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Puzzle Me! is a game that can be enjoyed by anyone 6 years old and up.  Build the biggest puzzle you can, but watch out for Karma!
Puzzle Me! is a game that can be enjoyed by anyone 6 years old and up. Build the biggest puzzle you can, but watch out for Karma!
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Backer Rewards Sent!

Hello, folks, 

Over the past few weeks, I've been getting messages from backers who have received their rewards. The very first message I received was from the always-enthusiastic Rob Lansdale, who even took a picture of his backer reward. 

Thanks for the picture and for your unwavering optimism, Rob!

I’m pleased to say that the responses I've gotten from backers regarding their rewards has been entirely positive so far. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the response continues to be this good as more people play Puzzle Me. 

Game Salute has not yet told me that every single backer reward has been shipped. So if any of you have not yet received an e-mail from Game Salute notifying you of an incoming package, please send me a Kickstarter message, or e-mail me at, and I will follow-up with them. I will post another update after Game Salute has confirmed that every shipment has been sent. 

And for anyone – backer or not – who is interested in purchasing a copy of Puzzle Me, you may do so by visiting Game Salute’s Online store:

Please take a look at the other games offered by Game Salute while you're visiting their site:

Thank you, once again, for supporting our project, and for your patience as we got Puzzle Me produced and shipped. If you have any questions about the game, or have any comments or recommendations, please feel free to send me a message. Also, I please ask anyone who spots Puzzle Me at their local store to send me the name and location of the store; I’m making a list! 

And for those of you who have played Puzzle Me and enjoy it, please tell your family and friends!

- Richard

Puzzle Me’s First Review, and Reward Update!

Hello, folks, 

A much needed “Thank you!” is in order for Vincent Paone, the man behind Dad’s Gaming Addiction ( Vincent contacted me several months ago expressing interest in reviewing Puzzle Me. It took a while for me to get a production-quality copy to send to him, and during that time he remained patient, friendly, and interested in reviewing our game. 

After I was finally able to send him a copy of Puzzle Me, he had a review written right away. The review can be found here:

Puzzle Me’s first positive review! Thank you very much, Vincent, for your patience, for taking the time to play Puzzle Me with your family, and for writing your review. 

For anyone interested in reading reviews of new board games as well as new video games, please give Vincent’s site a look-see.  He clearly loves games, he has new reviews posted regularly, and he writes many of his reviews from a family man’s perspective, which I imagine is important for all of you gamer parents out there. 

Now for the Backer Reward Update: 

Game Salute has all the materials they need to ship your rewards – they have all the games, they have the button pins, and they have the most up-to-date Backer information. On top of all that, the payment for their Kickstarter fulfillment services has been sent. 

I expect the backer rewards to start shipping out within the next few days. When I know for a fact that the first shipments have been sent, I will post another update.  Also, as I understand it, Game Salute sends notification e-mails to each and every backer letting them know that a shipment is on the way.  So please keep an eye out for that e-mail from Game Salute.

Thank you, folks.

- Richard

Quick Update!

Hello, Everyone,

Game Salute has confirmed that every copy of Puzzle Me! has arrived safely at their warehouse.  They also have the information needed to ship out each of your backer rewards.

Right now there are only two things that need to be done to begin the reward shipping process: The Puzzle Me! button pins – which are on the way - need to arrive at their warehouse. And I need to pay Game Salute for their shipping assistance.  Both of these things will happen soon. 

Provided there are no more surprise delays, Game Salute should have everything they need to start shipping your rewards in the last week of April or the first week of May. It should only be a matter of weeks before each of you finally gets a chance to play your own copy of Puzzle Me.

I thank you all, once again, for your continued patience, and for bearing with us throughout our missteps.

- Richard

We're Partnered with Game Salute!

Hello, everyone, 

I’m pleased to announce that Brainstormers has partnered with Game Salute ( Game Salute has helped many small board game developers like us to market, sell, and ship their games. In addition, Game Salute provides warehousing for their partners, as well as Kickstarter Reward fulfillment services. Your backer rewards will be shipped straight from Game Salute’s warehouse to you. 

Since the last update, our supply of Puzzle Me! units has been transported to Game Salute’s warehouse in the Northeast USA. You would be surprised how long it can take for a shipment to go from the west coast (the shipment was received by the Port of Los Angeles) to the east coast. 

I have heard nothing but positive things about Game Salute and their support of small board game developers. I am looking forward to a productive partnership with them. 

Now, in regards to the Backer Rewards, I am sorry to admit that we have hit another, minor snag. There was an issue with the Brainstormers button pins we had in stock, and so new button pins needed to be ordered. Once Game Salute has the new button pins, then they will be able to begin shipping your backer rewards to you.  As of right now, I expect each of you to receive your backer rewards sometime in April, or May at the latest depending on how far outside of the US you live. 

I apologize for this latest delay. We are very close to having your backer rewards finally in your hands, so I thank you for your continued patience. 

Take care, everyone. When I have positive news about your backer rewards, or the beginning of Puzzle Me! sales, I will gladly share it.

- Richard

Backer Surveys!

Hello, folks,

Firstly, the Puzzle Me! shipment has arrived safely in the United States!  There are a few logistical matters we need to take care of before your backer rewards are ready-to-mail.  Right now, we are still on track to have your rewards sent out in March; hopefully everyone will have their rewards in their possession by April.

Secondly, this is a friendly reminder to please respond to the backer surveys I sent a few weeks ago.  A majority of you have provided us with your mailing info, but there is still a small percentage of backers who have not yet responded.  Please respond so we know where your rewards can be mailed!

Finally, a couple of you have reported problems accessing the surveys.  As mentioned before, a majority of our backers seemed to be able to access and fill out the surveys without issue, but there is a rare occurrence of broken survey links.  If you were not able to access / fill out the survey, please send me a private Kickstarter message, and I'll explain how we can get around this issue.  

It has been a long and educational experience. I thank all of you once again for your continued patience. We are almost there!

- Richard