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The greatest work IN English literature, now in the greatest format OF English literature: a chooseable-path adventure!
The greatest work IN English literature, now in the greatest format OF English literature: a chooseable-path adventure!
The greatest work IN English literature, now in the greatest format OF English literature: a chooseable-path adventure!
15,352 backers pledged $580,905 to help bring this project to life.

Delayed Yorick skulls shipping soon!


Already backed the Kickstarter?

You are and remain the best. If you filled in your survey over a month ago and haven't got your physical package yet drop us a line on Kickstarter and Christina will sort it out, and if you're missing digital goods email to let me know and I'll send them out to you right away.

Yorick Skulls!

We've gotten our shipment of extra skulls in - hooray! If you were one of those super kind people who volunteered to wait for your skull, you'll be getting an email from me this week confirming your address is (still!) accurate. After we send those out, we'll be putting any extras on sale so if you missed out, it's not too late!

Photo by TacoHugsPHD

Best Book Of 2013? SURE SOUNDS GOOD

To Be or Not To Be is on the shortlist of Goodread's Best Humor Books of 2013! It's a straight-up popularity contest at this point, and you can straight-up vote for it here! There's tons of great books in that category alone: if you're looking for new things to read I recommend The Oatmeal's "My Dog: The Paradox" (Matt also did an illustration for To Be or Not To Be!), Allie Brosh's "Hyperbole and a Half" (ahhhh so good), and Kelly Williams Brown's "Adulting" (ahhhh so good too!). See the full list here!

That's all for now! MORE SOON :o

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    1. Terence Chandler on November 14, 2013

      Anna - you may also want to send him an email directly to Ryan at qwantz dot com. The Kicsktarter messages go to breadpig.

    2. Missing avatar

      Anna on November 14, 2013

      Ryan, I've sent you two messages on Kickstarter, but I thought I'd try to write a comment here as well.
      I never received my physical package for backing "I WANT TO PUT THINGS ON MY BODY AND WALLS". I only received the Yorick skull and digital copy of the book.
      I know that I'm late asking this, but can I still get my physical goods?

    3. RKBookman
      on November 8, 2013

      At your suggestion, I also backed Story Wars. I was supposed to get Hamlet or Ophilia card for the Story wars set. Who should I be asking about that. I have all of the rest of the Story wars cards. I already left this comment on the Story Wars column.
      Rita K.

    4. Missing avatar

      brhfl on November 7, 2013

      I got my skull during early-times, and I think my favorite part was the positively tiny box it was crammed in. Pulling it out and watching it puff up to double its size may well be on my list of Top Five Most Rewarding Box-Pulls.

    5. Matthew Power
      on November 7, 2013

      Please let us know when the Yorrick Skull remainders go up for sale! A friend of mine has been eying mine enviously, and I'm looking to end that envy with a gift of momento mori (and squish!).

    6. Missing avatar

      Todd Marsh on November 7, 2013

      @terence the amusingly shaped pizza food was had at the launch party, I believe.

    7. Christina Squitieri on November 7, 2013

      I must say, I have missed my Ryan emails.

      Got my Yorick skull with the early batch, and it is one of the cutest things ever!!! It's also wonderfully squishy <3

    8. Terence Chandler on November 6, 2013

      @Shawn and @Paul: No more packages from Ryan?! Perish the thought!! We still have (the digital package? of) a hamlet shaped Pizza to look forward to (unless I missed that somehow) AND! And!! ANDANDAND!!!! The sequel "Romeo and/or Juliet!!!!" Can't wait for that kickstarter =)

      I will forever remain in "expectation of packages from Ryan." I will only acknowledge disappointment upon my death, at which point I believe it impossible to receive further packages from Ryan., no...that's crazy thoughts....

      (And you can always purchase Dinosaur Comic and other Ryan goods and sundries at's not direct from Ryan...but it still gets the "Ryan Buzz")

    9. Paul Baxter on November 6, 2013

      @ Shawn: The Yorick skull IS awesome! Soon all those who doubted will know, and then... Doubt any future doubts they ever have? Yeah, I'll say that's gonna be a fact. Still, with you on the sads for not getting more packages from Ryan. I think I got three in total (since one of my books needed replaced).

      @ Robert: You are correct to regret it not! That group just weren't cool enough to get your nerdliness, but *I* dig it... And I wasn't even there?

    10. Missing avatar

      Robert on November 6, 2013

      I went to a Halloween Party as Hamlet- I dressed in black, grabbed my yorick skull, and gave my ipad a custom cover that made it look like it was a book called "Words, words, words." On the back cover was reviews by "the critics"/shakespeare characters that were all puns, except for Polonius, whose review was "I don't get it."

      I was very pleased with the costume/skull.

      Even though no one really got it and I got a ton of weird looks and have now been [probably] branded in that group as "the weird guy with the stuffed skull"STILL I REGRET IT NOT

    11. Chelsea on November 6, 2013

      Hooray! Very excited to receive my skull, and very excited for your book being nominated! I think your picture needs a few more arrows though, I almost couldn't figure out which book was yours. :)

    12. Shawn Beard on November 6, 2013

      Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!! I'm so excited to get my skull! Soon I will be able to show it to people instead of just saying "it is going to be so cool!" Of course, the sad part is I am no longer going to be expecting any packages from you... :(

    13. Ryan North Creator on November 6, 2013

      Actually you can use Twitter, G+, or create an account there too! They just really really really want you to log in with Facebook for some reason.


    14. Walter Cooke on November 6, 2013

      Unfortunately you can only vote if you have a Facebook account to sign into. *sigh*