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Combine two girls, a '76 AMC Pacer, the open road, and an impending nuclear apocalypse, then you get BEST FRIENDS FOREVER.
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Brea Grant

939 backers pledged $81,797 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Man, Our Backers Rock!

Yet another super creative video from future Frank Whittaker!  He is trying his best to inform us how we can avoid the apocalypse.  Hint:: it involves donating to Best Friends Forever.

In the last 3 days of of fundraising, don't let this be our fate!


THANK YOU SO MUCH! We met our $2500 match today from an anonymous donor, who is watching the traffic on our site and loving it.

They got so excited, THEY UPPED THE MATCH FOR ANOTHER $2500, BUT JUST FOR TODAY! If we make it, we'll only be a few thousand shy of our $75,000 goal!!!

It's April 20th at 2:30pm PST/5:30pm EST, and some other times zones around the world. SPREAD THE WORD, THROW IN ANOTHER $1 ON YOUR PLEDGE, JUMP UP AND DOWN AND SCREAM LIKE WE'RE DOING. 

You all are the best.

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How To Be Ninja :: A Thank You!

We would like to take a moment as we start our last 3 days and say::


Every single one of you has aided in making our film come to life.

We aren't done yet but we do have this in the mean, imagine what we will do when we finish!


Happy Friday~

It is the last Friday of our fundraising efforts!


We have a matching challenge today! Someone will match $1 for $1 up to $2500 today! That's like you gave twice the money!!!

So, here's to being within reach of our goal of $75,000 and let's make a movie, ladies and gentlemen!

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Links of Love


Our own Best Boy Electric, Lucas McNelly, writes an article about our Kickstarter campaign since he is a master in crowd-funding and he is a master at making movies on a shoestring.


I came across a fellow Alaskan who makes movies out of Brooklyn and became a backer and blogger of ours.  Thanks, Sean!


And, lastly, Brea Grant talks directly with the fine folks over at Fear Net.  They are really good to us over there.

We are closing in on $60,000!  Yee to the Haw!