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Superscreen gives you the benefits of a tablet with the power and convenience of your phone.
Superscreen gives you the benefits of a tablet with the power and convenience of your phone.
18,184 backers pledged $2,542,045 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Michael Francis about 7 hours ago

      I am a backer and the one thing I wish for most are stereo front facing speakers. I am tired of electronics that expect you to listen to muffled out sound or wear earphones.

    2. Missing avatar

      Peter Hassard about 12 hours ago

      I like this idea. Also had a look at that reddit post. Understand how everyones a bit sceptical but theoretically it does seem possible. Even if it helps a few aspects like drawing, typing, and displaying with coherant sound. I think it would be a great first edition project.

      I'm on android and can see the problems of IOS. Hope Transcendent Designs produce a great project and wish them all the luck in completing a project we've all backed!

    3. Serge Ecoiffier about 18 hours ago

      @Adrian Martin : got plenty of those around. In fact, from time to time, I even 'mirror' my phones, tablets and notebooks to the one in the living room (oldest, biggest TV in house). The others are either Smart TV (have their own Android), hooked up to an AppleTV (thus can 'mirror' at least few parts of iOS) or wireless 'mirror' the living room TV's HD 'signal' (using 'old' technology).

      I tend to multitask : can watch TV and be on computer at the same time. Not unlike walking and chewing at the same time.

      Something like the SuperScreen would allow to 'mirror' the smaller screens unto a larger one on the go. We just have to hold our breath for at least an other ... 5-6 months : shipping of the 'beta testers' and 'alternative' reviews. The bulk of us will have to hold their breath for at least 8. I am patient, I"ll wait for the commercial release ... or the competition, which ever comes first.

    4. Missing avatar

      Adrian Martin 1 day ago

      Oooooh.... I've just seen Reddit, and now I'm feeling my post was a tad hasty. Yep, agreed there's enough to need some prompt answers from them....

    5. Juliett Mike 1 day ago

      @Adrian to be fair several of us have known this project is a scam due to the multiple, various, provably false claims it presents.

    6. Missing avatar

      Adrian Martin 1 day ago

      Wow... hadn't read any comments since campaign finished... surprised how the mood can change so quickly...

      Where did all the scam chat come from? Because they've been quiet for one whole week ??? Take a chill pill everybody - yes, there is a risk with any KS project, but to start the scaremongering and hysteria after one week is ludicrous

      Read a book, talk a walk, binge a few box sets, whatever settles your nerves....

    7. Missing avatar

      Adrian Martin 1 day ago

      @serge, I think you need a tv. :)

    8. Juliett Mike 2 days ago

      Serge give the creator some breathing space, poor guy is working 24 1/2 hour days coding up speaker drivers.

      These thick Multidimensional Urethane Polymer Package Elastic Transmission Speakers eat up a lot of code.

    9. Serge Ecoiffier 2 days ago

      @Chris :

      The last update, dating back to April 21st (2017, we might need to keep track of the years) does say : "We will be launching a new website for improved communication and interaction with the Superscreen project in May, along with other social media sites for cool interaction."

      May starts in a few days and lasts 31 days... So give the creator and hand picked collaborators, including error prone KS Collab, some breathing room. They bought themselves about 31 days with that last update of theirs.

      Oddly, they already have a few web domains. Check creator's profile here on KickStarter and at his LinkedIN profile, amongst other publicly known web sources, for some of them :

      transcendentdesigns dot com
      superscreen dot io

      Including at least one already existing social media presence :

      facebook dot com slash thesuperscreen

      They had these since the get go. Backers can do a 'WhoIs' on the web site domain name and confirm when it was registered as well as, normally, by whom.

      Transcendentdesigns dot com was registered in 2004-07-14 (!) for 20 years, which makes it still good for an other 7 years (or so). Although an other WhoIs shows expiry to be in 2020 not 2024. The registration details, like addresses, are NOT locked... But was updated as recently as 2017-04-27 17:48:31.

