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As some of you may already know, one of the other hundred hats I wear is co-founder & host of a monthly meetup of our indie-game-collective JUEGOS RANCHEROS, where we highlight the best stuff happening in game culture both here in Austin and around the world.

It's the place where we brought together Team SWORCERY with Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward for an hour-long talk on games & animation & other awesomeness, and it's where we made the local public debut of games like JOHANN SEBASTIAN JOUST, Twisted Pixel's THE GUNSTRINGER, and Tiger Style's upcoming awesome iPad adventure WAKING MARS.

I mention this here because this Saturday, December 10th, from 4-8PM at Austin's The Highball, we'll be hosting the latest meetup of JUEGOS RANCHEROS, this time in celebration of the successful funding & upcoming launch of VENUS PATROL, and we're doing it in style with a 7PM live performance by Disasterpeace, playing selections from his FEZ soundtrack! You can hear what that sounds like live in the video above, or just trust me that what it sounds like is awesome.

In addition to the live show, we'll be giving Austin the chance to try all of the games being made for the Kickstarter (which are very, very nearly due for release, thanks for your patience!), the first listen to SCNTFC's Moon Grotto 7" (still coming together -- Superbrothers recently delivered the latest version of the deluxe package's artwork and it's unspeakably gorgeous), and have the first VENUS PATROL T-shirts hot off the presses from Austin's Bearded Lady.

If you're in the Austin area (or feel like coming from further away!), or if you have friends near here who would be interested in coming out, we'd love to everyone join us for this low-key but high-awesome event, or just simply help us spread the word about it!

For more information, you can see our post on the JUEGOS RANCHEROS blog, or RSVP for it & let us know you'll be there over at Facebook!

PS: If you're curious about JUEGOS RANCHEROS itself, we were just featured in the Austin Chronicle with a super nice interview & writeup about where we're coming from and where we hope to go -- just weeks after the Chronicle named us one of the Best of Austin for 2011!

PPS: The image at top is taken at the Highball, where we hold our events (pictured all dolled up for the yearly Fantastic Arcade), by our friends at Indie Game: The Movie. Did you see they just got that movie selected to debut at Sundance? They totally did. It's been a pretty amazing year for indie game culture and Kickstarter, thanks to all of you!


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      Creator Jeff on December 5, 2011

      Oh if only I lived closer

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