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A short faux-trailer that is going to be made into a feature-length grindhouse, action/horror/spoof extravaganza. Read more

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A short faux-trailer that is going to be made into a feature-length grindhouse, action/horror/spoof extravaganza.

About this project

Hello, everyone. My name is Brendan Steere, and I am going to make a movie about a priest who turns into a dinosaur.

If you have not seen the trailer: welcome to the revolution.

The trailer you have seen that's been circulating around the internet was made for $500, most of which went to film development costs. It was a little student film that I made to see if anyone noticed, having decided that if there were a good enough response, I would shoot for a feature.

There's been a good response to say the least, and I thank you all for it. Now things get interesting. 

The VelociPastor feature is to be everything the trailer was, but bigger, badder, and infinitely more fun. Think of the trailer as a mission statement: if you enjoyed the trailer you'll LOVE the feature. I made the trailer for a shoestring budget and on my free time in between classes. This feature would take all of my time and energy, and with a little money, it could really be something special.

Now, as I said, most of the trailer's (modest) budget went to film. If we are to shoot a feature, this will not be the case - unless the donations truly skyrocket we will shoot digitally. Now, on the one hand I enjoy shooting film, but it's just not practical at a low budget to shoot on the stuff. Digital it is, which is a good thing, because it means...

Most donated money will go to effects and costumes. We're talking on-screen dinosaur transformations, blood, severed limbs, more blood, guns, blanks, squibs, mafia torture dungeons, and anything else we can dream up while shooting. While we will shoot the film digitally, I fucking hate CGI. With a passion. These will be practical effects in the film whenever and wherever possible, and to do that we need money.

Beyond that, the equipment must be rented and the actors must be paid. That's about it. If the money comes, we'll rent a camera, build a costume and shoot until it's golden. It's in your hands, my friends.

Robert Rodriguez made El Mariachi for $7,000, and since his Planet Terror is such an obvious influence on VelociPastor, I think it's fitting if we shoot for the same amount. 

This could be big, guys. Every little bit counts. To every person who finds it in their heart to give us some money: thank you, thank you, a million times thank you.

Let's bring on the Christ-aceous period. Long live the man of the claw-th!

- Brendan Steere


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    DVD screener of the finished film!

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    Limited edition VelociPastor t-shirt to be printed only for Kickstarter donations

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    VelociPastor poster, signed by cast and crew, and a DVD screener of the completed film, as well as the aforementioned t-shirt.

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    Your name in the credits, to be preserved forever under "Special Thanks", as well as the poster, DVD screener and t-shirt

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    An Executive Producer credit, as well as all the other special prizes.

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    Be devoured by The VelociPastor! An on-screen death! As well as the Executive Producing Credit and ALL the above prizes. (food and living included, but not travel)

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