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An adaptation of the 14th century poem, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, The Green Knight is an indie retelling of the Arthurian tale. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 14, 2012.

An adaptation of the 14th century poem, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, The Green Knight is an indie retelling of the Arthurian tale.

About this project


We just wrapped two days of filming some of our Camelot scenes at Shelburne Farms and I wanted to share some production stills with you from the shoot!  We are very excited about this project and truly appreciate your generosity and excitement!  Thank you all SO much!


We reached our goal all because of your generous help and support!  We are immensely grateful to everyone who pledged or helped us promote our project. We are SO excited!

The outpouring of support has been tremendous and we're amazed at the intensity of excitement for The Green Knight.  Because of this excitement, we're stretching our goal to $5000!  We made our original goal in only 4 days time and the support and excitement continues to build, so we're hoping to dream even bigger now on this project.

By meeting our Reach Goal we'll be able to add even more detail and authenticity to our film.  We'll be able to afford larger and bigger light packages and better equipment to raise the level of our production value that we wouldn't have been able to afford previously.  We'll also be able to create finer and richer quality costumes, and afford more of them for extras and additional actors in our film.  In short, by meeting our Reach Goal, we'll be able to raise our production to the very next level, setting the bar that much higher.

You have all amazed us with your generosity and support, and I have a feeling we're just getting started.

Thank you so much!

Mark & Brandon

The Story

THE GREEN KNIGHT is a coming of age story about Arthur’s nephew and youngest of his knights.  Adapted from the 14th century Arthurian poem, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, we follow Gawain as he learns his humility and thereby earning his true nobility.

Arrogant and privileged, Gawain naively accepts a challenge from the Green Knight thinking he cannot lose.  When his plan goes awry, he must seek out the Green Knight at the Green Chapel in a year and a day and pay his debt by allowing the knight to return the certainly fatal blow Gawain has struck.

As Gawain follows his quest seeking out the Green Chapel, his mettle is challenged and tested.   Gawain’s most difficult test comes, however, at the hands of a young peasant, forcing Gawain to choose between his honor and duty as a knight of the king or to give up his quest and follow his heart.

The Project

We're making an epic Arthurian Tale right here in Vermont!  We've scouted and found some amazing landscapes and sets to shoot this adaptation of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight here in the Green Mountains.  We have assembled a fantastically skilled cast and crew for THE GREEN KNIGHT.  We're dedicated to making this film right.  Too many fantasy films fall short of their mark.  We are committed to maintaining the quality of our production from the script right through production and into post. We love fantasy films and won't settle on making this film anything less than spectacular.

Where We're At

Our script is locked.  We've already shot about one fifth of The Green Knight and have completely wrapped our Winter Block of shooting.  However, that means we still have four fifths to film and all of our Spring and Summer Blocks yet to shoot.  We've got the crew and cast ready to go, our locations are locked, we just need a little more funding to get us the rest of the way there. 

What We Need the Money for

Special Effects:  Seeing how there aren't many medieval keeps or castles here in Vermont, we'll need to make them in post.  We'll also need to create a fantastical and believable medieval landscape, which doesn't come cheaply.

Food: We have the most dedicated volunteer crew that ever worked a movie set.  We've had them hauling gear up mountain sides, up and down trails, long days, and both early and late into the night.  Without complaint.  However, even though they don't ask to get paid, we do need to feed them.  And, in all fairness, we should feed them well since we're not paying them.

Production Design:  Now, this one is key.  This one is immensely important to us. Our costumes need to sell the story.  We need them to be rich in texture and feel. We need them to both look period and Arthurian.  We need to build props and weapons.  And even though Brandon has mad costume skills, some times we do need to purchase pieces to make all of this work for the film.  Production Design and Value is where most of the money we raise is going.

Who We Are

You can read our bios if you're really interested in knowing more about us, but kidBrotherPictures is a small independent production company based in Vermont.  We believe we can make professional quality films, genre films, right here in the Green Mountains.  We have the scenery and beautiful landscapes to shoot any of our films right here, and we like it that way.  THE GREEN KNIGHT is our third film, and by far our most ambitious.  However, this is just the start.  With each film we make we're raising the bar a little more each time.  I mean, c'mon, we've got horses!

Please Join Us

While we have the passion and determination to forge ahead, we need your help to make THE GREEN KNIGHT amazing. We're committed to get the most out of every pledge and have pooled our knowledge and contacts to ensure we're only spending money where we have to.  Every dollar you contribute goes towards the production of our film, not a penny is going towards paying salaries.  Every penny donated goes towards feeding our cast and crew or right into production design and value from our handmade wardrobe to our special effects that will allow you to enjoy THE GREEN KNIGHT as it was meant to be.  

Promoting the Project

Please tell EVERYONE about our film! If you're active on social media, please take the time to let your followers, members, audience, or friends and family know about this project.  Word of mouth is our best tool in promoting our film – and your help is invaluable!  Please let people know about this campaign and project.

Also take the time to "like" us on Facebook at both our pages, Kid Brother Pictures and The Green Knight.

Keep up to date with the project’s status and progress.  We have a fairly active online presence, so please stay current and let us know what you think of the movie's evolution.

You can also email us directly at


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