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A deeply strategic civilization-style board game for 1-4 players that can be learned in 15 minutes and played in less than 2 hours.
A deeply strategic civilization-style board game for 1-4 players that can be learned in 15 minutes and played in less than 2 hours.
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Furtherance is a one-of-a-kind civilization-style strategy game that changes every time you play.  When I started working on Furtherance three years ago I set out to make a game that would allow players to connect with friends in a new and exciting way, while still being able to build the empires I loved in games like Civilization.  With the help of a bunch of amazing people, Furtherance began!  Now, I need your help to finish it!

Furtherance is a 1-4 player civilization-building strategy board game in which players enhance their kingdoms and/or recruit an army to outplay their opponents. It is deeply strategic without being complicated to learn.  You can learn how to play in less than 15 minutes and finish a full game in 30 minutes per player.

Furtherance is not played in a vacuum.  The decisions other players make (or the units that are spawned, if playing a one-player game) can have a significant influence on which strategy will work best for you to win the game.  In order to acquire new items, buildings, and units for your kingdom you will need to buy them from a shared pool of cards.  Once one player acquires one, it is no longer available and a new one will flip out.

While thinking about what to acquire, you must also consider unit position, leader selection, acquired research, and more. 

All of these factors change turn-by-turn throughout the game based on what cards become available and which decisions players make.  This leads to a combination of possibilities which never play out the same way, allowing for an easy-to-learn yet difficult to master strategy game. 

  •  30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: I am so confident that you will love Furtherance that, within the first 30 days of receiving it, you can return it for a full refund, no questions asked.
  •  Get Your Name in the Rulebook: You are essential to the success of Furtherance; I can't manufacture Furtherance without your support.  So I will credit you by adding your name in the credits section of the rulebook.
  •  Choose the Stretch Goals: If the Kickstarter makes more than I need, it will allow me to expand the game and provide all backers with promo cards to increase the variety of Furtherance.  Since the backers are funding it, it's only fair that they get to choose which cards they prefer to have added through various polls given during the campaign.  The earlier you back, the more polls you can participate in.
  •  Backers Come First: This may be the only print run of Furtherance, so backing guarantees you will get a copy, and I will make sure you get your copy before anyone else.  During manufacturing and distribution I will always be open, honest, and responsive.

War or diplomacy? That is the question! As the ruler of one of the four kingdoms in the distant land of Areia, you must ensure that your people will thrive for the generations to come. However, your time is limited. You must outplay the other kingdoms so that yours does not slip through the cracks of history, only to be forgotten! You may do this by force, declaring war on the other kingdoms, or you can civilly use your intellect to procure resources and build a bright future for your people. How will you further your kingdom? Will you be a noble ruler and focus on enhancing yourself or will you be a war monger and take what is rightfully yours? Choose wisely, because every decision you make must benefit your goal for furtherance! 

Your family has ruled for generations and kept your small kingdom alive.  But you want more than just survival, you want to further your stagnant kingdom and create a lasting legacy for your family.  Each player will start the game by choosing one of the four family crests.  You realize that while you are smart and fit to rule (being raised to do so from a young age), you are going to need help to accomplish your lofty goals. 

While you will always have the final say in your kingdom, a local leader will help advise you to achieve the legacy you desire.  Of the many leaders in the land, there are ten who stand out from the crowd, each of them famous for their particular style of leadership. Each one is willing to put their skills to use for any of the kings and queens of Areia, trusting that their particular skills could lead any of the four kingdoms to success. 

A good leader is not all it takes to rule a kingdom, but you must also have followers.  Each player starts the game with one worker, who can perform one action per turn.  You can command your workers to do several actions.  Some examples include:

As you build up your kingdom's notoriety you can acquire more workers to follow you.  You can also steal a worker from an opposing castle if you manage to destroy it.

Furthering your kingdom is not a simple pursuit.  To do so, you must build a reputation for yourself.  The smallest buildings which will assist you are the church and the library.  The church promotes kindness and theological study within your kingdom, while a library promotes education and provides local services to your people.

There are bigger projects that you can take on as well, such as the City Hall and the Grand Park.  The City Hall gives you a place for organizing your government and gathering your councils.  While the Grand Park promotes relaxation and tourism.

