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Combine two girls, a '76 AMC Pacer, the open road, and an impending nuclear apocalypse, then you get BEST FRIENDS FOREVER.
Combine two girls, a '76 AMC Pacer, the open road, and an impending nuclear apocalypse, then you get BEST FRIENDS FOREVER.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Dave Richard on

      Yes, this kickstarter is the reason why I will never again fund an independent movie on Kickstarter. The failed promises just 100% ruined the experience. Why even start a conversation when you are not going to follow through?

    2. Missing avatar

      Walter Rutherford on

      Still waiting... Is this account EVER checked now? I didn't support the project just to get a DVD but I still would love to have a physical disk for my collection since it will have cover art and text descriptions that won't be included on a digital file.
      I was skeptical about Kickstarter and crowd-funding in general. This was the first, and so far only, project I helped crowd-fund. Four years seems like far more than enough time to catch up on the backlog. Please help to make my only crowd-funding experience a positive one.
      Thank you - WLR

    3. Missing avatar

      Dave Richard on

      Funny, I got a DM after my last message, confirmed my address... and still no DVD. I have moved now, but have mail forwarding on for the next year. Maybe 2016 will be the year I finally see a DVD?

    4. Shawn Van Hecke on

      I have yet to receive my dvd. I did get the poster, so I know the address is correct. Are you still sending them out or ?

    5. Michael Salter on

      I don't have a DVD yet; but then again, not sure if I get one. ?

    6. Brea Grant Creator on

      Hey, guys and gals! How are you? We hope you have all received your DVDs and perks! Thank you, again, for all the care, support, and words.

      As artists, it means so much to us to have the help. Please reach out if you didn't receive yours for some crazy reason; perhaps, the DVD ended up with all the missing socks from the washer and dryers of the world.

      We thank you for your patience and applaud you for your support.

      With apocalyptic love,
      Team BFF

    7. Missing avatar

      Eric Weeks on

      Got a message from Brea or at least someone on the team and my DVD is on the way! It's been a LONG time coming but I can't wait to see the movie

    8. Missing avatar

      Dave Richard on

      I think what bothers me is how this project is being pushed as now being on Hulu on twitter. Every tweet is like, 'everyone gets this for free, to bad about the DVD!'

      Yet I paid for a level where I was promised a DVD, and now have nothing but silence. I have been tempted to post a twitter response, but I figure either it will be ignored or I will just be attacked by fans.

    9. Missing avatar

      Eric Weeks on

      Feel the same way Dave Richard. This whole thing has really soured me on Kickstarter as a whole

    10. Missing avatar

      Dave Richard on

      I am going to try this again, I received my postcard - to the same address that they have on file. I have been waiting for the DVD, and now I am not receiving responses to my 'Contact me' messages. As a result of this project I am not likely to fund any future projects, or at least not at a level where any product is promised. So $5/10, and then I will just buy whatever it is once it is released.

    11. Missing avatar

      Eric Weeks on

      No I'm from Illinois

    12. JayHawk

      Me neither :(
      Is it international ppl only that are missing their Dvd's?

    13. Sarah on

      I still haven't received my DVD...

    14. Missing avatar

      Eric Weeks on

      Still haven't gotten my DVD. Does anyone read this anymore?

    15. Missing avatar

      Eric Weeks on

      Still haven't gotten my DVD

    16. Missing avatar

      Eric Weeks on

      Is it going in alphabetical order?

    17. Adam Alexander

      My DVD arrived this week in good shape. I enjoyed the film and hope you have another project in the works. Thanks!

    18. AndonSage on

      I received my DVD yesterday. Fortunately, my DVD arrived in good shape :) It was packaged in a manilla envelope like Brian's, but wasn't damaged.

    19. Brian McNamara on

      Got my DVD in the mail today. Unfortunately, though, the DVD case was destroyed in transited. Warped out of shape and bottom back was cracked clean across. Absolutely no protection, just a DVD slipped into a manilla envelope. Could have splurged on a padded envelope for $0.36 postage it was sent as.

    20. AndonSage on

      It's been almost three weeks, and I still haven't received my DVD. Have they been sent out yet?

    21. Missing avatar

      Eric Weeks on

      So someone can go buy the DVD and I still haven't gotten mine yet?

    22. JayHawk

      LOL This was the first project I backed through Kickstarter and it looks like in gonna get my reward the last. But at least there showing signs of still being active. Unlike some of my other projects... A message every couple of months would be nice, so you know you have not been fotgotten / ignored. And yes, we're needy :P

    23. Jason Pace on

      The DVD was released for sale yesterday. Hopefully that means those of us who backed at a level to get one will hear something soon.

    24. Missing avatar

      Eric Weeks on

      Any news on the DVD yet?

    25. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      Will the DVD still be a two-disc version and will it still be signed?

