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Answer questions on your phone with cards you hold in your hand, and even throw your own content into the MOST AWESOME PARTY GAME EVER. Read more

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This project's funding goal was not reached on April 21, 2013.

Answer questions on your phone with cards you hold in your hand, and even throw your own content into the MOST AWESOME PARTY GAME EVER.

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  • User-generated content from your smartphone. The game starts with a question from your mobile phone that players like you can help create: contribute your own ideas, vote on existing questions, and customize the game to your twisted delight.

  • Specially designed and printed cards. After reading the question, players assemble responses with over 400 printed cards made in AMERICA. Each card is specially designed to make assembling combinations SUPER EASY.

  • Buttloads of hilarious replay value. Eighty gazillion potential combinations means that you’ll probably never see the same submission twice. Unexpected hilarity awaits!

This is as much YOUR game as it is ours, but Assembly Required will never see the light of day without YOUR HELP. We need $8,000 to fund a first run of Assembly Required and bring our tabletop + mobile inbred game to life!

To get an idea of what it is like to play Assembly Required, check out our demo at and submit your best sentence combination for a chance to win a free set.

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to some amazing games that have inspired in the creation of Assembly Required: You Don't Know Jack, Cards Against Humanity, Wits and Wagers, You've Been Sentenced, and a ton more that we've nerded out on over the years. Here's how to play our creation:

  • Browse to and get a question for the round.
  • Each player receives 4 black subject cards and 4 red action cards, which they use to answer the question - using as many or as few as they want to build their submission.
  • After everyone’s done building their shameful creations, each player votes on their favorite. Laugh. Rinse. Repeat.
  • Ed is the guy with the crazy ideas. In addition to Assembly Required he has worked at Electronic Arts and has just recently signed with an indie game distributor. Making games, and helping game creators get their masterpieces in the hands of gamers everywhere!
  • Jeremy is the business side of Assembly Required. He’s owned businesses, worked in tech, and is getting ready for a career telling big companies what to do, but secretly nerds out on video games and antagonizing people in TF2.

Together, we are Heartwarming Games. We want to work our collective butts off to make the best games we can for everyone to enjoy.

Outrageous. You need money to buy things? Well, that’s where you fine folks come in - because we don’t have any!

The $8,000 we’re looking for gets us the opportunity to bring a high-quality game to you from a US-based printing company, complete with all the bells and whistles: box, 400 die-cut cards with backs designed by a local artist, and awesome looking voting tokens to accommodate 20 players.

But what’s in it for you? You WOULD ask a question like that. You can get a copy of our game by pledging a mere $20 dollars (including shipping!) if you’re quick about it. Plus, we have plenty of additional tiers to reward you for being an amazing person and our personal role-model!

If you are one of those non-American folk, we have added an Early International Bird tier with the cost of a set and international shipping included. But, you can always walk all the way to Berkeley to pick up your rewards if that is your thing. We are easy.

Risks and challenges

Okay, so we admit it - we've never really done this before. Fine, you got us there.

But why get bogged down with a pithy little detail like that? I mean, let's look at the bigger picture: although we might add more to the game to make it even more awesome, the game is ready for printing right now. Our design is complete, we have a manufacturer lined up, and all the site infrastructure is in place.

While the game will almost certainly be made if funding is successful, let's be honest: delays happen. It could be malfunctions to our backend, which we're prepared for. It could be something unforeseeable during manufacturing - but with all production here in the USA, Ed and I will be on the next plane out to make sure things get worked out. Unless we could both get hit by buses full of anthrax or something, this game will get made. And seriously, the odds of us that happening to us BOTH are like 100 to 1.

In the end, we're both committed to making the highest-quality game we possibly can make to justify your faith in us.

Anything less would be detestable.

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    Awesome! You’ve flaunted your wealth in our grubby faces, and we appreciate your contribution. As thanks, we’ll write your name in our Backers page on our website and tell stories of your generosity to our children. Don’t worry - we’ll say you gave more than you actually did.

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    Just like morning wood, you’re an early riser. Being quick earns you an EARLY BIRD SPECIAL and snags you 1 set of Assembly Required for $20 (including shipping in the contiguous US).

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    1 set of Assembly Required, containing over 400 detestable cards to make endless comedy with alongside your friends. Shipping included within the contiguous US!

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    EARLY INTERNATIONAL BIRD SPECIAL gets you 1 set of Assembly Required and includes international shipping!
    This is for the INTERNATIONAL folk out there. Thanks for the support!

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    (1 set + shirt) Get a copy of Assembly Required plus a t-shirt featuring our poor mascot, ARthur, looking despondent. (well, he’s trapped on your chest. I’d be disappointed about my lot in life too.)

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    Only ships to: United States
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    (2 sets) Live out your fantasies of two at the same time by getting TWO sets of Assembly Required. We know what you REALLY meant.

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    4 backers Limited (36 left of 40)

    (1 set + shirt + write a card) Get everything at the $40 level, plus we’ll work with you to write a black or red card together. Laugh quietly in the comfort of your home while people all over hold YOUR shameful ideas in their hands!

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    Only ships to: United States

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