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For the 100th anniversary of WWI, we created one thousand "Billy Bishop Goes to War" DVDs to provide to Veterans organizations, free of charge.
For the 100th anniversary of WWI, we created one thousand "Billy Bishop Goes to War" DVDs to provide to Veterans organizations, free of charge.
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Stretch Goals, Limited Editon T-Shirts, and Extra DVD's for the Holidays!

Posted by Brad Fox (Creator)
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Hi Kickstarter backers. We're still reeling with how much support you've given us right from the launch of this project. I'll have a special video thank-you from Eric that I'll post shortly - but we wanted to answer four common questions right away since many of you are asking:

1. How High Can We Go?

Lots of you have wondered how many extra DVD's we can make now that we've exceeded our goal. Now we have an answer! If we can raise up to $7,000 before the end of the campaign we'll be able to double the amount of disks we make and give away one thousand copies.

If we can somehow get to $10,000 before Nov. 27th - we'll be able to give away, an astounding two thousand free copies!

So follow to see where we're at - every extra dollar means we can stretch everyone's generous pledges even further! 

2. Is there a way to get extra copies of the DVD? 

Many of you have written in to see if there's any way they can pledge more to get extra copies of the DVD beyond the regular backer rewards so they can give them as gifts this Holiday season. So we've found a way. Anyone who's donated at least $5 can now get as many extra disks as they want for $25 each. Just follow the instructions for "add on's" below - get some great gifts - and know that all the proceeds are going to support free DVD's for veterans!

3. Can we make a special "Kickstarter Only" t-shirt? 

I was surprised with the number of people who asked if we could make a special kickstarter-only t-shirt. But we can. And we will! Not only will we make you a t-shirt -we'll make you an amazing t-shirt.

During the filming of the movie, stuffed into an old box of props we found one, fragile, tiny, copy of a "Billy Bishop Goes to War" cast and crew shirt, that I think was created in the early 1980s. It's an *amazing* vintage piece of theatre history and we're going to make a limited run of replicas only for the backers of this campaign. So for $25 each you can get your own little piece of "Billy BIshop" history in whatever size you want!

4. How can I order extra disks, or the special t-shirts?

  • 1) You have to have donated at least $5 to qualify for an add-on.
  • 2) Press the "Manage Your Pledge" button on the project page (if you haven't pledged yet, you won't see this button. It appears where "Back this Project" button is originally).
  • 3) Increase your pledge in the "Pledge Amount" box by the total of the add-ons you want to receive (so if you want one t-shirt, increase your pledge by $25, if you want two t-shirts and three DVD's, increase your pledge by $125...)
  • 4) At the end of the Kickstarter you will get an e-mail survey where you can specify which add-ons you want, and let us know in what t-shirt sizes, etc.

5. What Else Can I do to Help?

Keep spreading the word! The vast majority of backers to this project have come from social media posts, so tweet about us - make facebook posts - e-mail friends and family! It's the combined power of each and every one of you that's gotten us this far - let's see if we can push it *just* a little further!

I hope you're all having an excellent week - and we'll talk again soon! 

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    1. Ash Gordey on

      Awesome, Brad. Thanks a lot!

    2. Brad Fox Creator on

      There are many reasons why I shouldn't record videos at midnight one of which is I'm too tired to notice when I'm giving instructions based on *my* version of the page (which is slightly different than the one the rest of you see).

      If you are looking for the "MANAGE MY PLEDGE" button - It is on the top RIGHT of your page (not left) and is BLUE (not green).

      If you go to the main Kickstarter page and scroll down to the "Add On Instructions" section, we've added a photograph of where the button is and what it looks like.

      Apologies for any confusion!