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Tested & proven to withstand extreme force and conditions. LITERALLY as strong as steel, as flexible as rope and as malleable as putty.
Tested & proven to withstand extreme force and conditions. LITERALLY as strong as steel, as flexible as rope and as malleable as putty.
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    1. Arpit Bhardwaj on

      Works like a dream. It is indeed insane. Thanks guys.

    2. Jauvane Oliveira

      I have just received my rolls of Braeon (in Brazil). The can looks great! I am looking forward to getting to work with it! Sit tight backers. I did not receive a tracking number, but suddenly the parcel arrived. The parcel did have a tracking number though...

    3. Rishaan

      Dear Team,

      I am still awaiting my pledge reward. Please can you pass on some tracking / shipping information.


    4. Missing avatar

      efsocom on

      Dear Sir,
      I don’t revive my order,can you help me?

    5. Missing avatar

      Natasha A-S

      Hi. In the US here. Still awaiting info about my pledge which I have yet to receive. Please advise soonest. Thanks!

    6. Missing avatar

      Hamad alomaira on

      Still didn't receive mine you guys said it was in transit 4 months ago this is ridiculous.

    7. Missing avatar

      Darryl on

      Just received my tape, thanks

    8. Missing avatar

      Eryk Dobson on

      This is a wonderful product :D

    9. Jauvane Oliveira

      I didn’t get my pledge yet (in Brazil), but it shall be on its way. Would you happen to have a tracking number? Cheers!

    10. Missing avatar

      Darryl on

      Also still waiting, here in South Africa, but very excited to get this product

    11. Missing avatar

      Natasha A-S

      Hi. I've yet to receive my pledge. Could you kindly provide me some information? Thanks

    12. Missing avatar

      Richard Williams on

      Waiting on the arrival of my third role, What a fantastic product, I repair fly rods, split cane, and ordinary fishing poles. The first roll went into experiments, some worked right away and some need some tuning. The second role is on the top of my travel repair kit. Saves me hours using it as a third hand, and to fashion replacement ferrules and parts while waiting for a order to get here.. Many happy customers. Even an emergency tool retriever. That tape does it all.

    13. Marcella

      Would really like to know if and when I’ll get my reward, any info would be much appreciated.

    14. Missing avatar

      efsocom on

      Dear Sir, I didn't get any shipping info yet. Is it possible to check out if my Braeön was sent out and get tracking number?

    15. Artur Szajko

      Hi, I didn't get any shipping info yet. Is it possible to check out if my Braeön was sent out and get tracking number?

    16. Missing avatar

      carles pluvinet elias on

      I received mine.
      Many thanks

    17. eric baumgartner on

      I received mine with the bonus amount.
      The tin broke its way out of the package during shipping. Braeön promptly replaced the tin after I let them know.
      10/10, Would pledge to this company on kickstarter again. :-)

    18. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      I retract my previous comment and apologise for it. I recieved mine plus bonus amount today. Thank you.

    19. Kevin Edwards

      Stoked, received mine today and got a few things to try out.

    20. Missing avatar

      SteveTPF on

      Got mine today! Adelaide, Australia. For any Aussies still waiting, remember that Christmas/New Year's can create a backlog in deliveries.

      Thanks to the Braeon team - I never doubted that they would come through!

    21. Missing avatar

      Mohammed Almubarak

      Still waiting for mine!
      A shipping tracking number would've been really really helpful!

    22. Woodsy on

      I got mine! Cool tin, btw! Order doubled so I can share the wealth. Also, I got the mug which is super cool! Way better than expected. Now to get my gears turning and experiment with this new material.... Pretty sure I'll be using this on some splints for the dogs at the vet hospital.... Among other things!!! Thanks Braeön! Congratulations on a successful campaign

    23. RICK COWAN on

      If someone in New Zealand has theirs we all should as it is at the ### end of the world, I know, I was born there. Point is, based on distance it would be the last to be delivered IF that is they were all posted the same time..... something does not seem quite kosher...... me in Australia. :)

    24. Missing avatar

      Meredith Russell on

      Just received mine today in Texas and they doubled my order. So excited as I can give it to my husband for Christmas, thought he may be able to use it on his Goalie sticks, guess we will see how well it works. Thanks so much from this backer :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Mona T.

