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Combine two girls, a '76 AMC Pacer, the open road, and an impending nuclear apocalypse, then you get BEST FRIENDS FOREVER.
939 backers pledged $81,797 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

International DVDs and Days Turn to Hours...

Posted by Brea Grant (Creator)

We have received quite a bit of questions in regards to shipping internationally.

If those that live overseas would like to put in an extra $10 to cover the shipping cost, that would amazing and we would appreciate the coverage!

Days Turn to Hours That Turn to Minutes...

With every moment that ticks by, we are elated, humbled, and amazed.  Thank you!

The website of THANK YOUS!

We are constantly updating our list of thank yous on our official Best Friends Forever site, please check it out and look for your name on the long list of 900+ backers and supporters and advocates!

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io9 :: Sunday Link Love

Posted by Brea Grant (Creator)

The well known website:: io9, a website for entertainment, science, and futuristic culture for people who want to escape the everyday {BFF certainly fits into all of those categories} gave us some mad props for our Kickstarter campaign as one you should support, check it here.

Luckily, people listened and supported.

Thank you once again!

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Posted by Brea Grant (Creator)

{We stole a line from Heroes, which Brea was in, so pretty befitting don't you think?}

Backer and filmmaker, Matt Patterson, takes a moment from the apocalyptic future to talk BFF::

We've exceeded our goal and with every extra dollar, we are able to make our film that much better!

Thank you for a terrific weekend!

Happy Sunday, BFFers!

Lucky Number 49...

Posted by Brea Grant (Creator)

Ladies and Gentlemen...

$75,000 was achieved.

We are doing the Kickstarter Celebration Dance and you all have left us speechless and humbled.

Thank you for taking our film and turning it into a reality!!!

Now we are able to finish it.

Our cup runneth over with the amount of support we have received.  The sky really is the limit!!!

Wow.  You did this, backers!!!

Please know that as you watch it for the first had a hand in making it.

Our sincerest appreciation,

Team BFF

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The Clock is Ticking...

Posted by Brea Grant (Creator)

With the time switching from days to hours, we are down to our last 58 hours.

That leaves us with $2,193 left to raise just to meet our goal!

We also woke up to a couple of other great pieces to celebrate and appreciate!

-  Best Friends Forever is listed as the first film under:: "Popular This Week" on Kickstarter!

Thanks for making us one of the popular kids!!!

-  The Huffington Post mentions us AGAIN {that makes it our 3rd write up!} in their art section about crowdfunding and featured our campaign as a great example of what works.  Here's the first time we landed in THP.  Here's the second!

Thank you, backers!  You make all the difference!

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