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Superscreen gives you the benefits of a tablet with the power and convenience of your phone.
Superscreen gives you the benefits of a tablet with the power and convenience of your phone.
18,184 backers pledged $2,542,045 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      JW 1 day ago

      Any updates?
      Are we going to meet that timeline?

    2. Missing avatar

      Shawn Saleem 1 day ago

      I need a refund please. Please contact me ASAP. Me and my wife are expecting. :-)

    3. Missing avatar

      David Etengoff 1 day ago

      I must admit that I am getting a bit nervous. I am not sure of the date of the last email contact - but it has surely been awhile.

      Everyone writing here is a bona fide supporter of the proposed product. As such, I am respectfully asking its developers to provide us with a substantive update that depicts the product's progress. Thanks so very much.

    4. Missing avatar

      jose javier casado flores 2 days ago

      Did you guys think on using your technology to build a VR headset?, imagine a VR headset without cables, with but without your phone, with more screen resolution than your phone, enough to make it realistic.
      It is just a thought.

    5. Jeremy Mahon 3 days ago

      I'd like a refund of my pledge. This is nonsense. Dude runs to China with $2MM, never to be seen or heard from again.

    6. Missing avatar

      Graham 4 days ago

      Just changed my phone. Hoping this will work with new HTC UI. Will we get list tested phones Superscreen worked with.

    7. Missing avatar

      Hubert on June 15

      @Lex Baer yes, might be wrong, but I can predict I will perform quite bad (but I have good faith in the Jelly, backed one also)

    8. Missing avatar

      Vivitory on June 14

      when shall i fill my address

    9. Missing avatar

      A. El-B. on June 12

      You will never know it before you ask. Everyone can write to an Newspaper or Onlinemediagroup.
      You can ask if the intressted to make an review for free or payied, or you can make an advise as review. In europe you have next to the article the hint its an advice if the paid it themselve.
      So the only way if to ask the newspaper or onlinemedia when the show this article/review and if it is an advise or review and its paid or not. If you get an clear answer you know if the see any product or some components from it or only make an Interview.
      For me its looking in the campaign for an advice for the campaign to get more money for the project.

    10. Missing avatar

      Lex Baer on June 12

      June 12, 2017: Just funded on Kickstarter: the Jelly Smartphone ($79) has a 2.45" screen with 240 x 432 pixels, but is powered by 1.1 GHz processor, 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of ROM, with Android Nougat installed. Could you predict how well that might work on the Superscreen?

    11. Missing avatar

      on June 11

      SInce all reviews were written prior to the end of the campaign (and therefore prior to Superscreen being completed) would it not make sense that they only reviewed what this product "will eventually be" rather than "what it already is"? If it were already built it would already be in production, right?

    12. Missing avatar

      A. El-B. on June 11

      This is it exactly you try to copie my words and use i against me. Sorry a troll replies faster then me. You negative Campaign the backers can watch down. For normal humans is no need to explain what you are doing. Like a replieng is fast like an Bot.

      @Serge Ecoiffier
      Nice you replyieng my words too. I never say i am from a Company like Apple or Google. Where did you found this. I just say that you and the rest of the negative Campaign have nothing.
      And yes i am a technican. Not all must work only in biggest Companys but people like you startin negative Campaign and Hatepost against Founder should be shown that the have no glue or idea what ahit they are talking.
      And for your silly post most link will dissapear after Months in Newspaper. Because the World doesnt stand still for haters...
      And yousing a picture on a Website is helping vs Bots and Emailcrowler. If you cant protect an Website then use a picture. Ask real proffesionales, they can explain it to you in your language!

      And for the rest,
      of usless negative comments, Brent never says he produce every Device himself. He says clearly that he will let producing it. And serious Companys can handle such job pretty fast!. In europe many companys outsourcing production to china so they have experience and knowledge. I hope you do not believe the use farmers on production, or?
      And an email 2 month later proof nothing, or maybe just less time for it. So more time for development! And Serge, why do you not ask the Newspaper directly? Write them an email, do not to try technical complication for normal doesnt help! Ask them if you want to know when and what the write about SS!