      The Facebook page has a first article publish date of ... January 19th (2017).

      Superscreen dot io is hosted by Shopify (Ottawa, Canada) and gives a street address in Arizona for the domain owner. The rest of info is locked. The expiration date, however, is : "02/25/2018".
      Why was superscreen dot io only registered for a year ? Maybe the denied trademark was in a pending status ? This would make sense. But the domain and name 'SuperScreen' is still used apparently as the main site for SuperScreen.

      It will be interesting to see what happens on February 25th 2018 ... Everyone should of received their SuperScreen by then. No worries to be had.

      A reverse WhoIs search, you figure out how to do that, does show a slew of other domains tied with "Brent Morgan", noting there could be many individuals with this name. Note, however, a bunch of other domains pertaining, most likely, to the SuperScreen :

      superphonescreen dot com registered on 2016-09-10 which, according to host is "parked".

      superscreenphone dot com registered on 2016-09-10, shows title : "Superscreen – Supercharge your phone with a 10.1″ HD display by Transcendent Designs - Kickstarter" and bounces back to superscreen dot io. A common marketing practice - try to register as many alternatives to capture as many people doing searches on web. Some companies will even include typos of their names.

      superscreen dot us registered on 2017-03-13. Which also bounces to superscreen dot io. By the way, there are some 19 other TLDs (ie. Top Level Domain) for 'superscreen'. The few i bothered to check have nothing to do with this campaign or its creator. Thus a difficulty in trademarking name or future marketing, for example, in related countries. If the target marget is different, it should fly; people "can't" confuse 'SuperScreen" for screening gazebos with this campaign.

      Along with a bunch of others relating to some of our creator's other patents (pending or not, or signed off to others).

      The great news is the creator is once again EARLY in his delivery schedule ... He, or is collabs, just didn't get around to release the respective update which will automagically be sent to each backer... that's scheduled for May anyways.

      Mind you, the superscreen dot io web site no longer sends people back here, pointing visitors to their Facebook page and giving much details as well. Don't mind the few 'typos' (no one seems to be double checking and it is probably still an early beta anyways).

      Strangest, this public web site claims : "No Wi-Fi or data signal is necessary. Superscreen uses a private signal".

      What do you mean no "data signal' is used ? Even if it's 'a private signal', there's some kind of data passing through it. Otherwise, why even bother having any kind of 'signal', private or other wise ? And just how are the 97+% of existing smartphones capable of using this 'private signal' for communications with the SuperScreen ? What kind of fairy dust is being used to replace the 'signal' and 'data' typically used when two of anything need to communicate ? This worries me, and should worry any backer.

      And, in passing, there is ALREADY a patent GRANTED, way back in 2006, for a SUPER SCREEN MOBILE PHONE - kind of close to this campaign. Check out Google Patents for 200520068942. It's oddly enough, a Chinese patent which was filed back on 2005-02-03 ... which lapsed about 4 years later (2009-04-29) due to non-payment of the annual fee. The aspect to retain : 2nd screen to a mobile phone (itself in this case).

      I am a backer. I like the concept of the external screen for the smartphones, or any device But I have a tough time believing the marketing material being presented in this campaign. As such, I have limited my pledge to the minimum allowed by the campaign: 1$. A show of support for the idea/concept, but a lack of confidence in the execution shown thus far, even if an early beta - or alpha - prototype / proof of concept. This allows me to express my comments, like any backer, regardless of pledge level. The creator is in no way obligated to have a 1$ reward level. Just as he generously made all pledge levels at only 99$/unit for the first many thousands backers, of a 50K$ funding goal. A clear indication the intent was to SELL much more than 505 SuperScreen rather then try to make the concept fly for later mass production ...

