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Superscreen gives you the benefits of a tablet with the power and convenience of your phone.
Superscreen gives you the benefits of a tablet with the power and convenience of your phone.
Superscreen gives you the benefits of a tablet with the power and convenience of your phone.
18,184 backers pledged $2,542,045 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Kevene L. Harris
      3 minutes ago

      I would like a refund please!

    2. Hollower about 1 hour ago

      I wonder why Brent can't connect himself to his account to post his update and need Arnold Guerrero to do it.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jason Kessel about 2 hours ago

      Neil H,
      Well said! Being late is one thing, but being vague and showing zero proof this thing even exists is another. I asked Brent several technical questions that were never answered. I asked these questions long before the 14 month delay was announced. I re-asked those technical questions AND my concerns about the project delays and potential refund. All I ever got was crickets. Every update since the delay was announced has been pure vapor. We got a rendering of a package design! Wow! That sort of thing is easy to fake. We got a demo video that looked really sketchy. We have never seen any photos of the test units or the beta production. I call BS on this guy.

    4. Missing avatar

      ALBERT WILKINSON about 6 hours ago

      Well some update same f%$king shit just worded differently. You use the word enthusiasm well I'm not enthused anymore tired of the BS refund my money!

    5. Neil H about 7 hours ago

      @Peter Tosi and @David Reedy - people aren't so much bitching about it being late, they're mostly bitching about updates that show nothing at all. None of the concerns that have been expressed by backers have been addressed, and people are actively being ignored. People backed a project, sure it's not guaranteed, but are you really trying to say that backers should not hold the project creator to account for their actions? That's ridiculous. I'm lucky I went down to being a $1 backer when the concerns were first raised and not addressed. So many others were not lucky enough to spot those concerns before the project closed and are now stuck with nothing to show for it except some vague statements about progress and outright lies about "community support". I'd be pissed too.

    6. Missing avatar

      Fred Rosete about 8 hours ago

      All I see is fluff. Blah, blah, blah maybe maybe no guarantee.
      This project is the reason I will not back a Kickstarter project ever again.

    7. Mario Sarno about 10 hours ago

      Yet another update and still zero proof that anything is being produced. Why is there NO photos of the production line or any photos of these beta units that are being/been produced?

      The July update last year said that test units were being rolled off the production line but they didn't have time to take photos. So since July 2017, has there STILL been no time to take photos of absolutely ANYTHING related to this project?

      I hope these mystical backers who have been "offering outpouring of community support" will push Brent/Transcendant/whoever to offer any form of evidence that anything whatsoever is happening with this project!

      Brent - just a photo mate please of the test tablets that have rolled off production, just ONE photo would do for now.

    8. Missing avatar

      Iain Kerr
      about 13 hours ago

      Our intention is to have these shipped out to our Beta Group during on April 30th. Based on hitting this testing milestone, we expect, though of course cannot guarantee, that we will be in a position to ship devices to all backers by our goal of December 2018.

      Do I get a refund this time if you don't

    9. Björn about 13 hours ago

      The one thing that pops out is how many times he thanks the community for their support and helpful comments. This has to be irony at least. This comment section and probably most of the mails he gets at this point has to be pure hate and refund requests.

    10. Missing avatar

      Ezio Romani about 14 hours ago

      Brent, I hope you have to spend all the money to heal you.
      How long can you f..k around?

    11. Lee Ashcroft
      about 15 hours ago

      You don't respond to comments you don't keep people regularly updated just long-winded messages full of false promises this project is long overdue I personally have tried to contact you at least three times asking to cancel my pledge and make a refund as I do not believe you can keep up with the trends and changes in technology when I first back this project it was with the understanding already had this technology into place and needed help more with the manufacturing costs side of it promises were made for December 2017 and now you're asking people to trust you till 2018 I'm sorry but I for one have lost all confidence could you kindly go ahead and proceed with the refund kind regards. lee

    12. Missing avatar

      attesza about 16 hours ago

      I still haven't got the product. Why???????????

    13. David Reedy about 19 hours ago

      @Peter Tosi... thank you! Finally a comment of reason and logic. :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Stéphane Dutil about 19 hours ago

      BLA-BLA-BLA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    15. Missing avatar

      about 20 hours ago

      The original goal for this project was $50,000 and was to deliver in December 2017; add almost $2.5 million to the original goal and it is now to deliver in December 2018 (and at this point no manufacturing has occured).