Certain units, like the Civilians and the Flag Bearer, can also help your kingdom to succeed.  By protecting Civilians, you show that your kingdom is well-defended and safe to both live in and visit.  The Flag Bearer helps you when he and other members of your army are in uncontrolled territory.  By raising the flag of your kingdom with an army behind it, you strike fear into the hearts of your enemies, while establishing reliability in the minds of your allies. 

There are ancient artifacts you can acquire to boost the importance of your kingdom.  If you acquire Excalibur, you can equip it to one of your units and gain notoriety whenever that unit kills an enemy unit.  If you acquire the Holy Grail, you can equip it to a unit and receive fame when that unit travels to the sacred lake and fills the grail with it's water. 

By utilizing a mix of the above, you and your adversaries will battle to see who can build the greatest kingdom of all; one that will transcend time and leave a lasting legacy, a legacy that will take your family name and kingdom further than it has ever gone before!

You can learn the details of How To Play Furtherance by reading the draft rulebook:

You can also learn by watching the Table Crashers demo video below:

 If you are interested in playing Furtherance solo, you can learn the rules for that by watching the solo tutorial below:

Also, if you're in the area, you can come to any of my upcoming game events and learn from me directly:

You are welcome to try Furtherance for free through Tabletopia, Tabletop Simulator, or by utilizing the Furtherance print-and-play files:

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My company, Flannel Games, started back in college when I told my friend Vince about an idea I had for a board game, one that would allow us to enjoy the strategic kingdom building and war we enjoyed from playing Civilization in a fraction of the time and with more player interaction.  He loved it from the beginning and managed to help me find some more people (including Michael Logsdon and Elizabeth Gasse, Furtherance's amazing artists) to help build the game.  From there we worked day and night to make Furtherance as amazing as it could possibly be. 

We have been working on perfecting Furtherance for more than three years now, playing it constantly with friends, family, and strangers (often at board game meetups and conventions).  We started working on it our senior year of college, so after that semester we all went off, got jobs, and started our lives but I have been involved in my local tabletop communities ever since.

Over the past few months I have put my full focus back on Furtherance (and Flannel Games), attending multiple board game meetups every week and going to every single convention I can find within a 100 mile radius of my home (in Harrisburg, PA).  You can see all of the adventures I have taken on Furtherance's social media pages: 

Also, so that you know a little more about me and my background: I am a software developer who has game developing experience from as early as 14 years old, and I have developed various video games including Feed the Birds (for Isaac's Deli), Spaceships!, Legends of Areia: Destiny, and more. I have an MBA from Western Governors University and a bachelors degree in Mathematics from Eastern University.  Currently I am a software and cyber security engineer for the U.S. Navy.

I grew up playing collectible games like Pokemon (which actually helped me learn how to read), Yu-Gi-Oh, and Star Wars Miniatures. I became obsessed with modern board games when I was introduced to Catan in high school.  I asked for it for Christmas and have been asking for (and buying way too many) board games ever since.  Specifically, I love the player interaction you get out of a good board game.  It makes for lasting memories and helps you connect with people in a way many other hobbies cannot. 

I am utilizing Quartermaster Logistics to help coordinate shipping.  And, in order to help you avoid import fees, I will be shipping from within each of the following countries. 

If you are charged import fees by one of these countries during fulfillment, please send the receipt to and you will be fully reimbursed for those fees through Paypal.

Shipping costs vary drastically across different countries.  Therefore, I will be offering free shipping to backers in the U.S. with subsidized shipping elsewhere.  The estimated shipping costs to each region is below.  Shipping will be charged after the campaign. 

Risks and challenges

There are still a few barriers for me to get through to complete this project. All of the testing and the art for the project is done. We are making some minor improvements to the graphic design, but those will be finished before the campaign closes. The next step will be manufacturing, for which we have chosen Brillant Games because of their long history of fantastic yet affordable games.

I appreciate the support of Furtherance's backers and will mitigate any risk to them by always ensuring constant communication with the manufacturer. All issues will be dealt with in a timely manner, and I will always communicate with the backers regarding the process. I will also be receiving early prototypes in order to inspect the product and make sure it meets my quality standards before it gets shipped to you.

In addition to reliable manufacturers, I am also utilizing QuarterMaster logistics to assist with our fulfillment process and help ensure everything goes smoothly.

If you ever have any questions throughout the process, please email me directly at or

Thank you for considering backing Furtherance!

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