      Having had such a success here on KickStarter with an old idea (check out BlackBerry PlayBook, circa 2012?), the creator is free to stroll over to some other crowdfunding facilitator and give other go at the tablet which is not a tablet pinata as a "pre-order", or use his web sites to do so... Catch being that the KickStarter backers should remain first in line for deliveries. This has been proven - with other campaigns by other creators, even here in KickStarter, as not always the case.

      Disclaimer :
      Sorry, apparently we are not allowed to support our comments with links to other web sites. You will have to Google/Yahoo/Bing/... on your own. After all, it is up to each backer to do his/her due deligence before investing. Remember, contrary to KS Collab's claims of 6 days ago that backers will have "every opportunity to change and customize your order", crowdfunding is NOT a store ! He should of used the word "PLEDGE" not "ORDER". Being a Kickstarter member since only the month of April 2017, after the start of the SuperScreen campaign, with NO backers project, NOT even SuperScreen (!), the error could be overlooked. But it isn't the first .... nor will it be the last. Even the creator had to correct his newest collaborator at one point: shipping as a 'gift' to avoid the customs/duty fees ...

      interestingly, the creator has looked up my LinkedIN page ... only 4 days ago. I was muzzled by KickStarter patrol at that time.

      Maybe I should of done what one backer thought I did : have multiple KickStarter profiles, each with a 1$ pledge to this campaign and play "good backer, bad backer" to keep right to post my comments. But that is not in my ways of doing things, I do have principals which I stand by ...

      Given the deafening silence, I, like many other backers, remain doubtful about this campaign ...

    10. citiboi
      2 days ago

      @Trevor Mitchell - That is really the right attitude to adopt for crowdfunding. A backer making a pledge must be prepared to lose the sum pledged. If he is not prepared to lose that sum, he should not have pledged in the first place. If he is prepared to lose that sum, then he will be able "to forget it for the time being and then be pleasantly surprised when the mail man delivers your new toy."

    11. Missing avatar

      2 days ago

      @Serge - I am sure the next update will occur if/when this shows up on another crowdfunding site or they get their own website running - frankly a bit suprised they didn't have it up when the campaign ended given the marketing teffort they put into this.

    12. Serge Ecoiffier 2 days ago

      Testing ... 1 ... 2 ... 3 ? Taking off the muzzle, listening to the deafening silence.

    13. Missing avatar

      Trevor Mitchell 2 days ago

      Money is pledged, I think the best option is to forget it for the time being and then be pleasently surprised when the mail man delivers your new toy. :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Jason Kessel 2 days ago

      @Simon Hinz, read the FAQ. Yes, the screen will be dark. On Android the entire phone will shut off. On iOS, they will simply dim the screen to 0% to save the battery. Not ideal but it is what it is.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jason Kessel 2 days ago

      I think my comments are taken out of proportion. I am still supporting this project. Sure, I have been leery all along (except when it first launched with solid iOS claims) but I stuck it out. My whole point is they can't go dead silent for two months after the campaign ends or a lot of us will be pissed. @Juliet Mike is right, it is easy to get refunds from CC companies, contract or not. Part of why I stuck it out is because the "contract" creator promised communication. @Trogdor, I'm fine with KickStarter. Yes it's my first time, but I'm learning. It will be interesting to see how this all pans out. As the old saying goes, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

    16. Missing avatar

      Simon Hinz 3 days ago

      As I can see in the current beta builds: the phone has to be in active mode and I see the actual mirroring all the time. As I can imagine this sucks down the battery of the phone quiet fast - are there current efforts on being able to mirror the phone in lock screen/dark screen as well?

    17. Juliett Mike 3 days ago

      Credit card companies reverse charges for almost anything these days. I run an online shop as a side business and do everything I can to keep my customers happy, including reply to their queries in under 48h. If not I can expect a reverse charge and Ebay/Amazon/Stripe etc will side with the customer.

    18. Trogdor
      3 days ago

      Maybe KS is not for you - it's not a bad thing -- this is not for everyone.

      It is rare you get hand holding here and communication can be sparse. To be fair, the creator hasn't even received the funds yet and IF they are moving to build these things they have more tasks than doing the updates every few days.