      The only reason this project hasn't already been called is they still have money to burn through; once that is gone, we will all get the "sorry, but things just didn't work out" update.

      I hope that is not the case, but Brent certainly isn't helping his cause with these pathetic updates.

    16. Peter Tosi about 21 hours ago

      I've backed more than 90 projects on Kickstarter and only 2 have failed. But nearly every project has a bunch of nut jobs bitching about the project being late and wanting a refund. We'll kickstarter projects nearly always run late and kickstarter isn't a shop. You're backing a project not a finished product. Sometimes they fail. So do us a favour and stop bitching.

    17. Missing avatar

      Dena Hildebrand about 21 hours ago

      This is my third request for a refund!
      Please contact me or I will be having my attorney contact you.

    18. Missing avatar

      Thorsten about 21 hours ago

      There was a category for beta testers 199 USD - following the statistics nearly 200 people have chosen that.
      If that all are friends and family - I don‘t know - let’s see and wait.

    19. Gerry Key about 21 hours ago

      It would be nice if the developer could actually be on here to answer questions. I have a few technical questions.

      But, unfortunately this form is an overflowing outhouse of whining from people who don't understand crowdfunding or tech.

    20. Gerry Key about 21 hours ago


      Being part of the beta team was something that one had the opportunity to purchase during the campaign.

    21. Gerry Key about 21 hours ago


      I think you're right that tech projects have more risk. That's why one also shops for a development team as well as a potential project. It also helps to know something about technology.

    22. Rob 2.0
      about 21 hours ago

      @Andre Dias - I continue to support tabletop gaming and artbooks as I have gotten a great many success from them. I think there are too many tech idea projects that just can't or won't work. Also, doesn't hurt to check out creator history, many of them have several KS success under their belt, which lets you know they will deliver. None of this has really changed me much, I have always tried to do as much research as possible on anything I buy before spending my hard earned money. (it's why i ended up changing to $1 here)

    23. Rob 2.0
      about 22 hours ago

      I love seeing people come in here talking about Dec 2018 as if this is the first they are hearing of it. It's no wonder this thing got so much support despite all the repeated failings during the campaign run. Others have said it many times, but this has been one of the best $1 I spent.

    24. Kevin about 22 hours ago

      This is the greatest Kickstarter Scam to date! Thanks Kickstarter for making this possible. The fact you do not have any method to contact you other than an automated email response, shows exactly the type of unprofessional, unethical, and deceptive business you are.

    25. Missing avatar

      Nathan about 22 hours ago

      Does that update mean that they may not have them shipped by December?

    26. Missing avatar

      Stephen Yip about 22 hours ago

      Why am I not selected as beta tester? Who are the testers? Is there any tester show up here to verify it is not fake?

    27. Missing avatar

      Mark Allan Ching about 22 hours ago

      When you launched the campaign it was stated that shipping is December 2017 not 2018. By the time it reaches my country, it would already be 2019, in which, by that time, your product may no longer be applicable or there would be other brands locally available.

      Please refund our money.

    28. Giovanni Pandolfi about 22 hours ago

      You are delayed just a little, for a whole fking year!! Refund, refund!!

    29. Giovanni Pandolfi about 22 hours ago

      I want a refund asap!!

    30. mike comrie about 22 hours ago

      Good idea that is likely not going to happen. I no longer back any projects on Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

    31. Missing avatar

      Niels Spieard about 22 hours ago

      Please share the list of beta users to show this is for real.

    32. Michael Jones about 22 hours ago

      You bunch of robbing cunts. December fucking 2018? Give me my money back wankstains.

    33. Luigi about 22 hours ago

      My last campaign backed on Kickstarter.
      And it's all to Superscreen campaign: well done!
      See you never, Kickstarter.

    34. Missing avatar

      Jeff Kastner about 22 hours ago

      The most worthless developers/campaign that has ever hit Kickstarter. You guys should be beyond ashamed for stealing everyone's money.

    35. Missing avatar

      Kim Vellore about 22 hours ago

      I have seen a similar scam of buying time by saying shipping to beta testers in a project here by the name tailio. There were updates on bugs and bug fixes from feedback from beta testers for another year before the scammer disappeared. In reality there were no beta testers.

