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Superscreen gives you the benefits of a tablet with the power and convenience of your phone.
Superscreen gives you the benefits of a tablet with the power and convenience of your phone.
Superscreen gives you the benefits of a tablet with the power and convenience of your phone.
18,184 backers pledged $2,542,045 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jason Kessel just now

      Based on the beta feedback, best case scenario we get an Android tablet that automatically scans the apps on your phone and shows you the website for those apps. Basically nothing like the product we all backed.

    2. Missing avatar

      about 1 hour ago

      But the Tjeker website doesn't even really explain what DSPLY is; looks more like like Brent is in CYA mode and trying to convince everyone that delivery is really going to happen before the end of the year.

      Question is, what exactly will be delivered?

    3. Missing avatar

      Julie Merring about 1 hour ago

      I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."
      I demand a full refund for my pledge amount.

    4. Missing avatar

      Jason Kessel about 2 hours ago

      Refunds huh? Yes, I also wonder if that applies to KickStarter pledges because after hearing the beta reports along with the fact that I now have an iPad, I no longer want or need this weird funky Android tablet that seems to do nothing special.

    5. Mark Newland about 4 hours ago

      Seeing the tjeker website is a positive thing. It makes it appear that a product of some sort is coming. Anything is better than nothing.

    6.   about 5 hours ago

      @Christina Jurasz-Kischka

      As per their website:

      Or the archive, in case they change it:

      "Ships December 15th, 2018 or 100% refund
      * If not satisfied with DSPLY for any reason return within 10 days after shipping and 100% money back guarantee."

      I hope the money back guarantee applies to kickstarter purchases, as I want to return mine already.

    7. Missing avatar

      Christian Jurasz-Kischka about 7 hours ago

      Is there any new roadmap? Any news for a new delivery date?

    8. Missing avatar

      Mansoor Seikh 2 days ago

      I'm not sure why people didn't back out from supporting this project when there were too many warnings posted. I was able to change to $1 pledge (just to get an update on this project), I also had reported to KS before the end of the campaign and this is what I got in response.

      "Hi there,

      Thank you for contacting us about the Superscreen project. Kickstarter’s Integrity Team is responsible for enforcing our rules about projects. A core part of the team’s work is reviewing all of the reports about projects that we receive from our community and asking creators to address those issues. In the case of the Superscreen project, the team reviewed reports about the use of off-the-shelf hardware for the prototype, the initial absence of an iOS demo, and issues with latency. The team also considered the creator's comments, updates, and videos responding to these concerns.

      In its current state, the project complies with our rules regarding hardware prototypes, as well as our general project guidelines. But it’s important to note that while we require demonstrations of core functionality, Kickstarter doesn’t evaluate claims made by creators or assess projects for their viability — it’s up to backers to decide what's worth funding. We always encourage backers to do their own research before pledging. And we thank the backers who have contacted us about this project. Reports from our community are crucial to the work of the Integrity Team and to the health of our system."

    9. William M. Grace 2 days ago

      I invoke my rights under the Kickstart terms of agreement to have my money returned or product shipped ASAP

    10. Missing avatar

      Leonus Tan
      3 days ago

      I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."
      I demand a full refund for my pledge amount.

    11. Missing avatar

      Jason Kessel 4 days ago

      That stupid thing is, once you report a campaign to KickStarter, you can no longer report it. At least, not in detail. This platform is so stupid. They should just be honest about their policy up front... "You are on your own!"

    12. Apes a Poppins 5 days ago

      The best part being is the legal technicalities the fulfilment via Tjeker LLC creates. Anyone who receives the order via Tjeker LLC technically has not had their order fulfilled by Transcendent Designs LLC, this opens an interesting can of worms.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jason Kessel 5 days ago

      Chris, nothing surprises me about this fiasco any more. SuperShady since day one.

    14. Missing avatar

      5 days ago

      What did Brent do only 5 days after this campaign ended?

      Tjeker, LLC filed as a Domestic in the State of California on Monday, April 24, 2017 and is approximately one year old, as recorded in documents filed with California Secretary of State.

      I guess it is safe to assume this was all part of his plan from the beginning.

    15. Missing avatar

      Kenichi Aoki 6 days ago

      I’m moved to new living from register adress
      How can I inform you guys?
      Please instruct thanks

    16. Missing avatar

      Phil 7 days ago

      I'm reading this comments section every other day. This project is worth so much more than the 1 dollar a payed ;-) ... best crime thriller for me.
      My 2 cents about the current state: Surprisingly the device exists! Either there's a company behind Mr. BM or he is doing it really by himself, but some things where planned like this from the beginning - i.e. founding a new company at a certain point, to which most of the money can be transferred, letting this KS projekt die right after reaching beta-stage. A bet!
      BM seems to have a long history about founding and ceasing companies. I guess he has learned how to make money out of this kind of "work".

