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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jun 11 2015
Brease Technologies, LLCBy Brease Technologies, LLC
First created
Brease Technologies, LLCBy Brease Technologies, LLC
First created
pledged of $90,000pledged of $90,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jun 11 2015

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    1. Fai Dick Son on

      so guys any news? been trying to get a reply via PM which turns out dry. Hope you guys are coming up with something new!

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      Armand Mensen on

      Too bad this did not make it, even the site seems to have problems. Hopefully the project will get a new injection, maybe somewhere else. But I'd like to keep updates about that! When can I get of find those?

    3. Berke Yazıcı on

      Was wanting this product so bad :(
      Hope you guys come to market again.

    4. Brease Technologies, LLC Creator on

      Thanks for your comment.
      Working on that, will inform you when live.


    5. Brett Moore on

      As the project has been cancelled on Kickstarter, can you revise the getbrease.com website to allow signing up for a mailing list to be informed of future updates / project re-launch?

      I think many of us would appreciate getting notified when the project re-launches on Kickstarter / Indiegogo etc. (or perhaps even directly on getbrease.com) so we don't inadvertently miss out on being able to support the project again.


    6. Missing avatar

      Naveen Balakrishnan on

      I was really looking forward to this being a reality. I really am bummed out Is there a way for us to be kept abreast when you get back online either here or some other place?

    7. Edwin

      Bummer..... we were all looking forward to the Breese, too bad you had to cancel this campaign. Hope you'll be back on KS very soon!

    8. Grant Leitheiser on

      Please do keep us updated!

    9. Brease Technologies, LLC Creator on

      Hi all,

      Thanks again for all your suggestions and feedback on the campaign. Love the enthusiasm!

      We will definitely be back. Maybe not on Kickstarter but you'll see us around. We're still able to send out updates so we keep you guys posted.

      Regards and much love.

      Bas, Philippe and Team Brease

    10. Mark L

      Sorry to see the project didn't make it to the goal. If you try again, I would suggest several minor changes:

      1) Keep posting updates every day or two during the campaign, with minor bits of information, progress updates, other projects of interest, etc. Keep your name and product in people's minds. If you don't show consistent enthusiasm and excitement, nobody else will, either.

      2) @Oko's suggestion about BackerClub is a good one. I know it is expensive, but I think I would pay off in the long run.

      3) Back some other projects on Kickstarter, if only at a low level. This helps you appear 'part of the community' rather than an unknown outsider. This can also pay dividends down the road, as some of the projects you back may mention your project and increase awareness.

      4) Submit project press releases to more major electronic news web sites, with details of the Kickstarter project. (More is always better) Better still, provide a few selected sites with a working prototype and ask for a preview/review. Encourage feedback from them. This will increase exposure and get more places and people talking about your project. Even if some comments are negative, exposure is always a good thing, and if you can address some of the concerns raised, it will encourage some hesitant backers to follow through with a pledge.

      5) A working prototype/demo of the software in use would go a long way in helping the less tech-savvy potential backer see what the product is and how it works.

      6) Consider either increasing the number of 'Super early bird' spots or introducing a new 'early bird' reward at $83 or so. Also consider lowering the 'black thunder' reward to $95 or so. An alternate color doesn't really justify a $30 price differential, imho.

      Best wishes for your future endeavors.

    11. Adi Soffer on

      Let us know when you're back on track - let us help you spread the word. This is a much needed solution and no way are we going to let this project drop.
      Please find a way for us to help you make this into reality!

    12. Simone Bonzanini on

      OK guys no panic, try again and we 'll be here to support you!

    13. Jonny

      Noooo! Sorry to see the project cancelled and look forward to the relaunch. Good luck in the interim. All the v useful suggestions and comments should make the re-birth even better!

    14. Missing avatar

      Roy on

      Echt jammer mannen, keek erg naar dit product uit! Hopen op een relaunch. Succes in de toekomst

    15. Missing avatar

      Pieters on

      Oh Nooooo! I'm sorry to see this cancelled. I hope you are thinking about relaunching and of ways to give it more publicity. So that next time it wil succeed. I'll be waiting!!!

    16. Fai Dick Son on

      Sad to see it being canceled. Please please let us know if you guys a starting a new campaign, would support it once more!

    17. Daniel Chang on

      Nooooooooo. Please do keep us posted! I would love to support this again

    18. Missing avatar

      Ty Lim on

      I'm so disappointed. I was really excited about this product! Really hopeful about the relaunch. Any chance you'll be able to support more than 8 TB in the re-launch?

    19. Kave Goh on

      Pity.. I already standing by 3 hard disks to be used.. How to see the re-launch..

    20. Missing avatar

      Christoph B. on

      Please do a relaunch!! My 30 GB dropbox is full and I have this unused 2TB external HDD just laying around. The idea is great and I would love to have my own cloud. Even without NAS and DNLA functionality it would be a great product. (But I am not against these awesome functions)

      My only fear is that you can't guarantee support of all the services running in the background on your servers for several years. You might consider explaining a little bit more in that direction in your next campaign.

    21. Bill Wright

      Ya know, I am one of those hemi-demi-semi-power users. Techie enough to understand what and how to do stuff and too damn lazy to put it all together. The one over-riding attribute Brease had for me is that I could be in control and I felt comfortable with the concept. Right now I have DropBox, Amazon giga gigabits of something free, Sky Drive, TIWOG Drive and a memory stick in a jock strap. Brease...makes consolidated sense. What can I say.. To quote the rock song..Get back Jack er Brease..

