A BRIEF HISTORY: In 2013, Jon Schiefer crowdfunded the budget for and made ALGORITHM. On July 14, 2014, he released ALGORITHM for free for 24 hours. It instantly went viral. On December 7, 2014, Jon posted ALGORITHM for free on YouTube, where it’s gotten more than 10 million views and been translated by fans into 18 languages.

     ALGORITHM is often called “The best, most realistic hacker movie ever made.” It’s been nominated for film festival awards and hackers like Steve Gibson, Steve Wozniak, John Draper, and more have praised it.
     Since ALGORITHM’s release, Jon has been working on Intelligent Design.

THE STORY: Utkin tests a new kind of electric generator. It explodes in a bolt of lightning. Ed and Stacy, contractors for the C.I.A. get footage of the test from a hacked mobile and bring it to their C.I.A. handlers. They recruit Dani, to help them find and interrogate him.
     And that's just the first hour!
     Intelligent Design will be a 36 hour realistic series about science fiction and spies. It will be filmed all over the world, telling local stories of innovation with global impact. It’s an exploration of who we are and why we do what we do, through the lens of science fiction and spies.

THE BUDGET:  $33 million seems like a lot. And for a Kickstarter campaign, it will set a record. But, for a Hollywood movie, it's incredibly inexpensive. And, to produce 18 Hollywood movies? Intelligent Design isn’t just about a revolution, it is a revolution! Nothing like it has ever been done. We've had to innovate at every level of production.

DISTRIBUTING THE REVOLUTION:  When Intelligent Design is completed, it will be released in theaters around the world on the same dates, as a series of 18 movies (produced at studio-level quality). Each movie will be in theaters for one month, immediately followed by the next. As each movie leaves theaters, it will be broken up into smaller episodes, posted on YouTube, and translated into nearly every human language, where it will be free to watch, by anyone, anywhere, forever.

THE POWER OF ART:  When movies and shows are done well, they take our complex world and compress it into metaphor, which then allows us to see and interact with big truths. When we can see the world, we can change it. My goal as a filmmaker is to take large complex ideas and give them to the masses to enable us to change the world. I want to democratize power.

ENABLING EQUALITY: We can all dream bigger. I don't know where the next Elana Musk is going to come from. But I want to help her to reach as high and dream as big as she needs, so we can have a brighter future, filled with hope.
      For that reason, my writing staff and I will be creating characters who are fully empowered, women and men, rich and poor, powerful and disenfranchised. We are going to look at the world and then show everyone what we see.

DREAM BIG WITH ME:  I dream big. I want you to dream with me. Join me in this revolution and together we can change the way the world works. This show is epic!
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Risks and challenges

We will encounter challenges, some known, and some unforeseeable. But, we will overcome or adapt to every obstacle we encounter. Because that's what we do, it's what we've done in the past, and it's what we'll continue to do.

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