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The greatest work IN English literature, now in the greatest format OF English literature: a chooseable-path adventure!
The greatest work IN English literature, now in the greatest format OF English literature: a chooseable-path adventure!
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ROMEO AND/OR JULIET: the sequel to To Be or Not To Be!

Posted by Ryan North (Creator)

This is the official announcement of the new book, and you (beloved Kickstarter backers) are the first to get all the details. We actually made our book description on Amazon purposely obscure, so that nobody would get the full scoop before you did.

There's LOTS more to announce in the coming months - you'll be getting the inside track on that as well - but here are the deets: 

The Deets 

  • It is called Romeo and/or Juliet 
  • It is a choose-your-own-path version of a play you may have heard of called "Romeo And Juliet" by one "William Shakespeare" 
  • It is coming out in only a few months, on June 7th, 2016! 
  • Like To Be or Not To Be, each ending will be illustrated by tons of terrific artists - even more than last time!! 
  • Unlike To Be or Not To Be, Romeo and/or Juliet (incredibly!) has MORE choices, MORE links, MORE story, MORE playable characters, and MORE ways to die! 
  • also, waaaaay more ways to SMOOCH 
  • It's being published by a major publisher (Riverhead books, a division of Penguin), which means this book should be available EVERYWHERE :0 
  • ahhhh I'm SO EXCITED 
  • what if I gave you a list of all the artists involved? 
  • what if I did that?? 

The Artists!

So great! More illustrations means more artists, and I've gathered them from online and in print, from comics, animation, illustration, and more. I can't wait to share more of what these people - who I am not afraid to call THE GREATEST ARTISTS WORKING TODAY - produced. For the list here I chose just one each artist's works, but I'm betting you'll recognize them from all sorts of things! 

Pretty Pictures: 

Romeo by Kate Beaton! (SHE'S BACK)
Romeo by Kate Beaton! (SHE'S BACK)
and/or Juliet! (also by Kate, OBVS)
and/or Juliet! (also by Kate, OBVS)


Hey guess what!  You can preorder the book through several of these fancy links:

I can't say more about the book JUST YET, but I will say this: as someone who has backed the original Kickstarter and is also awesome, be sure to hold on to your preorder email receipt. For SURPRISES :0

 Thank you all, and I can't wait to share more of this book!!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jung Shaan Lee on

      Will there be an ebook version? And does a pre-order from bookdepository count?

    2. Timmo Warner on

      That's an awesome list of artists, but AGAIN no Apelad (Adam Koford!)

      I am slightly disappointed but mostly excited!

    3. Missing avatar

      Rachael Headrick on

      I'm torn. I love To Be or Not To Be, but I also love Hamlet while I hate Romeo and Juliet with a passion that far out does their stupid puppy love. ;)

      Based on To Be Or Not To Be, I suspect there will be plenty of snarky options to entertain even those of us who hate the original, but any confirmation of that would be appreciated.

    4. Single Thread Theatre Company on

      Will a pre-order from include the chance of a super secret thingy? Please say YES.

    5. Shaun Cheah on

      I have excitement!

    6. Missing avatar

      Michael Kevin Jones on

      Looking forward to. Change .com to on the amazon link to make a preorder in the UK :-)

    7. Michael Patrick Cutillo on

      These posts reminded me to order a replacement copy of To Be or Not To Be for the copy I lost in the fire. Both ordered.

    8. Steve Wark on

      Done...I love books AND surprises!

    9. Cynical Felidae on

      I hope a pre-order from book depository is eligible for that super secret thingie. If not, I can always order more. :-).
      My copy of to be or not to be was getting lonely.

    10. Missing avatar

      afbeer on

      I preordered from I changed that preorder to book depository because of price.

      I got to that listing by following the amazon link above and exchanging the toplevel domain .com with .de in the browser.

    11. Jamie Fong

      Wow, you were not kidding about THE GREATEST ARTISTS WORKING TODAY. What a line-up!

    12. Missing avatar


      Preordered! I'm so excited!