      In the majority of projects I doubt, given what you've written, you'd get enough communication to make you feel comfortable.

    19. Andy Sutherland 3 days ago


      You were wary for weeks - I understand that and agreed however I don't know how you can ask a CC company to reverse an agreed upon contract simply because you feel ignored now. Good luck, I guess!

      I'm not at all surprised the Brent and his travelling collaborator road show have gone quiet.

    20. Missing avatar

      Jason Kessel 3 days ago

      Think about it, if we haven't gotten answers to key questions by that time, that would be really suspicious. All one has to do is call their credit card and tell them you suspect this is a scam and they will refund the charges. It's not always about "delivered goods". Maybe I'll give them until end of June to give us answers though. Give them benefit of the doubt ya know. If they haven't given us clear answers by then, everyone should probably worry. Trust me... I'm not freaking out (yet). I will say... at this point, we are all simply speculating and talking among ourselves in this comments section. I doubt the creator of collaborators will chime in.

    21. Andy Sutherland 3 days ago

      @Jason Kessel

      What is there to dispute? You haven't been defrauded (yet). The creator has not failed to deliver your product (yet).

    22. Missing avatar

      Jason Kessel 3 days ago

      @Adam, don't hold your breath. Ever since the campaign ended and the last update, it's been nothing but crickets. I can only hope they get their new website up soon so we have a place to communicate as they promised. I'm giving them until the end of May to answer my questions, then I'm calling my credit card to dispute the charges.

    23. Missing avatar

      Adam 3 days ago


      Could the creators please respond to messages sent directly to them?


    24. Bas Horneman 3 days ago

      @Sohail. It is possible. Superbook gave refunds for a certain period. It is up to Brent if he wants to give refunds.

    25. Missing avatar

      Roma 3 days ago

      @Sohail, you don't get your money back. This is not a store.

    26. Missing avatar

      3 days ago

      @Caleb - My "superior coding" comment was meant to imply that Brent's app would defeat whatever roadblocks exist in the Apple system (not that Apple would be so impressed with his app that they would approve it). Sorry, I should have stated this more clearly.

      It will be interesting to see how this ends up with respect to Apple since it was billed as being compatible.

    27. Missing avatar

      Sohail Mirza 3 days ago

      If there is change of mind on my pledge, how would I get a refund?

    28. Missing avatar

      Trevor Mitchell 4 days ago

      @Jorge, I purchased in the uk and it clearly said the price was xxx USD.

    29. Dale Clough 4 days ago

      As a Pilot Tester, will we have updates and information sent via email as you approach September shipping?

    30. Missing avatar

      Joan Braithwaite 4 days ago

      Will Superscreen be compatible with Kobo and Kindle readers as well? Thanks.

    31. Missing avatar

      Deborah Lally
      5 days ago

      @Roma...on point...touche

    32. Jorge Cotto 5 days ago

      Sorry but I thought the pricing shown to me in Canada was in CAD$. I don't think that was clear on your campaign.

    33. Missing avatar

      caleb 6 days ago

      The question is not if Apple are going to prevent the app from functioning, its more likely Apple wont approve the app in the first place. Superior coding wont make apple approve an app that violates its "no homescreen simulation" policy. An alternative method of launching URL links will be required.

    34. Missing avatar

      caleb 6 days ago

      @James Kulig
      DEX uses MHL3 (cable connection), a simple USB connection to the tablet wont enable DEX. It requires additional hardware.

      I wouldn't push for any more features for the SS as the Creator has a lot of stuff to figure out which is most likely going to cause delays.

    35. Missing avatar

      James Kulig 6 days ago

      Hi, I am not sure if this question has been asked before.....

      The new Samsung Galaxy S8 phone has a feature using DEX that has the ability to plug into a separate monitor whether it be pc TV you name it that allows it to go into a desktop mode.

