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I DRAW COMICS Sketchbook & Reference Guide is an indispensable tool for comic fans, artists and enthusiasts to practice drawing comics.
Created by

Matt Marrocco

6,466 backers pledged $245,870 to help bring this project to life.

Stretch Goal #2

WOW!  The amount of support on this project is overwhelming!  Ryan and I are too geeked for words at the response, so thanks everyone for making our project a success!  We've got plenty of time left to make some fun Stretch Goals happen - so let's start right now!

Stretch Goal #2:


Every pledger from the $25 tier on up is getting a Limited Edition, Kickstarter-Only signed 4x6" print of art from the book in full color, printed on heavy stock art paper.  We are still coming up with the design so be patient - we'll send out an update soon with images of what you can expect! 

Remember to keep helping us spread the word!  Many more can still benefit from this project!!

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Thanks everyone!




    1. Creator Matt Marrocco on August 27, 2012

      Just add $20 to any pledge tier per book you want to add.



    2. Creator Stephan H. Wissel on August 27, 2012

      Can you update the Pledges, so one can get more than one book. I got 2 aspiring young offsprings who want this.

    3. Creator Hansel Moreno on August 26, 2012

      Is the design Stegman posing shirtless? People will frame that.

    4. Creator Jamie Robin GIbbs on August 26, 2012

      3k to go :D I approximate it will be a further 6 hours, judging by when your comment was posted... I've no idea about the landmasses and timezones involved, though. Hrm... where is the light now?

      I'll have to draw something. It's been all too long...

    5. Creator Nathan Black on August 26, 2012

      This is a great reward and looks like we are almost there only 5k to go. Thanks guys!

    6. Creator ShinKagato on August 26, 2012

      Saw your book over on Comicvine so the good publicity is working ^_^

    7. Creator Benjamin on August 26, 2012

      Thanks guys! I'm really looking forward to the book!

    8. Creator Will Childs on August 25, 2012


    9. Creator Mario Santos Ramos on August 25, 2012

      Wow! Thank you guys. This is awesome! :) can't wait for it.

    10. Creator Kim Kredich on August 24, 2012

      THANK YOU!!!! : )

    11. Creator Ryan HH on August 24, 2012

      @jeewaka - Look at the $25 pledge - gets you one book ... just add $20 per book for extra books to that pledge (you can manage your pledge after the fact ... big blue button at tome.

      I am getting two books so I put in $45 on my $25 pledge level.

    12. Creator jeewaka on August 24, 2012

      To Kim Kredich, I will be willing to at least pay for 5 books if there is a way to do it here.

    13. Creator Kim Kredich on August 24, 2012

      I am a $50 supporter and a huge advocate of the Arts... our 3 sons attend an inner-city Arts Magnet school in Knoxville called Vine Middle Magnet School. There is an incredible Art teacher there named Jessica Bledsoe who has such great aspirations for all her students but not much money to buy supplies. The school only has 300 kids and about 45 of them take Year-Round Art. Please consider the possibility of donating some of your fabulous books to our school with the extra funds you have raised - THANKS!!!!

      Kim Kredich
      P.T.A. President
      Vine Middle Magnet School

    14. Creator Matt Marrocco on August 24, 2012

      sorry - just updated!

    15. Creator Matt Marrocco on August 24, 2012

      We're discussing NY Comic Con for sure - we'll keep you updated!

    16. Creator Saleem Noorali on August 24, 2012

      What is the new stretch goal amount?

    17. Creator William Lee on August 24, 2012

      New York Comic Con is around the corner, will you guys have a booth?

    18. Creator ChrisC on August 24, 2012