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$3,274 pledged of $10,000 goal
$3,274 pledged of $10,000 goal

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    1. Brass Engine Productions 2-time creator on June 3

      @Lunchkunn - Thanks for the comment! We have a great time every time we play, and we want to share it with other folks looking for a great party game. =)

      @Chryssta - Thanks for sharing it around for opinions! We look forward to any commentary we can get for feedback. =D

    2. Chryssta
      on June 3

      Sending you a private message....

    3. Chryssta
      on June 3

      I shared the project to a Discord channel I'm in. Lets see if anyone bites. Here's hoping, right?

    4. Lunchkunn on June 3

      Very cool-looking game! Interactive and visually stunning, I must say that I rather like what I see :)

    5. Brass Engine Productions 2-time creator on June 1

      @Dan - Thanks for supporting us, and I'm glad you enjoyed the demo at the Science Center! You have some great suggestions, and we will definitely be looking into it. There's definitely too much brown everywhere, we just hadn't noticed that before. We also had a long conversation about the box art. We hope that you come back if/when we do a relaunch =)
      Thanks for the input!


    6. Missing avatar

      Dan Leib on June 1

      I posted exclusively due to having met the crew at a demo at the St. Louis Science center and having a lot of fun with it. The Kickstarter page itself is... well not good. You don't have any good section breaks to organize info, the video is considerably too chintzy to inspire confidence. Visually it's brown square after brown square after brown square, which is not a good way to keep people's attention, and is very easy to scroll right past. The artwork on the box/cards, especially the people, is also a bit discongruous with the overall theme. The colors pop hard against what's supposed to be a weathered background, for example.

      If you launch again I'd bring in someone experienced with this kind of digital design/advertising, as the game itself is great!

    7. Missing avatar

      Dan Hopper on May 31

      This is one of the most fun games I’ve ever played. Will definitely be in my collection long term!

    8. Brass Engine Productions 2-time creator on May 28

      @Chryssta - We've definitely been watching the numbers, and we have been trying new avenues to get Thief's Hoard in front of a bigger audience. We should see this week if that starts to pan out or not. 15 days is our halfway point, so it may not look great, but we will keep trying to reach our goal.

      And don't worry - we will plan for a relaunch if necessary. We definitely want Thief's Hoard to get made, one way or another!

      Thanks for keeping up with us, and being a supporter!


    9. Chryssta
      on May 28

      I hate to say it, but kicktraq doesnt have high hopes...

    10. Chryssta
      on May 28

      I know there's 15 days remaining, but I'm worried all the same, that we're only ⅓ of the way there. I really want to see this funded.

    11. Brass Engine Productions 2-time creator on May 25

      Thank you to our most recent backers!
      Kevin, Nancy, Michele, and Nicholas!
      Your pledges are helping make Thief's Hoard happen! =)

    12. Brass Engine Productions 2-time creator on May 24

      Hey Chryssta! Thanks for the vote of confidence =)
      I think we're just in a very competitive market right now, and Thief's Hoard is a very different kind of game from Materia. We'll find our audience, and I think we can make it if we keep trying.

      Thanks for supporting us!

    13. Chryssta
      on May 24

      I really hope this makes it, and people aren't holding Materia against you guys. The superbackers know that the first project for a new company is always shaky. That's how you learn and get better.

      An idea for you, if it doesn't fund here, you can list it on Indiegogo and try there. I'll even make an account to back it there.