      Does the Super Screen have the functionality to be able to connect via it's USB port to serve as a monitor per say?

      I was just thinking that this ability would be a very cool bonus for the super screen for S8 users.

    36. Missing avatar

      Robin Pogue 6 days ago

      Hi Brent, I just saw the message about getting a second Superscript for $109 and upgrading to the aluminum body. Is it too late?

    37. Missing avatar

      Robin Pogue 6 days ago

      Hi Brent, I just saw the message about getting a second Superscript for $109 and upgrading to the aluminum body. Is it too late?

    38. Missing avatar

      Roma 6 days ago

      @Juliett Mike, does Fisher Price make a Cry and Learn model? Might be handy around here later on.

    39. Juliett Mike 6 days ago

      Clearly some have totally lost their sense of scale or reasonable thought if they think Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Google, Blackberry or even Fisher-Price (makers of Laugh and Learn tablets) would have be in any way concerned by this

    40. Missing avatar

      7 days ago

      s_ranft The only way this hurts Apple's bottom-line is if Brent makes it impossible for Apple to prevent his app from working on their phones (whether by agreement or superior coding ability). If the app isn't allowed on the iPhone all of this is moot. (Note - no one in my family owns or uses any Apple products.)

    41. Juliett Mike 7 days ago

      Qi and aluminium case don't mix @s_rantf

    42. Missing avatar

      Roma 7 days ago

      @s_ranft, I missed that. My apologies.

    43. Juliett Mike 7 days ago

      Believers gonna believe

    44. s_ranft 7 days ago

      @Roma: Hi did you see this yesterday:


      Upgrades, shipping, order changes and more!
      Posted by KS Collab (Collaborator)
      Thank you for your patience as we wind down from the incredibly successful campaign thanks to all of you, our backers.
      In the first 24 hours, we received over 1,000 messages. Over 90% of them asking to upgrade your devices, add additional Superscreens to your order, make choices for expedited shipping, etc. Regarding questions concerning upgrades and order changes, we will be sending an email update closer to our December shipping date with instructions on how to do so. Don’t worry, you’ll have every opportunity to change and customize your order to make it exactly how you wish. We will also be offering a selection of accessories for your Superscreen which we are designing.

      A possible "option" would be an optional back cover with a Qi charging coil in it. Probably still an easy option to add this far before production. But it might be too late, unless a bunch of backers show interest...

    45. s_ranft 7 days ago

      @Dave Schroeter: I have seen posts from Brent that he is using modified Samsung Tablets as test-beds to develop and test the SuperScreen software. It makes sense to me. Although the SuperScreen is a hardware device, there is not too much special or different better the hardware in a Superscreen and a Samsung tablet the processor and memory requirements in a Superscreen are lower than the tablet. Superscreen is mostly a software breakthrough, there is some new hardware in the network communication, but it can't be much because it is compatible with most existing cell phones. I am betting (literally... $119) that the finished device will work well enough to justify my investment. Because The software can be upgraded on this type of hardware, I am hoping that even if my product has glitches at first, later firmware downloads will improve the usability.

      I find what "detractors" are doing, pointless. How does it help you, or me by repeating posts and warnings, that this product "might be a scam". It's like warning a bride on her wedding day that her husband might turn out to be a dud. How is this possible, future "I told you" mentality supposed to help anyone?

    46. Missing avatar

      Roma 7 days ago

      @s_ranft, even I can answer that one. There IS no such option.

    47. Dave Schroeter 7 days ago

      @s_ranft I'm a "detractor." I don't work in tech. And since the "prototype" is a Samsung device, it has only helped their bottom line.

    48. s_ranft 7 days ago

      Qi recharging: If I had the option to add Qi recharging to my SuperScreen, I would like to...
      Anyone else care to chime in?

    49. s_ranft 7 days ago

      I wonder how many "SuperScreen detractors" are Apple or Samsung "plants"?
      The SuperScreen is going to hurt the bottom-line of some big companies.

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