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Indie Spirit Award winner Susan Johnson and producers Suzanne Farwell and Susan Cartsonis are bringing Carrie Pilby to life.
Indie Spirit Award winner Susan Johnson and producers Suzanne Farwell and Susan Cartsonis are bringing Carrie Pilby to life.
Indie Spirit Award winner Susan Johnson and producers Suzanne Farwell and Susan Cartsonis are bringing Carrie Pilby to life.
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90 minutes to go! Thanks everyone. Have a fantastic weekend and again, thank you! We're makin' a movie!!!!!!



Okay is the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! THANKS to ALL of you, our friends, family, and new friends who are fans of Caren's fabulous book, we have indeed reached our initial goal on KICKSTARTER. CONGRATULATIONS to EVERYONE! Your support made it happen!!! We can't wait to make the movie.

That said, our Kickstarter campaign is still very much alive until Friday night, and we are still actively raising funds. Every dime we raise will go toward production, and each contribution will help us make a bigger, better movie. At this budget level, literally every dime makes a difference. So please help us continue to spread the see if we can reach our "stretch goal", as Kickstarter calls it, of $85,000.00. 

But first, give yourselves a hug from four very, very, very grateful women who feel humbled by this entire experience.


Thanks Kate!

Thanks Kate Farwell, for supporting your mom, and our film, and all things Carrie!  

Sunday, Sunday

Hi all,

Here's an interview...about the movie.  Yikes!  Always weird seeing a picture of yourself online (I like the other side of the camera much better!)

We're in the home stretch but crawling toward the goal now.  I'm hoping everyone will share this article (which has a link to Kickstarter) so that we can build support not only for the movie, but for the current plight of women in film.  We're only one industry (though gender inequality is rampant), and entertainment isn't exactly a human rights issue, but Suzanne, Susan and I are working tirelessly to make a difference.  We have to start somewhere, right?  One film at a time!

Okay...$9500.00 to go.  $9583 to be exact.  In 5 days.  We've come too far to stop now!  Please share us with your friends and family.

Thanks everyone.  Have a good week!

Susan (J)

Stretch Goals? Who, us? Why YES!

Hi everyone,

Hope you all had a fun 4th of July!  

We celebrated too...mid strategizing sessions.  ONE WEEK LEFT.  We are so close, and so humbled by your support.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

As we figure out how to push on to our goal and hopefully beyond this week, I just wanted to encourage everyone to please share the link to the campaign with friends and family.  Clearly we all want this movie to happen (again, thank you!), but we also need to show the world (and the powers that be) that we have fan support in numbers.  This is where the smaller donations come into play.  If we could get, say, 250 new donors at the $10.00 level, AND 500 at the $5.00 level, AND 2000 supporters for $1 even, that would be enough to make our campaign go viral in this last week.

So please think about it!  There are 137 of us here on Kickstarter, and almost 2000 fans on Facebook.  If each of us brought in a few friends, we would be home free.  It's like asking a friend to a movie, really (actually, less than the cost of a movie ticket these days!), except we haven't made it yet...but we will, and when we do, you'll be there to say "I told you so" when it turns out GREAT.

Here's the short link to KICKSTARTER:

You can copy and paste the link into an email message, or a FB message, or your blog, etc.  And of course we are on Facebook at and on Twitter #carriepilby

We know you have better things to do, so thank you for taking the time to read this and share. 

Hope to see you all doing the happy dance one week from today - because YOU MADE THIS HAPPEN.  I love Kickstarter.  Wish I had thought of it!

Have a good weekend!

Susan (J)