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RoboArena is a multiplayer casual strategy game for the iPhone inspired by classics like X-Com and Robo Rally.

RoboArena is a multiplayer casual strategy game for the iPhone inspired by classics like X-Com and Robo Rally. Read More
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This project's funding goal was not reached on May 25, 2011.

About this project

All supporters will get a free copy of RoboArena when we release it! 

(because we love you)

New Pledge Rewards:

• Anybody who pledges at the $24 level or higher will be eligible to be a part of our public beta!

• Anybody who pledges at the $49 level or higher will get to design a multiplayer level for the game!!

All the funds are going towards making this game better, and nothing makes a game better than having a happy fans and a great community!!

Also, RoboArena will be universal. It will work natively on the iPhone and the iPad.

Deathmatch X-Com meets RoboRally Fun!

RoboArena is a Top Down Turn Based Casual Strategy Multiplayer Action Game (TDTBCSMAG for short). Why do we say that? Check it out...

Game Mechanics

Imagine taking the classic board game RoboRally and the 90's video game classics RoboSport and X-Com and combining them into a deliciously fresh and exciting new game on the iPhone and iPad! The result would be RoboArena!

At the game's core you are pre-programming the moves of your little Robo to travel through the level. It's not very smart, so it will only accept up to 15 moves per turn. This puts your planning and strategical skills to the test, while maintaining a relaxed and casual gameplay experience.

Single Player Mode

In single player the game turns into an action puzzler where you try to overcome challenges and accomplish objectives as you escape the evil robot factory. We've already got 30 challenging levels planned with tons of challenges, beautifully rendered cut scenes, and tons of awesome bad guys!

Arena and Multiplayer Mode

Arena and Multiplayer mode is where the game really shines. The pre-programming mechanic turns the game into an epic game of cloak-and-dagger chess. Up to six players (or AIs) play asynchronously on random battlefields, equipping their Robos with a variety of clever and unique weapons and armors to compete in various games:

Free For All- It's every Robo for himself! Kick some robutt and show them what you are made of! (metal, plastic, and silicone)

Capture The Flag- Two teams control 3 Robos each and try to outmaneuver their opponents and capture their flags, or destroy their generators.

Robo Hunt- Players must hunt down each of their assigned targets until you are the last man standing. Lay traps, anticipate your opponents moves, evade detection, and escape from the other Robos hunting you!


We have planned expansions for the game that will offer new and exciting modes of gameplay, new locations, and new mechanics to challenge you and your friends. Think of battling in sneaky ninja castles, pirate infested tropical islands, sinking cities of Atlantis, and more!!

Sound exciting? HECK YES IT DOES!

1) Equipment!

We are currently working on borrowed equipment and our friends and family are tired of getting invitations for dinner “and don’t forget your iPad...” These funds will allow us to get our own equipment and thoroughly test RoboArena on a variety of devices to find all the bugs.

2) Polish!

There is a lot of final polishing to do: we've got beautifully rendered game art to be created, artists to be paid, and music to be mastered. We have an amazing artist, a highly talented composer, and lot and lots of love that needs to be poured into RoboArena! Your generous pledges will help us ensure the game gets the love and top notch and production quality it deserves to make it truly stand out.

3) Marketing!

The App store is a tough market, and making a game is only half the battle! Even before a game is released marketing and promotion must take place. This takes time, money, and more money. Your pledges and contributions will help us to promote this game as much as possible in unique marketing channels and with innovative ways to get it in front of as many people as possible.

We are super excited about releasing our first game! RoboArena is just the tip of the iceberg for Bravado Waffle Studios. We have some truly exciting and unique ideas planned for the future with new styles of gameplay and amazing blends of genres.

Success for RoboArena means we will be able to turn our other ideas into realities and grow our small team into a real studio. We've got SO many fun and amazing games planned for you guys!

The beauty of the App store is the low barrier to entry, making it a place where dreams can come true. Your pledges will help us to reach our goal of putting high quality, family friendly games into the hands of those who love them and show how a dream can become a reality with hard work and dedication. More importantly, we will get to share our love of indie gaming with the world!

Thanks for your support and for taking the time to read this! We are aiming for a Summer/Fall release, so stick around!


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    Get Swag!! Receive our custom designed and super adorable RoboArena Cubee! Also get access to Kickstarter exclusive desktop backgrounds featuring beautifully hand painted scenes of your favorite Blue Robo in action!

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    Get Music! Get our all-original RoboArena songs on the soundrack professionally mastered and composed by our in house musical savant Jesse. This offer is exclusive to our Kickstarter supporters only! (+ Swag)

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    Get Personal! We will send you a signed RoboArena limited edition postcard featuring game art with our personal hand written thanks. (+ Swag + Soundtrack)

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    Get Collectible! Receive a limited edition custom made RoboArena pin badge. Be the envy of all your friends with a Blue Robo on your lapel! (+ Swag + Soundtrack + Postcard)

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    Get Protected! Haven't had enough yet? How about a Kickstarter exclusive RoboArena iPhone 4 skin to really show off your Robo pride! (+ Swag + Soundtrack + Postcard + Pin Badge)

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    Pledge $499 or more About $499 USD

    Get Heard! Super Supporters will receive a one-of-a-kind 3D printed sculpture of the Blue Robo, signed and numbered and delivered to your door. This never-to-be-repeated-and-super-hyphenated-offer is available exclusively to our super supporters on Kickstarter! Also as a super supporter you will get a free copy of every game we make forever, and be able to help us beta test our ideas and get your voice heard! (+ Everything else above of course)

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