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RoboArena- Asynchronous Multiplayer Tactical iOS Game's video poster

A single and multiplayer casual strategy game for the iPhone and iPad inspired by classics like X-Com and RoboSports! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on July 3, 2011.

A single and multiplayer casual strategy game for the iPhone and iPad inspired by classics like X-Com and RoboSports!

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RoboArena will be available this Fall/Winter of 2011

Please check the Updates Tab of the web site for the latest news and info!

Update 7/3/2011- This campaign's funding ends shortly, and all of us here at Bravado Waffle Studios wanted to give all our backers a big THANK YOU from the bottoms of our hearts!!

RoboArena is currently in development. When it is finished it will be a Top Down Tactical Turn Based Casual Strategy Multiplayer Action Game (TDTTBCSMAG for short) for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Check it out...

Game Mechanics

Imagine taking the classic board game RoboRally and the 90's video game classics RoboSport and X-Com and combining them into a deliciously fresh and exciting new game on the iPhone and iPad! The result would be RoboArena!

At the game's core you are planning and programming moves into a Robo or teams of Robos as they travel through levels and accomplish objectives. You pre-program up to 15 moves at a time, and watch how the results play out in the game. The turn based play makes for an exciting but laid back pace. This puts your tactical and strategical skills to the test, while maintaining a relaxed and casual gameplay experience.

Single Player Mode

In single player the game turns into an action puzzler where you try to overcome challenges, avoid or destroy your enemies, and accomplish objectives as you escape the evil robot factory. We've got 30 challenging levels planned with tons of unique mechanics, and lots of awesome bad guys! We are estimating between 4-6 hours worth of play-time in single player alone.

Arena and Multiplayer Mode

Arena and Multiplayer mode is where the game will really shine. The pre-programming tactical mechanic turns the game into an epic game of cloak-and-dagger chess. Up to six human or A.I. players play asynchronously on random battlefields, equipping their Robo or teams of Robos with a variety of clever and unique weapons and armors to compete in various games like:

Free For All- It's every Robo for himself! Kick some robutt and show them what you are made of! (metal, plastic, and silicone)

Capture The Flag- Two teams control 3 Robos each and try to outmaneuver their opponents and capture their flags, or destroy their generators.

Robo Hunt- Players must hunt down each of their assigned targets until you are the last man standing. Lay traps, anticipate your opponents moves, evade detection, and escape from the other Robos hunting you!

And more...


We have planned expansions for the game that will offer new and exciting modes of gameplay, new locations, and new mechanics to challenge you and your friends. Think of battling your Robos in sneaky ninja castles, pirate infested tropical islands, sinking cities of Atlantis, and more!!

Sound exciting? HECK YES IT DOES!

Art, Polish, Music, Oh My!

As you can see, we are working hard to develop RoboArena as fast as possible. We still have a long way to go, and we need your help to make it happen! The $1000 we hope to raise represents the bare minimum we need to make a viable polished product. Let me tell you... there is a lot of polishing to do: we're going to need hand painted game art to be created, we've got artists to be paid, and beautiful music to be mastered. We have an amazing artist, a highly talented composer, and lot and lots of love that needs to be poured into RoboArena!

Your generous pledges will help us ensure the game gets the love and top notch and production quality it deserves to make it truly stand out. Anything we manage to raise above the initial goal will help us greatly to speed up the development by allowing us to devote more time and resources to the development process.

We are super excited about releasing our first game! RoboArena is just the tip of the iceberg for Bravado Waffle Studios. We have some truly exciting and unique ideas planned for the future with new styles of gameplay and amazing blends of genres.

Success for RoboArena means we will be able to turn our other ideas into realities and grow our small team into a real studio. We've got SO many fun and amazing games planned for you guys!

The beauty of the App store is the low barrier to entry, making it a place where dreams can come true. Your pledges will help us to reach our goal of putting high quality, family friendly games into the hands of those who love them and show how a dream can become a reality with hard work and dedication. More importantly, we will get to share our love of indie gaming with the world!

Thanks for your support and for taking the time to read this! We are aiming for a Fall/Winter release, so stay tuned!


  • Yes, RoboArena will be a Universal App and will run natively on both the iPhone and the iPad.

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  • Initially we will be releasing on the Apple App store. Judging from the reception there, and the overall demand for an Android release, we will make the call. We certainly would love to port it to Android if there is a fan base that wants it!

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  • 1. Of or requiring a form of computer control timing protocol in which a specific operation begins upon receipt of an indication (signal) that the preceding operation has been completed.
    2. Not going at the same rate or exactly together with something else.

    Or to put it more simply Disc Drivin' and Words With Friends style multiplayer gameplay.

    Or to put it even more simply- a turn-based game

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  • We will be pricing RoboArena at $1.99.

    *Note: even if you only pledge $1 to our kickstarter campaign, you will get RoboArena for free (we will either send you a promo code or gift it to you). So pledging to the campaign is the easiest way to get the game fast and cheap!

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    Get The Game and Swag! Get a free copy of RoboArena gifted to you when it is released. Receive our custom designed and super adorable RoboArena Cubee in downloadable PDF format, as well as beautifully hand illustrated wallpapers featuring scenes from the game!

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    Pledge $15 or more

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    Get Exclusive! As a super Kickstarter supporter, you will get an awesome Robo avatar to use in the multiplayer game! This unique avatar will be exclusive to Kickstarter supporters and will never be offered to anybody else! Also you will get our all-original RoboArena soundrack professionally mastered and composed by our in house musical savant Jesse. Those are some sweet beats! (+ Swag + Game)

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    Pledge $25 or more

    16 backers Limited (24 left of 40)

    Get Personal! Join our private beta, and get to playtest RoboArena before anybody else! Brag to your friends, and have a say in what makes it into the final game! (+ Swag + Avatar + Game + Soundtrack)

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    Pledge $50 or more

    8 backers Limited (32 left of 40)

    Get Immortalized! Become immortalized in RoboArena by designing your own multiplayer level for the game! Also, we will send you a signed limited edition RoboArena postcard featuring game art and our personal handwritten thanks. (+ Swag + Avatar + Game + Soundtrack + Beta)

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