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Combine two girls, a '76 AMC Pacer, the open road, and an impending nuclear apocalypse, then you get BEST FRIENDS FOREVER.
939 backers pledged $81,797 to help bring this project to life.

A Word from the Director :: Brea Grant

Posted by Brea Grant (Creator)

As we head into the final 4, Brea wanted to take a moment to talk to about the importance of this film and what it means to her.

We thank you all for your time, support, and care!  We are so close.

David Blue's Video from the Future...he's actually doing okay.

Posted by Brea Grant (Creator)

David Blue made this video from the post-apocalyptic 2013. Times really tough, there's not enough to eat...but he's actually doing alright. 

(Personally, I think he should share that candy bar with Alison Haislip before she eats her dog.)

Pledging Party :: The First One

Posted by Brea Grant (Creator)

Our 2nd one is tonight!

The first one took place here in LA over at The Roost.

Many of our friends, backers, and crew came out for a BFF shindig!

People pledged.  Talked shop.  Drank beer.  Sang karaoke.


Thank you and we will see many of you this evening!

The Links and the Love

Posted by Brea Grant (Creator)

Here are a couple of websites that have listed us today in order to help us reach that $75,000 goal we have set for Monday!

The everything-nerd-related-appropriately titled: Nerd Appropriate!

One of our talented BFF artists, Fabio Moon has been spreading the word on his comic and artist blog.

Also, Brea has been doing AMA on Reddit yesterday, today, and tomorrow at 1 pm pst!

Tune in here tomorrow to Ask Me {Brea} Anything!

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Posted by Brea Grant (Creator)

Y'all asked for it, so we're giving it!

For those of you who have backed us {thank you, love you}, you know that if you give $100 or more, you get a ticket to our DONORS SCREENING in Los Angeles. 

But because we have received so much support out of Austin (and we shot half the movie there!!!), we're going to do a DONORS SCREENING in AUSTIN too!  Cast and crew will be there as well!

Please let all your Texas friends know that they too can attend the screening of BEST FRIENDS FOREVER right in the great state of Texas.

Here's a photo of us in the Austin area shooting on location::


{Insert a Texas accent here} So get on over to the main page and make sure you get an invite!

We'll ask you when we contact you post-campaign about which screening you'd like to attend.  Yee to the haw!