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Tested & proven to withstand extreme force and conditions. LITERALLY as strong as steel, as flexible as rope and as malleable as putty.
Tested & proven to withstand extreme force and conditions. LITERALLY as strong as steel, as flexible as rope and as malleable as putty.
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    1. DailyTatTwo
      about 17 hours ago

      Update, or refund!!!

    2. Missing avatar

      Jodey Peters 5 days ago

      You can't get a fucking refund from kickstarter. Jesus Christ.

    3. Missing avatar

      George 5 days ago

      If you want to try and get some communication going, you can report this project to kickstarter. But don't really expect KS to do much of anything. Once they get paid, they really don't seem to care. You can at least say you tried. :) Go to the Campaign tab, scroll down to the bottom and click "Report this project to Kickstarter". There is a choice for lack of communication.

    4. Missing avatar

      Josh 6 days ago

      Requested a refund over a week ago...haven't gotten any response. Poor communication continues. Anyone else having refund issues?

    5. Missing avatar

      JK 7 days ago

      Chirp, chirp....

      I'm now getting too old from waiting to go adventuring and building emergency huts with my bare hands.The technology behind this won't be too complex, sure there will be an alternative soon enough. Bit of a shame really, cool videos though (and that is the important thing).

    6. Marcella
      on September 15

      Well here we go again, it's been a month since the last update looks like we are going to have to bully the creators into giving us another one. I'm just chalking this one up as a 'good idea but we really can't make it work' campaign. Would like to be proved wrong...

    7. Missing avatar

      George on September 15

      The lack of communication is giving me a bad feeling about this one. Too many times when the creators go AWOL, there's something fishy.

    8. Missing avatar

      Lars Lindgren on September 15

      Has anyone asking for a refund got one?

    9. Richard snyder
      on September 14

      Knock knock... "Anybody home?"
      "Hello. Is there anybody?"
      It's been a month now, time for another update

    10. Missing avatar

      Chris on September 10

      Refund Please

    11. Missing avatar

      Jon Giannini on September 9

      Zzzzzzzzzzz..... sorry, been sleeping for the last 6 months. I assume my Braeon is somewhere in this stack of mail and packages on my front porch... right? Has to be. It would be completely ridincolous if it was not.

    12. Missing avatar

      Matthew Leduc on September 3

      Any word as to when this is due to ship?

    13. BenG on August 29

      Ok, it's been two weeks since you announced the latest delay due to equipment shipping. Have you received the last unidentified piece of equipment as expected?
      Did you set up and configure the rest of the manufacturing line in the last 2 weeks?
      Where are we with the manufacturing of the tins?

      You need to be communicating with us on a much more frequent basis. This once a month announcement of additional delays with no explanation doesn't cut it.

    14. Missing avatar

      Linda on August 18

      I didn't realize the process to get a product to market was long and besieged with multiple setbacks and delays, and this comes after the creative process. Good luck getting everything in alignment and I am excited to receive the product.

    15. Missing avatar

      John on August 18

      Yes: breathe in! Breathe out! It will be OK!! Cut the Braeon team just a tiny bit of slack here. Just a tiny bit! They'll get it done.

    16. Missing avatar

      George on August 18

      Got my survey.

    17. William Willis on August 15

      Take a deep breath guys. They're just having some normal manufacturing delays. When you have to rely on other people/companies to manufacture and deliver parts for the machining you need, delays are out of your control. They're clearly not scammers or else they wouldn't be telling us that the delay is an extra couple weeks. They'd just make up some nonsense about the flux capacitor leaking plutonium nyborg and tell us they had to evacuate their facility and shut down the project altogether. If you want to see examples of real scams, check out the Skarp "laser" razor on Kickstarter, or the Triton: World's First Artificial Gills Re-breather on indiegogo. Those were straight up scams. The Braeön team seems to be doing their best to get the products made and sent out as soon as possible. Personally, I don't need an update every week if it's just to tell me that they're still working on it because I already know that, but I guess we all have different needs. Keep in mind that they're creating an entirely new category of repair material. That has to be challenging in ways that we can't begin to imagine.

    18. Missing avatar

      JK on August 15

      "We promise to do our best to keep you as up to date as possible on any and all Braeön related developments,"....hmmm

    19. Elson Yeo on August 15

      I would like to request for refund. I have enough on the lack of communication and updates

    20. Missing avatar

      on August 14

      Refund my money immediately. I'm sick of this and all the scammers on Kickstarter. What a failed platform!

    21. Paul Dimino on August 14

      send me a refund ASAP,had enough of all the scams on these crowdfunds

    22. Missing avatar

      on August 13

      Just another lying POS scammer giving Kickstarter a bad name

    23. Missing avatar

      Eryk Dobson on August 7

      Hope I'm able to use this this year, still got some plans for stuff to do with it :D

    24. Marcella
      on August 2

      Ok it's officially August in all time zones so what the hell is actually going on with this campaign? Having quiet time just isn't going to fly as an update...

    25. Missing avatar

      Mona T.
      on July 22

      Talking to "a group" and keeping a quiet position was more relevant to you than writing updates to your backers. So nice of you Braeön Team !
      Just send me my reward and I'm done with this project !