    13. Missing avatar

      Glenn Fredrich on June 10

      Superscreen Creator please ignore the haters who obviously have way too much time on their hands in order to be so verbose in their criticism. I am reserving judgment until after I've received the final product!... Trust that at that time criticism and/or praise will be provided liberally!!

      Please give us a product update after you read this comment.... Thanks!!

    14. Kevin on June 9

      @Dean Kirkpatrick Depends on your definition of fraud. I suspect the creator will deliver something, but I highly doubt they will deliver what they promised (not even close). I believe it's just going to be an Android tablet with a couple extra speakers. Based on the number of claims they made and the lack of information they have provided, it's highly probably they can not achieve their said goals. Stating IOS compatibility and not providing any evidence on how they will or can support it knowing the limitations imposed by Apple = 'Huge Red Flag". We all accepted the risk, some of us more than others. However I believe this will be another black mark on Kickstarter's reputation.

    15. Dean Kirkpatrick
      on June 9

      Thanks for all that have posted their concerns. We all accepted risk, but witj $2million I think this will go through. A few people are alluding to fraud, and that would be illegal. I doubt that is the case. I am excited for this product.

    16. Peter Wiegersma on June 9

      What is the status of this superscreen. My daughter in hospital is waiting to use this product. Her sight problem demands using big screens instead of regular phone screen sizes. She can't wait! I would love to see her smile again and to see her communicating with her friends again. Thanks in advance for the update.

    17. Missing avatar

      Tony nguyen on June 8

      Need help in buying another superscreen

    18. Serge Ecoiffier on June 7

      As anyone try to find the quotes from the media found in by Google'ing them ? Being quotes, placing them in quotes should give at least results : the, the respective media publisher.

      I tried the first few. For most Google didn't even find the page ... because it is image of text ! You can't even cut and paste that text to help you do the search.

      New York Times - not found, even just looking for text in bold

      USA Today - not found, even just looking for text in bold

      Cult of Mac - FOUND. They also say in their opening paragraph : "a team of designers and inventors from California are HOPING to change that." .... "But there’s a catch. Superscreen isn’t available just yet" ! The article was written when there was only 200k$ pledged - ie, the first few hours of the campaign... The few comments left by their readers point to the issues "trolls", "nay-sayers", ... have mentioned from the get go here.

      Huffington Post - a SINGLE result not even from their web site. But the article also quotes the same (bold) text. Asking Google to list all results brings a slew of others refering to the quoted text from Huffington Post. Unfortunately, some removed their respective page (!) I did find the Huffington Post page where the quote was taken from. Oh, oh: "This post from the Huffington Post Contributor Platform is no longer available on our site." Two bad signs here: it was only a CONTRIBUTOR page not an Huffington Post article and the Huffington Post actually went and took it down. The article had, based on the URL found, the title "Superscreen knows that your table is useless". searching for that text gives ... nothing with that very sentence, a quote.

      Entrepreneur - not found, even just looking for text in bold

      ZDnet - not found, even just looking for text in bold

      Engadget - not found, even just looking for text in bold

      CNN - not found, even just looking for text in bold

      ... the trend is not looking good here. Except for the Huffington Post CONTRIBUTOR post - for all we know at this point it might of been written by the creator or one of his devoted followers - none of the quotes seem to be actual quotes.

      Mind you, the page doesn't say they are quotes. It says "Press mentions" ... a slight twist of terms wisely chosen apparently.

      Would you want to point to the article where the "mentions" are taken from. You know, prove the sources, show the dates (a time line of 'success' and media support, etc. After all, some "troll" is bound to come along and check if they are true or made up. What is your thought ?

      Why bother make a graphic out of all that text anyways ? It gets so small when scalled to a tiny smartphone screen. A responsive format, like the rest of the page does, would move & adjust things to better use the host screen without making the reader pinch and pan screen. Wait, this might be an other way to prove the utility of the Superscreen ...

      How is the development of the Superscreen itself going these days ? Anyone with news, be reliable or not ?

    19. Serge Ecoiffier on June 7

      @Neil H : exactly.