    13. Barb on

      Does one of the fancy links pay you better than the others?

      Because you're Canadian and are required by your country's Secret Constitution of 1875 to keep up that 'we're so friendly' facade, I know that your first instinct is to reply, "Just order from wherever is most convenient for you!" but if there is one place that provides you more money to buy pizza ingredients, please let us know!

    14. RetroXpuntoNES on

      So excited!!!

      I hope there is a hardcover version so it matches neatly with the To be or not to Be book.

    15. Moritz Schubert on

      I'm not really into (web)comics, but I'm really excited that you got Becky Cloonan. I love the (half) Batman issue that she did. It's so badass that you got the first female Batman artist! (And it's sad that it took so long for DC to hire a woman to draw a Batman comic...)

    16. Moritz Schubert on

      Will there be a video game version of this book, too?
      I know that I'm probably in the minority with this opinion, but I thought the video game version of "To Be Or Not To Be" was an improvement over the book format.

    17. Single Thread Theatre Company on

      The Pre-ordering has occurred.... from

    18. Cheshire Cat Asylum Krazie OotG on

      Oops, I stand corrected it already is!

      Book Depository delivers free worldwide!

    19. Cheshire Cat Asylum Krazie OotG on

      Maybe you should get it on Book Depository, that way Europeans can (pre)order too!

    20. Cheshire Cat Asylum Krazie OotG on

      Sweet! But I am in the Netherlands, where can I preorder?
      It isn't listed on

    21. Alexander "Xan" Kashev

      Hardcover, please!

    22. Ryan North Creator on

      @Jota - that would be fine! MORE than fine, even!

    23. David Tai

      I'm in the same boat as JeremysIron! I have a hardcover of the Kickstarter, so would've loved to have this in hardcover as well.

    24. Ben Norland on

      Another non-North-American here wanting to pre-order now, now, NOW!

    25. Missing avatar

      Jota on

      As someone who has backed the original Kickstarter and is also awesome, what if I were to talk someone *else* into pre-ordering this book (someone who, for instance, knows that I will eventually have a birthday not too long after the book is scheduled to be published), and they kept *their* receipt? But the name on their receipt wasn't mine because they're not me?

    26. Ryan North Creator on

      There's no plans for a hardcover right now, unfortunately! But even though our covers may be soft, the challenges within those covers will be just as hard.

    27. Ryan North Creator on


    28. Missing avatar

      Randall North on

      Even Ryan's Dad ( Montague North) ordered a copy!

    29. Missing avatar

      Ian Vassilaros on

      This book I did preorder
      "Cuz I'm a big book hoarder.
      I'd sing, but I'm no chord-er.
      In June, I won't be bored-er.


    30. Toby Lee on

      I'm so happy right now :)

    31. JeremysIron on

      Is it also going to be available from for us foreign backers? (Or any other British retailer)

      ...oh and I too would very much prefer to buy this in hardcover to match my lovely copy of Hamlet.

    32. Jonathan Kaus on

      Any chance we can get this in hardcover?

    33. Deanna Daly on

      Is there going to be a hardcover version?

    34. Missing avatar

      Matt Hofmann on

      I ordered that book so hard

    35. Ryan North Creator on

      @Sam B - there should be, eventually! But not right now. But eventually! So no worries. And thank you!

    36. Missing avatar

      Gary Tyrrell on

      Ordered. Ordered the CRAP out of that book!

    37. Jason Klein on

      Don't have to tell me twice -- ordered!!!

    38. Missing avatar

      Naseem Jamnia on

      Preordered OF COURSE because why would I wait PFT

    39. Sam B on

      Will there be ways for us outside of North America to preorder without having to import?

    40. Missing avatar

      Ty Von Plinsky on

      How is that artist list SO MASSIVE?

    41. Missing avatar

      aredash on

      Instant and easy choice. Ordered!

    42. Missing avatar

      nin on

      ORDERED!!!!!!!!! (Thanks!)

    43. Andrew Banas on

      So many artists!! So many endings?!

    44. Tim Ellis on

      YAY! Ordering now...