    26. Brea Grant Creator on

      Hi all,

      First of all, please accept our sincerest apologies. For those of you who were generous enough to donate $25 and up to Best Friends Forever, we know you have been waiting a long time for the DVD and it makes sense that you might be frustrated. We are truly sorry.

      What we learned firsthand is that DVD development and distribution is a lot harder and longer to get than we thought; hence the film being available on iTunes this year, and still no clear timeframe on the DVD front. The good news is, our DVD release is looking possible for Spring 2014; the bad news is, this is way too long for you to wait, and we know it.

      You all are really important to us, and we want to make things right! We have been working really hard to set up a digital download option instead of DVD, that would be available really, really, really soon. Please stay tuned, we will be sending you an email when we have all the details so that you can opt for a digital download if you want.

      Thank you for your patience.


      Vera and Brea

    27. Amanda VanDenLangenberg on

      Asked via twitter about DVD info and this was Grant's response: yes! just signed a deal with a dvd company. when they release the dvds, we will be sending them!

    28. Missing avatar

      James Chung on

      We could try sending a bunch of tweets to @breagrant... I sent one saying that I was sad that we'd been forgotten... I doubt she'd reply though...

      If anyone wants to retweet the link is:

    29. Missing avatar

      Eric Weeks on

      Starting to wish I had just watched this on itunes instead of paying for a DVD that may never come

    30. Missing avatar

      Jeff Palmer on

      If there's a problem with DVD distribution, would it be possible to offer digital download in lieu of the DVD?

    31. Justin Barnard on

      I imagine at this point that it will be on netflix before they update again

    32. Capellan

      Pushing close to four months without an update. Movie available to non-backers, while we still have nothing. Very disappointing.

    33. AndonSage on

      Except for those of us who pledged money to get the film, you know... actually made :(

    34. Alejandro Suárez Mascareño on

      Haven't received anything yet too.

    35. Missing avatar

      Melissa Purdue on

      I still haven't received my DVD yet or this high five post card someone was talking about. I hope their is an update soon,and I've been patient.

    36. Florian on

      I sent an e-mail a while ago asking about the DVD status and I didn't get an answer yet. It is really a bit disappointing to know that others have already seen the movie while we still can't. A friend of mine even asked me if that was the movie I had backed shortly after he had seen it.
      However: I would greatly appreaciate a status update and an estimation for the DVDs. Please? :-)

    37. Justin Barnard on

      I received my high five and a post card... but I think I've given up on the dvd I've moved twice since the survey and I doubt that even if they ever send it I will get it...

    38. Sarah on

      I just stumbled across Best Friends Forever on Amazon...not a preorder or a DVD or anything. But the digital version exists - people have been able to watch it online for a lot cheaper than I pledged for awhile now, and I have yet to see it because I've been waiting for my DVD :( Do we have any sort of timeline for those - I know you said back in June that those were becoming difficult and time consuming, but it's been a few months since our last update....

    39. Kevin Chu on

      Any word on the DVDs? It kind of sucks (just a little) that the movie is on sale on itunes and other mediums yet most of us backers probably haven't seen it yet. Maybe could we get codes to dl an online version while we wait for the DVDs?

    40. Missing avatar

      Eric Weeks on

      When do the DVDs get shipped?

    41. Anthony Z on

      I haven't gotten any of my rewards. Anybody know how long it takes for BFF team to respond to emails?

    42. Julian Harper on

      Just watched the trailer, looks very cool. Congrats on getting selected for the Sundance festival, I hope the showing goes well :)

      Looking forward to seeing the film.

    43. Dominic Harman on

      Trailer looks great, can't wait to finally see the film.

    44. dennis fuchs on

      Woo I just got my poster in the mail. I totally forgot I was supposed to get one. Nice surprise! :-D
      Can't wait to see the finished product!
      Happy Holidays!

    45. Missing avatar

      George A Blackburn on

      Got the poster a few weeks ago. Thanks, and I can't wait to see the movie. Thanks for taking the time to let us know that you all are still hard at work!!!

    46. Brea Grant Creator on

      Hey everyone! I know it's been a while since you've heard from Team BFF, and we have been holed up in intense shooting, editing, sound design, special effects, coloring, the whole nine yards. We're finally taking a breath to send out some of your perks, so keep an eye out! And cross your fingers for us as we keep plugging away at finishing the film and submitting to film festivals!! Much gratitude, Team BFF

    47. Missing avatar

      George A Blackburn on

      any updates? The other projects I have backed have been good with updates.

    48. Elena M. Martinez on

      Oh, well, I only ask because it's been April since we heard from anyone. So, y'know...long span of time, no updates, anything could have happened. I'm just asking for an update...tiny, large, just something. *Anything*. Hello! =)

    49. coolstream on

      Everything Brea Grant related is awesome, how could anything be going anything BUT awesomely!

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