      About the device: This thing is so crazy. No one will ever buy it! During KS campaign it looked like BM was faking some sort of screen mirroring using samsungs technologie. But at least it was screen mirorring. NOW!: I don't know about IOS, but this Android DSPLY app has tons of permissions. It seems like they are reading out every app-input on the DSPLY, send it to tjeker-servers, which forward it to your phone to accomplish the same action there. This is NOT screen mirroring but app-action-doublication and it can massively SPY your ass out. Ha! Plus both devices need fast internet access. And ... it will never work the way it should.

      Last but not least. There must be a way to take BM to court. As it was mentioned already, none of the backers signed a contract with a company called Tjeker.
      This is so thrilling.

    17. Missing avatar

      Celina Lam 7 days ago

      Kickstarter is a platform for the scammers

    18. Mr Nygard on

      @Kevin - the Superscreen I got looks a lot like the Onda V10 Pro. The specs line up very closely if not identically, except the one I got was white not black. What I would like to do is just figure out how to load an Android OS on the thing so it is at least usable for something.

    19. Kevin on

      I wonder how custom of a design the super screen hardware really is? Does it look at all like the design concepts? Is it possible that it's just a white labeled existing cheap Chinese android tablet? The reason I ask is perhaps this is all part of the scam that protects Brent from being prosecuted for Fraud. Deliver a 25 crappy android tablets with some half baked app and pocket the rest of the money without fear of legal ramifications. If it is really custom hardware then I'm more willing to believe that he's really trying to build something and that he was just lying about the actual real capabilties and how far he was really along in the design/build process. Not good, but at least he was trying to deliver something.

    20. Brodie Doane on

      Anyone know if it is still possible to get our money back?

    21. Elba Stevenson

      Because the funds went to Kickstarter, the card issuer would charge back Kickstarter. It would be up to Kickstarter to try and recover what they can.

    22. Apes a Poppins on

      @Chris I am unsure how that would work, but depending on debt recovery they may sell the debt off to someone to recover. I suspect they would go after whoever the payment is made to, so it would be Transcendent Designs LLC.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jason Kessel on

      Thanks Apes, your strategy sounds exactly like what I had in mind. However, reporting this to IC3 is another step I hadn't thought of.

    24. Missing avatar


      @Apes a Poppins - sort of a stupid question here; if this works and a refund is granted, would the credit card company then go after Brent or would they go after Kickstarter (who would then have to go after Brent)?

    25. Missing avatar

      Tommy on

      @Apes a Poppins . Thanks , that sounds like a decent idea to try.

    26. Apes a Poppins on

      @Jason Kessil Let me explain, by setting up a new company this changes the nature of agreement, you agreed to back Superscreen under Transcendent Designs LLC, not backing the creations of a new entity Tjeker LLC.

      There has been no mention of Tjeker LLC in this Kickstarter by the creator, this mean he is in violation of the agreement for fulfilment. This is why there has been no communication, this would expose himself to liabilities around changing the terms of the contract without consent.

      You entered into an in-kind agreement with Transcendent Design LLC based on information posted by Morgan. No where was there an amendment for updating the contract or terms.

      If you want a refund you will need to do the following.

      1) Lodge a report via your local anti cybercrimes organisation (e.g. ACORN (Australia), Action Fraud (UK), ICS (China), Europol (Europe) or IC3 (USA); and there are many others you can make a report.

      2) Email David Psutka and CC in Enquiries directly requesting for a refund since there has been no delivery and the terms of the contract had changed without your agreement.

      3) Contact your bank, state your the purchase was a problematic and you haven’t received anything. They will require evidence so attach a link to all SuperScreen URLs, Kickstarter reference, emails sent to David, your case number via the report, etc… The better information you supply the higher the propensity for a refund.

      4) Explain to your bank you backed Superscreen from Transcendent Design LLC, the company no longer exists (use their site as reference). What is now the case is DSPLY by Tjeker LLC, thus not the same thing as you backed.

      This constitutes a “bait and switch” scam and changing the nature of the contract you entered, this is most important point you can make. You backed Superscreen what is now being “created” is DSPLY from a completely different company with an apparent year delay without gurantees.

      5) Using the evidence, contacts, condition of contract had been changed and fact there has been no delivery this should be enough to adequately prove you have been scammed. Most countries statute of limitation for theft / scams is 5 years some are 7 years.

      6) A refund should be made to the account or card where the purchase was made when the case is resolved.

    27. Missing avatar

      Gregory Grosh on

      Sending emails to the new company name gets no response. Kickstarter's small print is NO money back for any reason. Although outright fraud might get their attention. Had a beta unit for two week and NO pairing to Apple iPhone X at all and no info on how to proceed. If they can't get a handle on 200 betas what are they going to do if/when they ship to all backers?

