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The greatest work IN English literature, now in the greatest format OF English literature: a chooseable-path adventure!
The greatest work IN English literature, now in the greatest format OF English literature: a chooseable-path adventure!
15,352 backers pledged $580,905 to help bring this project to life.

Plush Yorick skulls have been unlocked! May I just say: OMG

Posted by Ryan North (Creator)

Yesterday I was talking about breaking the $250k threshold and today we broke $275k. I keep saying "thank you" but it keeps being insanely sincere! You guys are the best.

With that $275k threshold, we've unlocked YORICK SKULL SQUISHABLES. Think of Wee Rex (they'll be the same size), but an adorable cuddly skull instead of a neon green dinosaur!  He'll be the cutest way to contemplate mortality ever in time.  We don't have a prototype to show you yet, but I do have one of the sketches that Squishable and I have been working on for this bad boy.  This is a thing that is definitely happening! AHHHHH. IS THIS REAL LIFE?

These bad boys are being included at the $60 "I Want To Put Things On My Body And Walls" tier and above. To get them, just make sure you've selected one of those tiers as your pledge reward! You can alter your pledge on the project page: just hit the "Manage pledge" button. And you can see a hand complete list of all rewards at all tier levels on this page I made for you because I think you're great!

There's but a single stretch goal left, and it is the insanely mysterious ?????? one at the $300k level. That last level affects all copies of the book in all mediums and that's all I can say right now! Hopefully we will find out more soon?

For the story, we'd left it playing as Ophelia, with Hamlet reading from a choose-your-own-path book he wrote himself. He was trying to get us to admit to killing a dude. Do we go with OPTION AFFIRMATIVE and say that we did, or do we deny it with OPTION NEGATORY? Votes indicate that OPTION NEGATORY was the clear winner, and votes ALSO indicate that it's hard to rhyme with "negatory" because there weren't many couplets this time so oh well, I'll pick some better Kickstarter-only option names for you guys this time!

Say no

"No." you say.

Hamlet raises an eyebrow, then turns to a different page and begins reading.

"Liar!!" he shouts. "You totally killed your brother by poisoning him in the ear! You should admit it right now." He then looks at you. You stare back at him, evenly.

"Your choices are to admit it or not admit it," he finally says.

Wow that was short!  Vote for what to do next in the comments; your options are:

OPTION FROSTY: Do not admit it

On Monday we will return and find out WHAT PRECISELY WE ARE DOING, HERE IN FICTION LAND


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    1. Cidny Sigerson on

      I can't wait to receive one of these!

    2. Missing avatar

      Liz on

      Will the plushie Yorick be available, like in an online store, to people who didn't do the 60$ pledge?

    3. Wendel Scardua on

      I would choose Frosty, but since Rudolph managed to kill him in this timeline, I'll choose Rudolph instead.

    4. Missing avatar

      Professor Science on

      Frosty. Although I have a feeling it won't get us anywhere.

    5. Martin Wöls


    6. Melody Strmel on

      Ophelia didn't want to be bossy
      But couldn't see Claudius being righteous and lofty
      So to play the part
      Of a usurper who's smart
      She had to pick option FROSTY

    7. Katrina Sauvé on

      FROSTY the snowman!

    8. Missing avatar

      moshev on

      As the meme goes: Stay FROSTY!

    9. Paul Baxter on

      RUDOLPH! (I mean, what's the punk gonna DO about it?)

    10. Alison Schommer on

      easy. option FROSTY.

    11. Pablo Soares on

      Come now, admit not mostly
      Strong gals aren't supposed to be rusty
      Whether thy eyes betray hastily
      Ye shall always continue FROSTY

    12. Missing avatar

      Patrick LaVictoire on

      Frosty the snowman, was an eldrich horror soul...

    13. Jamie Tang on

      I like Rudolph better.

    14. Abdulrahman mathkor on

      I don't know why but must have skull plushy

    15. Kathy on

      Zounds! We've been found out!
      Rudolph, without a doubt!

    16. Jonty H. Campbell on

      2B, or not 2B, that is the pencil.

    17. Jonty H. Campbell on

      Is the poster frame-able?

    18. Ivara Roth on

      Rudolph the red nosed reindeer,
      was covered overnight in FROSTY snow.
      Oh how the FROSTY loved him,
      you could even say he glowed.
      oh how nobody loved Rudolph,
      but we're not really sad at all,
      because of option Frosty,
      Claudius won't admit at all.

    19. Missing avatar

      Adam Moses on

      Rudolph. He's got us.

    20. Missing avatar

      toastwizard on

      Rudolph. Looks like you caught me RED-handed!

      Eh? EEHHHHH???

    21. Mary-Ann Wyatt on

      Make a cry for amnesty
      You choose OPTION FROSTY

    22. Ryan Huff on

      @Yanni, human skulls run anywhere from a couple hundred to a couple thousand. Prices have recently gone up on most human bones, so it's a rough market right now. The bone room is a reliable shop with decent prices though, so you know. Also totally legal to own, so long as you're not grave robbing.

      I know you were kidding, but I thought I'd give you a horrifyingly honest response.

      Also, Frosty for the win.

    23. Tasha Rivera on

      frosty, like my beer.

    24. Yanni Cooper

      The morning before the announcement of the skull stretch goal I was actually contemplating how hard it would be to get my hands on an actual real human skull. Is that even legal? How hard would it be to find out who the skull had belonged to. All sort of interesting things, and then I read I would be getting a plush skull and forgot all about my interesting musings on owning a real one.
      Also Rudolph, who doesn't like a good confession!

    25. Missing avatar

      Mark Johnson on

      Feeling the cold shoulder, Hammy?
      Guess it's getting FROSTY.

      P.S. Also, I saw a suggestion about the skull having a jester's hat, that sounds pretty rad!!

    26. Richard on

      Man that skull....
      If it looks cute enough in real life I might drop some more money for it. Hope to see a prototype soon!

    27. Missing avatar

      Zeke Willey on

      I want to see exactly how exasperated we can get Hamlet, so I vote for OPTION FROSTY.

    28. Missing avatar

      Eliza on

      Ophelia doth her science-savvy show
      When alcoholic columns are in play
      But Hamlet yelling “Murder! Yes or no?”
      Will not make FROSTY Claudius give ‘way
      His guilt. What next than letting it suffice,
      Since book-within-a-book demands her voice,
      That fair Ophelia should assume that vice
      And see this out as Claude? Therefore, her choice:
      She’ll speak as uncle-king and hold the lie,
      That guilty he in guiltless she should live
      (At least till Hamlet turns the page to die
      A hundred different deaths – balloon or shiv?).

      “Not I!” says she, and furthers tragedies
      By blanching as she says it. ‘Phelia, please.