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Brass Roots is an unprecedented look into the history, culture and people that make up contemporary brass band music in New Orleans.
Brass Roots is an unprecedented look into the history, culture and people that make up contemporary brass band music in New Orleans.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Ben Felten on September 26, 2016

      So I'm assuming this project is dead as the proverbial dodo ? No update in a couple of years, that stinks...

    2. Missing avatar

      kimberly moss on February 14, 2016

      It has been almost five years since I made my pledge. I have not received the digital download and card that I was supposed to receive for my pledge.

    3. Philip Stein
      on October 7, 2013

      It's now been almost 9 months since the last update and almost two and a half years since this project was funded. Is it still coming out or has the project just died?

    4. Missing avatar

      Ben Felten on October 19, 2012

      Last update was in May, could you tell us what the status is on the movie ? It has been a year an a half since funding, after all. I'm happy to wait, but I really want to see this. It'd de nice (not to mention reassuring) to get a status update and (hopefully) an ETA ?

    5. Irene Kato on February 29, 2012

      Thanks for the update and details, Brass Roots. Great to hear that your hard work continues in the midst of your daily demands. Looking forward to exciting things happening in 2013 for the documentary - we're with you along the way so please let us know what we can do if anything to continue the support. Thanks for the Hot 8 video, too!

    6. Brass Roots Movie Creator on February 29, 2012

      Hey everyone, sorry for the delay in our response but things have been pretty hectic since Christmas for us and we've been stretched pretty thin working on this and keeping up with all our other responsibilities.

      We do have GREAT NEWS however in that we will be posting a project update very soon that will include a brand new video and an update on the film's progress.

      As always, thanks so much for all your help and support and for staying in touch with the project.

      -The Brass Roots Team

    7. Jacqueline Skelton on February 25, 2012

      Me either. Any updates for us Brass Roots Movie?

    8. Philip Stein
      on February 18, 2012

      Any update on what's happening? I haven't seen a newsletter in a while.

    9. Brass Roots Movie Creator on September 12, 2011

      @Jacqueline, thanks for checking in! We've been working very hard finishing up filming and we've entering the final phases and beginning to edit down our footage.

      We send out a weekly newsletter updating everyone on our progress. To sign up, send an email to Subject: newsletter signup and received the latest news!

    10. Jacqueline Skelton on September 12, 2011

      Is there any new update on the project? It has been many months now with no new word.

    11. Missing avatar

      Susan Penick on April 25, 2011

      (I just looked back and there is really only one place where you have "sprinters" - so I am sorry to be bothering you over that - just have fun and go get the money!!!!!)

    12. Missing avatar

      Susan Penick on April 25, 2011

      I know you must be busy with stuff so thanks for taking the time to answer - "guilded" was always puzzling to me. I love how Dr. John plays freely with words and I doubt he bothers himself a whole lot about spelling. But what about the "r" in Sprinters?

      You know the cool thing is that your $$$$$ are growing !!! and I sure will keep spreading the word. I really want the chance to see your movie.

    13. Brass Roots Movie Creator on April 22, 2011

      Hey Susan,

      Good catch and that's a funny story.

      We were aware that Dr. John's version is spelled "guilded" but the problem is, that's not a word. From what we could tell, Dr. John was trying to say he was walking on "gilded" splinters -- or splinters slightly covered in gold -- and not that he was, say, walking on a "guild" of splinters (like the Screen Actors Guild).

      We're not the first to encounter this problem. Type "Guilded Splinters" into YouTube or Google and you'll see videos of Dr. John signing it, but both search engines also ask: "Did you mean: gilded splinters".

      Other artists, like Paul Weller, spell the song "gilded" in their cover while the Allman Brothers and Widespread Panic spell it "guilded." There is also a band called "The Gilded Splinters", which we'd be surprised if that name didn't come from the song.

      So we decided to have it both ways. The project is a remix so Glen David Andrews' version is "Gilded Splinters" but we point out it's origin with "I walk on Guilded Splinters" and, of course, the writing credit goes to Dr. John (Mac Rebennack).

      Hope that answers your question. Thanks for your support and don't forget to spread the word about Brass Roots!

    14. Missing avatar

      Susan Penick on April 22, 2011

      I know you'll get there and I can't wait!

      (But just Gilded Sprinters a typo? A joke? Or??? "Cause I'm sure you know Dr. John's song is Guilded Splinters!)


    15. Meghan Halverson on April 8, 2011

      Well done guys! Can't wait to see the finished project!

    16. John B. Moss on April 7, 2011

      WOW! excellent sound engineering... and DP good too...It's all about the music. I will let everyone know about your project and donate when I can!

    17. Lindsey on April 6, 2011

      This is great! I lived in New Orleans for both graduate and medical school prior to Katrina. Since then I have lived all over the US. The NOLA brass bands where one of my favorite memories and their brass band sound is very unique to New Orleans. (New Orleans Brass Bands have a very unique sound like no others.) Kudos to you for documenting them.

    18. Missing avatar

      Rebecca de los Rios on April 1, 2011

      Great project! You will make it... congratulations