    36. Missing avatar

      Andre Dias about 23 hours ago

      After the Superscreen campaign, I lost my trust in Kickstarter and as such have not invested in a new project since. I’m not sure what is legal or not legal, based on their terms of service, but am sure that I feel uncomfortable doing business with them going forward based on this experience. I’m just wondering who else has refrained from backing other Kickstarter projects based on this experience? In my case I’ve held back on 4 projects. If you have a moment please post on how your Superscreen experience has influenced your Kickstarter buying behaviour as I think this is important for kickstarter to know.

    37. Mario Sarno about 23 hours ago

      "I've been humbled by the outpouring of community support and I am greatly motivated to hit our product development and business growth objectives. "

      What forum has he been reading???

    38. Missing avatar

      Thorsten about 23 hours ago

      Well lets see if some of the beta testers will give us an realistic feedback about the product in May.

    39. Missing avatar

      Kim Vellore about 23 hours ago

      After looking at the current update, looks like the created has not read any comments here. Kickstarter enables this scam.

    40. Hollower 1 day ago

      2012 Kickstarter's Terms of use, The return!

    41. Missing avatar

      KOH WEE KEONG 1 day ago

      Refund. Enough said.

    42. Missing avatar

      miguelmena01 1 day ago

      I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use: 

      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill." 

      I demand a full refund for my pledge amount

    43. Missing avatar

      D 2 days ago

      Also, after talking to my cc company, they have a restricted 60 day policy. I let them know December was the expected delivery date and we received the delay notice in late November. which still falls inside the 60 day window.

    44. Missing avatar

      D 2 days ago

      I've contacted my credit card company and requested a fraudulent claim, they are in the process of investigating and I'll be showing the updates with the initial delivery date and lack of info.

      I would suggest other who want a refund or other legal action contact their credit card companies so they can go after the charges. The more it hits Kickstarter directly the more likely they will start take bogus claims seriously.

    45. Missing avatar

      4 days ago

      @ Lars Ekstrom - found this online....

      Transcendent Designs, LLC is an Arizona Domestic L.L.C. filed on October 29, 2015 . The company's filing status is listed as Good Standing and its File Number is L20441530.

      The Registered Agent on file for this company is Blume Law Firm PC and is located at 11811 N Tatum Blvd Ste 1051, Phoenix, AZ 85028-1654. The company's principal address is 11811 N Tatum Blvd Ste 1051, Phoenix, AZ 85028.

      The company has 1 principal on record. The principal is Brent Morgan from Phoenix AZ.

    46. Lars Ekstrom 4 days ago

      Does anybody know more about the creator, Transcendental Designs. As a company they must have a legal structure, file accounts etc.
      Their accounts should show if this is a scam.

    47. Missing avatar

      5 days ago

      What they should have is a post-campaign survey where backers can rate the creator on various categories (timely delivery of rewards, communication, etc., kind of like the seller ratings on eBay) and have those stats available for future campaigns so backers can easily see who is worth backing and who is not.

      Won't help much with respect to first time creators except to point out that they have absolutely no track record of success...

      Every project I have backed that did not deliver or provide a refund was a first time creator - they all simply vanished after taking the money. A couple of creators provided refunds when their project failed, but they were both folks that had successful Kickstarter campaigns in the past (and probably will again in the future).

      Given that Brent doesn't provide answers to any tech questions, maybe he could provide some insight into how the money has been so far to assure us backers that there indeed are enough funds to complete this project given the 1 year delay. It would kind of suck to have him get to the point where he gets the product nailed down but runs out of money to produce/ship it to everyone that backed his project (had this happen on one project, he ran out of money and almost 2 years later the creator is still working to provide rewards to everyone).

    48. Kevin 6 days ago

      I feel that Kickstarter is using deceptive marketing practices by claiming that projects like SuperScreen are successful. They were successful in hitting their funding goals by deceiving people out of their money, however they are not successful in delivering a product.

      Seems very unethical to me. I would love to see the actual number of delivered products vs successfully funded. I bet it’s extended low.

    49. 燄玥黎顛 6 days ago

      Hello, i'd like to apply for a refund.
      please contact me at, thanks.

    50. Missing avatar

      6 days ago


      What’s the update ?

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