      To put things in perspective, the simple thank you email, promised for "March 2017", was sent/received May 30th, 2017. A delay of two months if we think 'end of March' but three where we thought it be sent in early March. When will a yet to be finished physcial device with nearly impossible features (ex: iOS support as per campaign) be delivered to many thousands of individuals across the globe ? On time in December 2017 ? There is much doubt about that ... especially with no updates planned by creator for several months.

      Yes, the product is a great idea/concept with a certain value. At 99$, it's easy to fall for... My wallet was almost open on first read of the campaign. Retail price is much too close to some very good existing tablets able of running apps native. When December rolls around pricing / options will likely be even better and not in favour of the SuperScreen, especially if no signs of progress or life is received through out the waiting time.

      Good luck to all who "bought" a SuperScreen. Remember, this is crowdfunding, you did not buy a product. You risked a few dollars for a great idea/concept and hoping to get a reward for having taken the risk. Rewards are sometimes slow to come, think potentially years !! A few might not be anything like what you thought they would be ... While others are per their campaign in every way. Yet, some will never show up, the hard earned money risked being lost in the process along with grief, maybe anger, on your part. This is not a store where an item can be refunded, returned or exchanged at will. What you get as a reward is what you eventually receive - potentially nothing.

      As for me, I finally received my "special thank you". Unfortunately, a very short thank you ... kind of hoped for more given the three months delay. Maybe a special coupon to get single SuperScreen at 99$ in the new year, after all others are delivered. You know, just to say: it's a success afterall, here's your chance to redeem... that could of been a fantastic marketing move for selling an extra few units "at near cost".

    20. Missing avatar

      on June 7

      According to their own timeline they should be testing the "production final prototype" in June - I expect some sort of update should come in the next couple of weeks.

    21. Neil H on June 7

      @Seth Hanon, the "trash talking" has come from people who have, from what I have seen, said that they would love for it to succeed as they are genuinely interested in a product like this. However, there is a lack of confidence based on unanswered questions and that's where the negativity comes in.

    22. Seth Hanon on June 6

      There is SO much trash talking and negativity about this project. If it succeeds, I'll be curious to see how those same people react.

    23. Missing avatar

      Mike P on June 5

      According to the latest update, the surveys (including color choice, shipping address, etc.) are currently scheduled to be sent in the 3rd quarter.

    24. Missing avatar

      Nick mcfallo on June 5

      When is the emails going out as for what color of case we want also our addresses to ship to.

    25. Missing avatar

      Antonio Formoso on June 4

      I hope unlike Samsung, Superscreen would have options for book covers, folio or accessories like a pen that would work with it.

    26. Missing avatar

      Olivier Zottegem
      on June 3

      with so many people worrying, a deadline pushed back to (holidays-at the most optimistic) why the is there so little reaction????.......if we're all nagging throw us a bone that'll last till santa comes.....i don't know but if a real sign don't come soon......a refind option should be offered for the ones wanting out,it would be the correct thing after collecting2.5M.........but please prove them wrong with some REAl stuff…i still believe but i need to see roswell pretty soon....

    27. Missing avatar

      Jason Kessel on June 2

      Yeah, blurry photos and pixelated logos at the bottom of the page leave much to be desired...

    28. Neil H on June 2

      Those mockups on the page leave me slightly confused - the phone fits 4 apps across, but the superscreen has 6 across. Where did those extra 2 apps come from? How did it decide what to put there? It might make more sense to me if the ones from the next line were perhaps pushed up to fill the space. What's going on?

    29. Missing avatar

      blongdon on June 1

      @Antonio...IF one were to "mirror" an Android home screen would one not expect to see the Android status bar at the top of the is part of the Android home screen?

    30. Nick D. Clements
      on June 1

      I just had a thought, would/will peripherals work through the super screen? e.g. I have a little endoscope that I can plug into my phone. Could that be plugged into the Superscreen?

    31. Missing avatar

      Barbara Sawyer on June 1


    32. Missing avatar

      on June 1

      Just out of curiosity - did anyone requesting a refund received it ?

