you are able to launch apps within super screen on IOS. Did you originally state that you would have to open them on your phone first? Am I correct in understanding that you were able to overcome this issue?

      That's encouraging!

    13. Missing avatar

      Lloyd D. Allanach on April 2, 2017

      I already ordered mine as a backer, and I hope when it is time to ship I will not only have a colour choice but be able to order the Android version. I also hope it contains speakers and volume controls.

    14. Missing avatar

      Fabio Schettino on April 2, 2017

      Does the IOS version will be a full screen on SuperScreen ?

    15. Vijay Venkatesh
      on April 2, 2017

      Compared to android why there is latency in IOS is it because of Iphone can't take so much data transfer?

    16. Missing avatar

      Da Silva Frederic on April 2, 2017

      There is lot of latency

    17. Pierre Vella-Zarb
      on April 2, 2017

      It looks like the iOS version is a mirror screen whereas the Android version has different scaling/resolution/orientation ability. Will the iOS version allow a different view than the mirrored screen?

    18. Missing avatar

      Darius Zaerin
      on April 2, 2017

      wtf are you both on about? read the campaign page or the FAQ, if you can manage it.

    19. Missing avatar

      Sylvain blackburn on April 2, 2017

      I am android now c ant i cancel or what

    20. Missing avatar

      Sylvain blackburn on April 2, 2017

      I am android so now.....
      What c ant i do

    21. Missing avatar

      Yolanda smith on April 2, 2017

      Can u watch movies on it and play games listen to music