    22. Missing avatar

      Deven Tasgaonkar on


      Sorry to see this cancelled. Please let know when you are ready to kick this of again. Don't give up. This is a great idea.


    23. Missing avatar

      David on

      I hope you will try it again. This is a great project. And you were able to get 50 K in backing, which is significant. Congratulations for that. Please contact your backers if you start again and make it possible on your website to leave the e-mail address to get informed when you will (hopefully) do your re-start

    24. Brease Technologies, LLC Creator on

      HI guys, we will definitely inform you when we are back for a relaunch.
      We keep in touch!

    25. Bo on

      Shame to see this campaign miss it's target. Great idea but it was lacking social backing and support. I thoroughly believe in your product and would fund again if/when you guys are back. Good luck and well done.

    26. Missing avatar

      Bert Martinez

      Will you be informing those of us that backed you in the event you launch again later on once more on Kickstarter?

    27. Missing avatar

      carenyan on

      omg T_____________T

    28. Brease Technologies, LLC Creator on

      Thank you guys! Your support has been great!

    29. Daniel Ngai on

      Sad to see this project cancelled.

    30. Alan Bonello

      So sorry that this project wasnt' successfully backed :( hope you get another chance
      I will surely be interested. Hope to see more of you and good luck.

    31. Brease Technologies, LLC Creator on

      Dear Kickstarter backers,

      We would like to inform you that our Kickstarter project will be cancelled.
      We did everything to make Brease happen but it wasn't enough. We learned a lot about Kickstarter and we are hoping to get a chance to try out again.

      Thanks a lot for your support and feedback.

      See you soon!

      Team Brease

    32. Oko

      My suggestions:

      1. Cancel this campaign
      2. get Social Media to talk about you
      3. set up a new campaign
      4. register on backerclub.co to get more power backers
      5. ...
      6. profit

    33. Missing avatar

      Roger Schuncken on

      Mmm, it is a pity that the target will probably not be reached. I'm not lucky in backing kickstarter events... My previous backing, Rocki+, was never delivered and in the end I managed to get my money back...

    34. Daniel Chang on

      I think it would be nice if your website has a facebook share or twitter link
      I'm really hoping this project will do well too. I just shared it on my fb.

    35. Daniel Graham on

      We desperately need more backers on this... Maybe Bill Gates or Zuckerberg could tweet this out idk. I would hate to see this project not reach it's goal.

    36. Missing avatar

      David on

      @Team. I think you need to start a massive social media campaign to gain momentum (again), otherwise you will miss your target, which would be a pitty.

    37. Brease Technologies, LLC Creator on

      @Mats: Thanks for your comment.
      1. We're working on a demo, but it will work exactly like you're using it right now with i.e. Dropbox. You have one dedicated 'drive' which will be synced.
      2. Yes it is.
      3. Uhm, yes that should be possible by using shared drives. If you share a drive with someone, he/she will be able to use it as a backup volume.
      4. No, this is not supported yet. I'll put it on the list tho.



    38. Missing avatar

      Mats Thell

      Hi, I like the idea of this. As I windows and android user I have a couple of questions:

      1. are there any demo of the windows client. How is that going to work. Similar as Dropbox, you choose a folder and Brease will sync against it ? Or is it a system drive X: etc.

      2. is it possible to be have several users on one Brease system?

      3. Can me and my friend have one Brease each and share our data as a backup site, which is not accessible to each other except what we explicit choose to share?

      4. Is it possible to mount a brease folder as a windows share ? If the Brease client application is not installed on the computer client.

    39. Brease Technologies, LLC Creator on

      @ Edwin: Not yet. We'll inform you when we've any news on this subject.

    40. Edwin

      Any update on releasing an app in Windows Store? Windows RT and Windows 10 support? Thanks!

    41. Moshe on

      Do drives connected go into some sort of sleep mode until accessed or are they always running?

    42. Henry Tan on

      I wonder will it be possible to run this using usb then a power plug?
      Nowadays ppl also want this cloud base things to be portable as well. Imagine going oversea and you need those data without an internet. How am I going to retrieve them?

      Currently, I'm setting my ftp server and even web server using an unused android phone.
      I could easily bring it out and then set it up whenever, wherever i need to. Please consider changing the power source.

    43. Daniel Ngai on

      Hi Creator,

      Able to show us the use of the software and interface?

    44. Brease Technologies, LLC Creator on

      Thank you guys for the input! Very helpful. We will do everything to make Brease happen.

    45. Daniel Chang on

      It's possible people are just waiting for the last few days to jump on the wagon.
      I'm hoping this project will succeed!

    46. Oko

      Maybe it is indeed better for you if you cancel your project and restart it when you got more PR. What do you think about it?

    47. Scubalizard on

      I think that the other offerings out there (Seagate, WD, and pogoplug) all do this to some point for a lower price point. Further more the cost of cloud based storage is coming down greatly (amazon for instance is $60 a year for unlimited everything). The real issue for me backing the project is the use of the software and interface, while I still use my pogoplug I am hoping Brease is better.

    48. Missing avatar

      David on

      Great project, but you need to do more PR and marketing to get media coverage. Otherwise it might not take off, which would be a pity. There are many people interested in a product like yours, but you need to get in touch with them. Also talk to offline media (local and national newspapers) and also with your university (e.g. get in touch with your alumni organisation).
      You should also keep in touch with your backers and maybe introduce some fancy stretched goals or specials.
      Wish you all the best!

    49. Missing avatar



      This is a great idea and I really hope you get it funded. I want my Brease!

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