    33. Antonio Bray on June 1

      Wow, just took a look at website. Great mockups on front page. Pay special attention to the Android Status Bar at top of "StuperScreen".

    34. Missing avatar

      Barry Hurst on May 30

      @stuart Just add +1 to whatever time period that they give you. Should have update in one more week. This is known as transcendent time.

    35. Missing avatar

      Barry Hurst on May 30

      Just got my Thank you. Schedule showed this was due in April. Schedule has slipped over a month in a one month period. Superscreens will now arrive December 2018 based on this slippage. Will they be compatible with IPhone 9? ;)

    36. Missing avatar

      Stuart on May 30

      @Transcendent Designs, Whilst I am sure you are busy working out the fulfillment, technical development, troubleshooting, and construction, surely a 5min update to your backers is not too much ask especially after stating we would get an update last week. Maybe you should appoint a part time communications director to handle such requests ? This has been the MOST frustrating project I have backed so far, and with such a large sum of money at stake ($2.5M) one would assume communications would have taken higher priority.....

      Please show your backers a little love here please. After all without us, you would be in the hinterland of good ideas, with no backer(s)....

    37. Adrian Martin on May 30

      Are you in for a dollar, or in for a superscreen?

    38. Adrian Martin on May 30

      I think you got more than a dollars worth of space on this comment board :)

    39. Missing avatar

      on May 30

      Just got my "special thank you" email (I think)...

      Transcendent Designs says:
      Thank you so much for your support!
      We appreciate you and all of our backers to this project. Every dollar counts, and its people like you who make these projects a reality!
      Thanks you for your support in our project!

    40. Marco de Graaf on May 30

      Woooohooooo!!! got a second one (thank you mail) just a few minutes ago! Two identical personal thank you's from Brent himself all for just one dollar :-)

    41. Marco de Graaf on May 30

      @ Serge Ecoiffier got it in my kickstarter message thingie.....

      Transcendent Designs
      May 27 2017
      Report spam
      Thank you so much for your support!
      We appreciate you and all of our backers to this project. Every dollar counts, and its people like you who make these projects a reality!

      Thanks you for your support in our project!

      Just ask Brent and he will typ you a message right away............. ;-)

      That's a dollar well spend, probably i am one of the few people who actually gonna get something for their spended dollars!

    42. Yirkha on May 29

      The update has been posted on
      Including full specs of the device from the 16:10 display size to the size of a delivery cardboard box.

    43. Serge Ecoiffier on May 28

      #Marco de Graaf (2 days ago) :"Woooohooooo got my $1 email !!!!"

      Just searched my entire mailbox, including all folders, and nothing at my end ! There is some 1000+ 'special thank you' emails to send out ... it might take a while. Imagine how long it will take to ship out the 16,000+ SuperScreen - a physical item which needs to be manufactured, tested, packaged, and shipped out in December. Hopefully the creator will have hired lots of elves to help him out.

    44. Serge Ecoiffier on May 28

      @creator / Transcendent Designs (6 days ago) : "@stuart - there will be an update this week."

      The week (7 days) is almost over ... some of us are seating at the edge of our seats expecting fantastic news, even a brand new video or two.

    45. Serge Ecoiffier on May 28

      @A. El-B. "you are not an technican. You are not working at Apple or Google in Development. You are not involved in technical standards development used by most companys." Apparently ... you are. I doubt very much given the statements you are making so far.

    46. Adrian Martin on May 28

      Kolja, A.El-B.,

      Get a room!

    47. Missing avatar

      on May 28

      It's almost June - according to the timeline. the prototype should be done and software loaded; testing time! Looking forward to the next update!!!

    48. Kolja
      on May 28

      @A. el-B

      Hahaha, you my friend are unbelievable. You constantly insult other people. That makes you a troll. And you do it so much I gave you the honour badge of The troll, which I changed to El Troll in alignment with your name. If calling you the troll is an insult, than I'm trolling you. I've called you nothing else. You've called me and others many crazy things. Which you may, you do have freedom of speech. But at least be a man about it and say that you're insulting people. Wear the honour badge with pride.
      Note that I've not insulted you this time. I can step over this petty behaviour. Can you?

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