    26. Missing avatar

      on July 22

      Well of course it'd go commercial. I could easily see this at home Depot or Walmart. They'd just want the price point down which is why they need to get us ours first. Cause when we see it in stores in a few months for $10 less they don't want us pissed we don't have ours yet.

    27. Missing avatar

      Eryk Dobson on July 22

      This is wonderful :D

    28. Missing avatar

      Mike Bowman on July 20

      Yes, please let us know where things stand. If this is an item you hope to market commercially, you need to be able to help us help you.

    29. Marcella
      on July 20

      Well they may have logged in yesterday but they have completely ignored us. Come on team lift your game and give some kind of an update...

    30. Missing avatar

      George on July 18

      Last login from the Creator was today. At least we have that as a hopeful sign of continued interest in their desire to complete this campaign.

    31. Missing avatar

      Eryk Dobson on July 18

      It's almost mid July, will there be another delay in production?

    32. Missing avatar

      jon on July 17

      @Tracy +1

    33. Blackhart on July 16

      Update please. We invested in you, at least let us know what is going on!

    34. Missing avatar

      Tracey Bantz on July 16

      I think some creators do not understand Kickstarter donors. We donors like ideas. We like the stories that go along with seeing a dream realized or the challenges faced by the creators we trust. We want to hear the good- and the bad- and live the story of a creation that we believe in. We know about delays, and progress, and failure, and we truly want to see creators succeed. (We may occasionally have ideas that could break down barriers or breathe life into a struggling project.) If only creators would let donors into the "story," we would be your biggest marketers. But when donors are put on a shelf after the campaign, creators do nothing to help their future. If only creators would see the value of treating their backers with the same respect as each backer treated that creator's plea for help... to let them see the life of a project... that creator could really build equity for future success.

    35. Marcella
      on July 14

      It's officially the middle of July, so what's happening with this project. You guys are just really pathetic in the communication area. This had the potential to be a great campaign but with the lack of updates it's sinking in to the west...

    36. Julie Bruno on July 13

      Has there been an update yet? I almost forgot that I backed this project since there has been no word from them!

    37. Missing avatar

      Stuart on July 8

      @Nick I think most creators (especially if first gig) underestimate when it comes to production of physical items, I heard somewhere that KS is going to assist creators in being more realistic with delivery etc.. by enabling them with training ...

      However that said I would like an update from @Braeön as comms have been rather patchy.

      Comms mean the world to backers, and as we are the ones that fund the ideas we should be treated in a little more caring fashion.....

      Come On! @Braeön update please :-)

    38. Missing avatar

      Nick on July 7

      Delivery date was supposed to be MAY 2017 but they haven't even started producing yet and are saying they're HOPING to start in JULY?
      Why is the main strategy to get funded on kickstarter - lie and false promise?

    39. Marcella
      on July 7

      They are around as it shows they logged in on 4 July, so team what's going on. It really is time for an update as you stated last month you were set to start production about now, so is that really going to happen? I'm cool with delays as that's the nature of kickstarter, but not too cool with the whole silent thing...

    40. Missing avatar

      Eryk Dobson on July 5

      Would love an update, hope everything is going perfectly fine :D

    41. Missing avatar

      Jon Giannini on July 2

      YEAH, I will never quite understand the lack of updates. Even if it is literally just telling us what you did last week in a few sentences.

    42. Marcella
      on June 29

      @Blackhart according to their last update they weren't even going to be able to start production until early July. But of course since they are seriously lacking in the communication department, who knows what's really going on.

    43. Blackhart on June 29

      @creator requesting some sort of update please with an idea of when the product is likely to be shipped.

    44. Missing avatar

      Eryk Dobson on June 15

      I want to use this for so much stuff rn. Cant wait to recieve! :D

    45. Missing avatar

      Eryk Dobson on June 14

      @Traves they are waiting until they are closer to production to send out surveys

    46. Missing avatar

      Traves Gillespie on June 13

      i have never gotten my backerkit so i can fill out my information. whats up with this

    47. Marcella
      on June 10

      @Eryk you were not kidding about Munitio! That turned into a giant clusterf#%k didn't it. Hopefully this one will not go the same way. These guys here really do need to lift their game in the communication department. I got caught in the BioRing scam on Indiegogo so I too have fairly low expectations of this one as well...

    48. Missing avatar

      Eryk Dobson on June 8

      @stuart low-ish expectations probably due to Munitio xD

    49. Missing avatar

      Stuart on June 7

      @Eryk, maybe your expectations are lower than mine.

      But as VC funders (which we are :-)) I would like more frequent updates.

      Don't mind lateness, just mind lack of status updates, and TBH a month is too long to wait given we are already 1 month over schedule.

      I want these guys to succeed but to be truly successful, their inital creator project should be a learning curve, where they learn what they did well (i.e. good product) and what they did bad (i.e. poor comms).

      I have no problem with Braeon team at all, other than the fact that 5mins of effort with a status update is worth its weight in gold to investors (no matter how small).

      How hard can that be ?

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