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The greatest work IN English literature, now in the greatest format OF English literature: a chooseable-path adventure!
The greatest work IN English literature, now in the greatest format OF English literature: a chooseable-path adventure!
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Launch party: full details!!

Posted by Ryan North (Creator)

Here's all the information on the book launch! I will (HOPEFULLY) see you this Monday night!

WHERE: The Beguiling (601 Markham Street in Toronto, in Mirvish Village, beside Honest Eds)
WHEN: Monday, July 29th, 7pm-10pm
WHAT: Launch party for To Be or Not To Be! OMG U GUYS


To Be Or Not To Be VS. This Is How You Die!

The Kickstarter publishing sensation VS. the sequel to the #1 bestselling Machine of Death!

Which book launch will you choose? The release date of two very highly-anticipated new novels has almost arrived, and authors Ryan North, David Malki, and The Beguiling are going to celebrate! On Monday, July 29th, YOU are invited to attend the launches of these two books, to be held simultaneously next door to one another, in the CHOOSE YOUR OWN BOOK LAUNCH event! AHHHHHH

You already know about the book To Be or Not To Be that I wrote, but This Is How You Die is the book that I edited, along with David "Wondermark" Malki and Matt Bennardo! It is a collection of short stories about a world where a machine exists that can tell you how, but not when, you will die. It is NUTTY AWESOME, if I do say so myself. In honour of the spirit of these fine books, we are holding simultaneous book launches where attendees will pit the books against each other to choose their favourite!! Both launches will take place at restaurant/bars next to The Beguiling, the event's host.

At the TO BE OR NOT TO BE launch:

  • Meet author Ryan North and many of the illustrators featured in the book!

  • Epic Shakespeare rap battle!

  • Live choose-your-own-path reading of the book, featuring audiobook actor Matt Yantha!

  • Original art exhibition feature art from the artists in the book!

  • Get a copy of To Be or Not To Be! Get it signed!

At the THIS IS HOW YOU DIE launch:

  • Meet author and editor David Malki and that Ryan guy too!

  • Get your own, 100% accurate reading from the Machine of Death! No refunds. Also, it's free.

  • Dramatic Reading!

  • A Hilarious And Fun Game Which Is Like Pictionary But Uses Machine Of Death Prediction Cards Instead And Which We Cannot Call Pictionary For Legal Reasons

  • Get a copy of This Is How You Die! Get it signed!

So there will be PRIZES and COMPETITION and RAP BATTLES and it's gonna be great. Two events at the same time, side by side, allowing you to move between them easily! NOTHING COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG.

This Monday, 7pm, at The Beguiling in Toronto. You should come!

Here is a Facebook event you can join!


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    1. Johann Kwan on

      But I want to get mine double-signed!

    2. Corey Palmer on

      Yes because all Torontonians should get their paperbacks DOUBLE SIGNED!

      But seriously the paperback are already signed :p

    3. Missing avatar

      Peter Cook on

      So what's the likelihood we Torontonians get our paperbacks delivered in time to get them signed at the party? ;-)

    4. Ryan North Creator on

      No worries! Once this party is done I focus on the eBooks. It should not take long!

    5. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      as much as i hate to be That Guy, status on the e-books? i cry myself to sleep every night i can't control the fate of shakespeare characters

      (ps - reading TIHYD, you guys really outdid yourselves (and that's saying something, the first book was golden))

    6. Mark Khai Vinh Tran on

      Wait is that how you are guaranteeing the 100% accurate Machine of Death reading? Are you going to give everyone a card that says BOOK LAUNCH and then reveal the hidden C4?

    7. Mark Khai Vinh Tran on

      Way to tempt fate Ryan! Now it's basically guaranteed that attending either event will result in your imminent demise!