    28. Missing avatar


      @Gerard - have you (or anyone else) received a fully functional Superscreen/DSPLY yet? Of course not; if and when that actually happens I am sure the "red flag" team as you called them will be happy that this panned out for all of the backers.

      Regardless of how this ends, the creator has done a terrible job of providing timely and relevant information, or answering any backer's questions in a meaningful way.

      I hope this ends well - otherwise Brent has managed to piss away over two million dollars of other people's money.

    29. Apes a Poppins on


      @Gerald I understand your point, where people are frustrated is from no communication and delays. Would you call 12+ months delays, no communication from the creator, and mediocre feedback from betas who received their device as successful?

    30. Mario Sarno on

      @Gerard we're right here and posting frequently, do keep up sir.

      Are you suggesting this thing is a success? Have you read the comments and forum posts?

    31. Missing avatar

      Gerard on

      Where are all the people who were gloating about removing their pledge and calling everyone names for sticking with this?
      The "red flag" team. I'd like selfies of the egg on their face.

    32. Apes a Poppins on

      @Captain Steubing thank you for posting, for interest's sake is the "mirroring" laggy and have you tried it paired with iOS devices?

      @Jj I am taking the assumption it's using a highly modded version of Android, if that is the case the device should be flashable with vanilla android. From what people are saying it seems to have 10GB of storage.

    33. Missing avatar

      Pete on

      Does anyone have a Samsung S7 that stays connected? The DSPLY app on my phone keeps stopping everytime I try to do anything on the tablet. This is starting to be a glorified tablet for reading email and reading books on the Kindle App. Everytime I try to launch something that is not a Web app and needs to "MIRROR" my phone, the app crashes.

    34. Missing avatar

      Jj on

      @Captain Steubing I see the pics but not any videos. Am I missing something, are they there? It appears to be more of an alpha than a beta release. We appreciate the posts.

    35. Missing avatar

      Michael W on

      I can't get past the bars on the opening screen! The QR reader doesn't do anything. Anyone any ideas on what to try next?

    36. Captain Steubing on

      See my below post, I received my beta device yesterday.

      Initially I tried to set it up with my OnePlus 5, and it was a total disaster. I'm now setting it up with a Samsung Galaxy S7 that I factory reset.

      So far it works better with the Galaxy S7 than the OP5. When I open any of the phone's built in Apps like settings etc. it does screen mirroring. It didn't do this on the OP5.

      Here's the pics and videos that I just did.

    37. Missing avatar

      Jj on

      @Apes a Poppins
      If VNC Viewer for Android can be installed and operate properly that looks good for some of the Superscreen promised functions. Does DSPLY have Android installed? Does it's CPU Etc fully support the Android os? That would be great if it does.

    38. Apes a Poppins on

      What would be amusing is if people get onto the Google Play store and rate 1/5.

    39. Missing avatar

      Marco Wishart on

      I never got mine so I give it a 0 out of 10

    40. Kirk Huber on

      They changed the name to distance themselves from their original intention.

    41. Apes a Poppins on

      @Jj a factory reset on both devices...

    42. Missing avatar

      Jj on

      WHEN you go to the below link the first review appears to claim that they have got their unit working after doing a factory reset.

    43. Jrod Enriquez on

      Can someone provide a link to download the superscreen app. Thanks

    44. Apes a Poppins on

      If/when I get the DSPLY I'm going to flash it and hopefully put VNC Viewer for Android on it...

    45. Apes a Poppins on

      @Mario Sarno that is a very good point, it also explains why Morgan has consistently avoided direct technical questions that had been raised by backers months ago, and the consistently vague or specious updates. Managing expectations with limited information that give him cause to deny a changing product, he doesn't have to take ownership since no-answer is his answer.

    46. Missing avatar

      Rudschen on

      Is there someone from the company reading these messages and responding to them? If the product is not close to what we pledged for, then legally there must be a way for us to get our money back, right?

    47. Missing avatar

      Tony Taylor on

      I have a 50" tv screen to mirror too, who needs this crap? The product seem's to have changed from what a first signed upto.

    48. Gordon Gochenaur on

      How do I confirm you have my correct shipping address? Thay is supposing the product is real and will get shipped sone day.

    49. Captain Steubing on

      I was quite surprised that a package arrived today with a SuperScreen/DSPLY. Packaging is quite nice, but the physically the unit leaves much to be desired. I'm glad I bought my MediaPad M5 a few weeks ago.

      Mario Sarno: The only thing that is remotely close to mirroring is when I launch WhatsApp. I get a black screen on the SuperScreen/DSPLY and swiping on it causes movement on the phone screen.

      Most apps seem to just be going to the mobile web page with the exception of a couple like Amazon Music, Amazon Alexa which seem to have some dependency on the phone.

      Is there a consistent/persistent discussion forum anywhere?

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