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The greatest work IN English literature, now in the greatest format OF English literature: a chooseable-path adventure!
The greatest work IN English literature, now in the greatest format OF English literature: a chooseable-path adventure!
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Poor Yorick and Rad Audiobook!

Posted by Ryan North (Creator)

Oh snap, it's update o'clock!


People are still getting books (and we're still shipping them) which is exciting! If we've got your right email address and everything's working properly, you'll get a shipping notification before it goes out. And THIS JUST IN: I love seeing people's packages on Twitter when they arrive! Here's Julie's package!

Remember that we're shipping out the skulls separately so if you were supposed to get one and there's not one in your packing this is totally normal. He's on his way!

Poor Yorick

Those of you who got the Kickstarter-exclusive Poor Yorick prequel in physical form probably noticed there's no credits on the book! That was to keep the cover nice and clean, but then I realized that it doesn't say who wrote the book and who did the pretty pictures. Whaaat?

The cover, and all the illustrations on the inside too, are by Tyson Hesse! He is the genius / handsome man behind Boxer Hockey and Diesel and tons of other stuff (Bravest Warriors covers, anyone??) So when you think "Poor Yorick" I want you to think of Tyson Hesse, then William Shakespeare, then me, then of your own mortality. Okay? Deal? DEAL.

Audio book

We've been sending out the physical books in order of tiers, from least to most, but that leaves the people who've pledged the most waiting the longest! So to make up for THAT unintended slight, today those people who pledged the most are getting their audiobooks first. Soon we'll send out the rest of the digital rewards (ebooks) - we're just waiting to get the download system set up properly!

If you pledged $75 or more (regardless of whether some of that was for shipping or not) you will be getting / will already have gotten an email from me (! If you haven't gotten it by tomorrow afternoon, be sure to check your spam folders and search for something from that address. The subject line contains the word "audiobook" too!

In that email will be a link to the audiobook site ( as well as a your credentials to log in. Everyone gets an automatically-generated password using this password scheme (seeded, of course, with a bunch of words from Shakespeare).

It looks like this!

The site itself contains the complete text of the book, along with the audio recording of the page you're on that will play automatically (tested in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari - Opera doesn't work because it only plays .ogg files). You can click on links to advance to the next node, and you can save your place up to five times in parallel (one for each finger you have jammed in the book, in case you want to go back and do anything over!).

And if you DON'T want to play interactively, on the very first page there are seven different pre-set paths through the book that you can download as straight MP3 files. Load these onto your phone and you can listen to the book as someone else makes the choices for you while you jog or drive or sit around ON A JOURNEY OF IMAGINATION.

This is PRETTY FUN, I gotta say! And if you have any questions about this, drop me an email: is the address!

Shipping questions

We're still shipping things out and you shouldn't be worried if your book hasn't arrived yet.  If you have questions about your shipment, message me on Kickstarter and either me (or Christina at Breadpig) will answer it!

Right now is exciting times, you guys!  Right now!  THIS VERY SECOND.


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    1. Jason Erbele on

      Yorick arrived three days earlier than the tracker thing indicated! Unfortunately, despite the accelerated transit, he did not survive the journey. His skull shall remind me of how he once was a fellow of infinite jest. ;)

    2. Missing avatar

      S. Utecht on

      My book arrived today! This is the first Kickstarter I backed, and I'm super excited to receive the end product. Thanks for the great book and for introducing me to the site. (SPOILER AHEAD: Great job with page 3, it got me.)

    3. Missing avatar

      Jason Farrell on

      Less cool is the lack of editing ability for comments, for a serial typo-artist like myself. Of course that should have read "so" much more ahead.

    4. Missing avatar

      Jason Farrell on

      Got my book today and it is huge and amazing. Also: flipping through it the first time, my eyes alighted on a reference to Monkey Island. That is awesomeness confirmation. I would quit while I was ahead, but I feel like I have no much more ahead to get. This is the happiest I have been with a Kickstarter. Great job, Hamlet! I guess Ryan and the artists did a good job, too.

    5. Jason Erbele on

      Wowee, Joe. I'm literally in the exact same boat. So exciting to get the Yorick Skull tracking thing, and then seeing that it is CURRENTLY within driving distance! For my own purposes I made an estimate for when our BODY AND WALLS stuff should be shipped, based on some of the earlier numbers provided. I'm guessing it'll be about a week to a week and a half before our spot in the queue is reached.

    6. Missing avatar

      Joe Szymanski on

      I haven't seen any indication that the books have shipped for me yet, but I did just get confirmation of the Plush Yorick Skull shipping. Looks like that will arrive first, as it's already in driving distance. Should the I WANT TO PUT THINGS ON MY BODY AND WALLS backers have the books shipped already, or are those still waiting?

    7. Wrapto on

      I have shipping questions; can I ship Hamlet and Yorick? Or is that 2 spooky?

    8. Missing avatar

      Peter Cook on

      Paperback arrived today in Toronto. Already dead as Hamlet Sr. Damn! Who knew? Thanks!

    9. Missing avatar

      Kathy Koons

      My books arrived yesterday. The mailman must have worked very hard shoving the box in my mailbox! However, he did not damage the wonderful contents inside. Thank you! I can't wait to dig in!

    10. Kojiless on

      Book arrived safely in Japan yesterday. It looks like it was wrapped in an empty cheerios box from Costco and and taped up by a pair if dyslexic monkeys, but the book was, amazingly, undamaged! Sweetness. It's been a fun ride, and my wallet is open and ready for HAMLET II: The Revenge. Because you know that's what ol' Shakey would have wanted.

    11. Unclever title on

      I just got the book today! 15 minutes in and I already got to be [SPOILER!] and it was amazing. To make it even better I also just got a set of three pairs of shorts and four pairs of underwear in the mail at the same time! So now I can read Hamlet as non linearly as I want while being in extreme comfort.

      This is wonderful news.

    12. Andrew Lieffring on

      Guys, I'm not going to lie, I kind of wish that I was the person whose inbox was so full of emails from that searching through them was so much trouble I needed to know that the one I was looking for had "audiobook" in the title.

    13. Jeff Pierce Jr. on

      When would be the time to worry if there's something wrong with my shipment. I submitted my address but I don't remember getting any sort of confirmation. Thanks -

    14. Missing avatar

      ameskitty on

      Thank you for resolving the "issue" before I even would've complained :)! I had my hopes up for this week because my fiancé is visiting this weekend and it'd have been a good time to give him copy #2, but audiobook access is a perfect alternative and it's good to know that I shouldn't be worried yet. Skype screen sharing session for the win!

      Do the Yorick skulls come with a shipping notification as well?

    15. Charles Engström on

      Got a package sent to me... was super excited about it... thought it to be this book... it was not... made me sad :(

    16. Janelle Morchinek on

      Cool! I got my book yesterday and it's AWESOME! But the audiobook sounds equally awesome. No rush, I know you have a ton to do; just thought I'd throw that into your brain for consideration!

    17. Ryan North Creator on

      Janelle: there will probably be some way to get at this audio data later, yeah! Just trying to figure out the best way to do it. And thanks, Stoic! :)

    18. Stoic

      I got my book! And my art is in it (wooo!) Man, I had no idea this book was going to be so massive, it's like a flippin' phone book! It's really wonderful, thanks Ryan!

    19. Janelle Morchinek on

      If we didn't back a tier that receives an audiobook, will there be a way to purchase it later?