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$222,177 pledged of $500,000 goal
$222,177 pledged of $500,000 goal

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C'est la vie

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When we first considered mass producing Instaprint we weren’t quite sure of what the demand would truly be, or if the price as it stands today would be too much for people to swallow. Kickstarter provided a place where we could safely test the waters, and for that we are incredibly happy for everything we have learned from this experience... that the demand is in fact there, but that price point currently isn’t where it needs to be for this to really take off. 

As of today, we’re not sure how possible it will be to bring that down, and so we’ll have to wait and see if we’re able to come back in the future with a newer, cheaper approach. In the meantime, we will be shifting effort and resources towards the rental of Instaprint for larger events. While we know that isn’t ideal for many of our backers, it’s a way to keep Instaprint out in the world while we devise next steps.  If any of you are ever interested in renting a set up - you can learn more here:

The amount of press and positive buzz that has come off of this project has been extraordinary, and we can’t thank you all enough for believing in this product. We hope we’re able to reach out to you soon with a new plan. Until then, all the best and thank you so much for your support.

- The crew at BREAKFAST

Update time!

First off, let us apologize for not giving any updates sooner. The culprit has been the absolutely overwhelming amount of people and companies who have been reaching out in the thousands from all over the globe. The reach that this project has gained is monumental, and has been covered by Time, Fast Company, BBC, Mashable, Engadget and so many many more. We are truly humbled and appreciative of everyone’s support and we’re trying our best to keep up with onslaught.

Onto the updates....


We’re sure most of you have heard the amazing news by now, Instagram is now available on Android! But, what may be even bigger is the news that Instagram has been purchased by Facebook. Obviously we aren't entirely sure how this will play out, but we look forward to ensuring that Instaprint works with Instagram wherever it may go. We'll keep you posted as to how Instaprint will evolve as we learn more down the road.


As a reminder, we won't enter actual design and production until we reach our funding goal, but that said we do have a few nuggets that have been getting some exploration...


The one component we have spent more time on in the past year than any other is the printer engine. We have been exploring components from different companies for some time now, and continue to speak with them about supplying the best part at the best price. We’ll be sure to post an update as soon as we have some more concrete specs on the printer and paper that we’ll be using.


We have had many new suppliers reach out since launching on Kickstarter, and that has created opportunities to advance the way we could build out Instaprint. In particular, we're looking into more sophisticated ways to design and produce the exterior shell, allowing for a more solid structure and a slicker look. We're also exploring a new hinge design for the faceplate to provide an even easier paper refill process.


For our prototypes we used 1/4" connectors (similar to large headphone jacks or guitar cables) because we knew they would provide a unique and retro look. That said, we wanted to use something that would be safer and create a more stable connection for our next iteration. We are now exploring right-angled XLR connectors instead which carry a similar look, but provide a better flow of current. 


While it sounds simple, the tray that the prints fall on to is a critical element that we wanted to refine. We have begun exploring tray designs that would be injection molded as one solid piece with rounded corners to provide more strength while still being flexible enough to withstand some force (say by someone grabbing a print a little too roughly). We’d also like to explore ways for the tray to detach easily, or potentially even slide into the device.

So, that's what we can tell you as of now. Obviously the big thing is to stay focused on reaching our goal as it is only then that we can begin proper design and production. We're doing all we can to keep pushing up that number and appreciate all you guys are doing to help!

Heading down to SxSW!

We'll be running all around South by Southwest this week, and we'll have several Instaprint prototypes in tow. We'll be tweeting out where we'll be from @breakfastny if you want to meet up and check them out. See you down there!

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