      Still waiting for mine... I don't know if I should laugh or cry.

    26. Louis Choi on

      Got my tapes today, but I already forgot what I planned to use it with :p
      Btw, would you guys cut the tape into pieces before forging it? If so, how long would you keep each piece so that it looks less bulky but still remain functionalities?

    27. Elsie Haynes on

      Still waiting in NC.

    28. Missing avatar

      Tracey Bantz on

      The Braeön website now has a Shopping Cart now with one option for a 20-foot roll and tin for $24.95 USD. (I have 7 rolls from my Kickstarter pledge, so I’m not quite ready to order more.)

      I’m looking forward to seeing the applications of the product on YouTube. Please feel free to share on his comment page the ways YOU have used it!

    29. Missing avatar

      Desmond Tiedemann on

      Cheers guys I got mine in New Zealand and I got extra length much appreciated. I will try it later see how it goes. Have a Merry Christmas and All the best for 2018, wishing you every success with future endeavours.

    30. Missing avatar

      Mona T.

      Still waiting for it ! Country of destination : France !

    31. Jeff Lin

      Got mine in the mail today, was wondering what it was because I wasn't expecting anything! Received the correct amount (tin + 20ft + 20ft extra). Located in New York. Thank you! looking forward to trying it out!

    32. Paul Cuni

      Here's my unboxing video

    33. Missing avatar

      PhanTom on

      Received, including the backed tin and double the total length of ribbon. Thank you! Now if only I could remember what I was going to use it for, it's been so long... :-)

    34. Brenda Boda Klenke

      Pledged for two 20 ft rolls with tins - got those two tins and two extra rolls (without tins). Thanks.

    35. Missing avatar

      M Blair on

      Did anyone get the Braeon tin? I only received one roll and the packing slips shows two rolls with a tin....????

    36. Missing avatar

      LeeJongHun on

      I received the product.
      In the post there is only one roop and two two warning paper
      This one roop is include 2 of roop?

    37. Missing avatar


      Received everything as it should be. Thanks again can't wait to come with uses.

    38. Jeff Moon on

      Received product , can't wait to use it !

    39. Missing avatar

      Matthew Leduc on

      Got mine today. Doesn’t seem to bad. Can’t wait to use it.

    40. Amanda on

      We received our package last week, doubled as promised. Thanks, team!

    41. Missing avatar

      Carsen Jones on

      Got my package today. Double me reward. Love it. Crazy strong stuff can’t wait to buy more!

    42. Richard snyder

      Got mine today, 40ft worth. I hope it works as advertised

    43. Tisha Titus on

      Woo hoo my stuff arrived....but it isn’t what backed and it isn’t double ( per a previous post). I’m short over 20 feet of backed product and an additional 66 feet per the campaign doubling orders due to delay. Please correct immediately.

    44. Marcella

      I must admit I’m gobsmacked that we got such a positive and informative update, I’d completely written this one off. However I will still remain sceptical until it actually arrives, as the logistics side of things can go very pear-shaped especially for a startup who’s got little or no experience with that process. Fingers crossed that this will deliver with only a modicum of fuss.

    45. Missing avatar

      Steven Hay on

      Several negative comments but I'm actually happy with this. The extra material will make a great gift to some of my more handy friends and the low declared value keeps customs out of my pocket. Thank you, glad to hear it's all coming together. Would only be better if it came in before Christmas.

    46. Missing avatar

      PhanTom on

      An update! Honestly, I had lost faith and stopped checking the comments here so long ago, I even forgot I backed this.
      Very thrilled to maybe/hopefully finally get my hands on this...

      Not holding my breath, though, since "we're shipping" on Kickstarter tends to mean "but not necessarily to you anytime soon".

      Fingers crossed!

    47. Missing avatar

      Tracey Bantz on

      Declared value of $2..... that means this stuff is on the slow boat direct from China, folks!

    48. Mitchell Abrams on

      Also the whole selling point of this material is that it was supposed to be literally as strong as steel... is that no longer the case?

    49. Mitchell Abrams on

      Does this mean we should expect 4x what we signed up for originally, as all rewards were already doubled?

    50. Missing avatar

      Peter Franken

      @JK, Thank you for the update!!

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