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$1,080 pledged of $2,000 goal
By Brad Vance
$1,080 pledged of $2,000 goal


TL;DR? Read the screenplay (SECOND DRAFT) PDF here. 

10% of ALL profits from this screenplay (options, sales, profit points, etc.) will go to Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America! $5,800 raised for veterans so far from ebook and audiobook sales!

April 23 update: ALL money over the $2k goal will go to IAVA!

May 2! WeScreenplay first round judge gives Draft One a 7.1/10! "This was a great script. Although it could still use a little bit of tweaking, I felt that it had a very unique angle and hook that made it a great read."

Black List paid eval of Draft One (6/10): "...some excellent characterizations and strong emotional struggles for the main characters. This could have strong appeal for indie, festival, and LGBT audiences, with the military and animal angles adding unique elements to the story."

Four years ago, I started work on a novel called "A Little Too Broken." I almost didn't write it. The concept was simple: Two broken men, one a disabled veteran and the other HIV-positive, overcome their pessimism about their romantic futures and find self-acceptance and love. Which immediately sounded to me like it could very well be, if I did it wrong, the Worst Lifetime Movie Ever Made.

Luckily, that wasn't the case. The novel's received 4.5 stars on Amazon with almost 100 reviews, and was co-winner of the Rainbow Awards for Best Gay Romance in 2014.

Doing my research for the character of Tom, who lost his legs in Afghanistan, I realized what a scandal our entire system of veterans' care had become. And what little has changed since I published in 2013 may now soon be undone. 

So when I published the book, I decided I would donate 50% of the proceeds to veterans' organizations, in perpetuity. When I did the audiobook, I decided I would do the same. 

I've now raised and sent almost $6,000 to Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America and Puppies Behind Bars, among others. I'll also be donating 10% of any screenplay proceeds (book rights, option(s), script sale, points, etc.). [FYI all $ have been donated under my legal name, Orland Outland - I know, that sounds like the made up author name...]

When I decided to write my first screenplay, ALTB was the perfect place for me to start. It had a small cast, few locations, a compelling storyline, and oh yeah, cute animals, since Tom trains service dogs for a living. It's an ideal indie movie with broader appeal than the LGBT romance angle suggests. 

The greatest challenge will be casting Tom, who's lost both his legs above the knees. But I have the feeling that if the movie is made, when the casting call goes out, that the right person, the perfect person for the role, will show up. That CGI won't be necessary. Call it a hunch. 

And now the pitch...

The screenplay is written. Now come the costs involved in analysis/feedback, promotion, and "continuing education."

The Basics

Script hosting on the Black List site, Inktip, etc. that makes the script available to industry professionals. ($25 - $40/month total)

Contest entry fees for "realistic" contest possibilities such as the WeScreenplay Diversity Voices contest - as opposed to the AMPAS/Nicholl where I haven't a prayer ($50-80 apiece)

Paid evaluations by professional readers, screenwriters, and contest judges, available in addition to contest fees in some competitions ($50-80 apiece)

WriterDuet (screenplay mode) subscription fees ($100/year)

The best screenwriting books I'm currently reading as library books (The Hidden Tools of Comedy, Crafty Screenwriting, Screenwriters Bible, etc.) ($100)

The Bigger Ticket Items:

A trip to LA in late June for Scriptfest/Pitchfest, to get in front of actual producers, network with other screenwriters, and hone my story pitching skills. ($375/500 for the class, $500 for transpo/hotel)

A short filmmaking class (already underway) where I'm learning how to cast, direct, shoot, etc. so that who knows... one day I might make the movie myself. ($200)

I'm confident in my ability to learn the tools I need. Over the last two years, I learned how to make audiobooks "from scratch," and now I've narrated, edited and produced three of them from my own novels.

So for this round of financing, I'm looking for "script development" money to get the screenplay to a place, creatively and professionally, where it can be seen by those who have the power to make it a real movie. And barring that, to get me to a place where I can Do It Myself.

So please check out the cool prizes, and thanks for your support!

Risks and challenges

The risks are low, as I've set my expectations for this project in phases. The goal for this phase is not to raise enough $ to get the film made, but to get the screenplay in the best shape it can be, and get it in front of people who can Make This Happen, or help me Make It Happen myself.

When I became a self published author five years ago, I knew nothing about selfpub. Then I learned how to create my own ebooks, design my own covers, write my own blurbs, run my own promotional campaigns. I now offer ebook and paperback formatting services and created a video tutorial on creating your own covers in GIMP for $1 (the cost of a stock photo).

When I decided to start doing audiobooks, I knew nothing about audio. I learned how to create a recording environment, got the best equipment at the lowest price, and mastered the editing and production process. I now have three finished audiobooks on Audible, and have made myself available as a narrator for other authors!

What this means is that I'm self directed and I get very good at what makes me excited! And movie making is what really excites me now.

The greatest risk to this project is that, even with a great script, nothing may happen, no deal, no option, no movie. But that's the risk that comes with every script.

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